Monsters, Inc.

September 11th, 2009 by Dionna | 7 Comments
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In the relatively small amount of time I get to myself, I’ve taken up a new hobby – sewing. Yes, it is true. Tom bought me a sewing machine last year, and I’ve slowly been learning how to use it. I decided to make something fun for Kieran this past spring, and several people have encouraged me to make more with the end goal of selling them.

Here is Kieran modeling the set I made for him.

This is a 24 month Gerber onesie – it fits him confortably now (he is 21 months), but he has some added bulk from his cloth diapered bottom.

It’s taken me several months, but below is the first set of my one of a kind Teensy Meansy* dolls and shirts/onesies. I’m considering opening an Etsy shop, but I can’t get enough “stock” ready to make it look like a real shop! Maybe I can sell a few on here instead.

*The Teensy Meansy name is subject to change. That’s the best I could come up with on short notice, and I’m not really in love with it.

The face on the t-shirt is not embroidered on, I just laid it on there to show you what it would look like. I made 3 faces to match, so you could buy 3 shirts in different sizes (for friends, siblings, or to grow into!). I’d also break them up if someone wanted only a shirt. I don’t think I have a red recycled tshirt right now (I could be wrong though) – but if someone wanted me to make another doll to match, we could work something out.

Here are the descriptions I started to write for Etsy:

Teensy Meansy Onesies/Shirts – $15.00 (+ shipping if applicable)

*$5.00 discount if you buy more than one item!

It’s true that only a mother could love some of the Teensy Meansy faces that grace our onesies or t-shirts, but we think they are so scary they’re cute! I will hand-embroider the face onto a onesie or t-shirt (please specify a size and style).

Teensy Meansy faces are handmade from two layers of recycled t-shirts (machine sewn – turned and top-stitched) and felt. I fuse and then hand-embroider the eyes and mouth on, and then do the same thing when attaching the face to the shirt. (At your request, I can finish it off by putting interfacing on the back).

You may consider laundering your Teensy Meansy garment in a lingerie bag and/or washing it on a more delicate cycle. While I construct the faces so that they are sure to stay put, a little caution can’t hurt. Each recycled t-shirt is pre-washed, checked for holes/stains/tears, and ships to you from our cat/fish friendly and smoke-free home.

Onesies and t-shirts are brand new and made of 100% cotton. I prewash and dry them before attaching the faces, so they may have shrunk from their original size.

*Please select a onesie or t-shirt and specify long or short sleeve. At this time, I am offering white Gerber brand long or short sleeve onesies/t-shirts or Hanes short sleeve t-shirts. I would not recommend sizes under 12 months or over a youth small. I would be happy to use a shirt that you ship me (you pay shipping) – I will even give you a $3.00 discount on the price.

Teensy Meansy Dolls – $15.00 (+ shipping if applicable)

Teensy Meansy dolls are handmade from two layers of recycled t-shirts (machine sewn except for a small opening I leave to stuff the doll with Poly-fil, then hand-stitched shut – this leaves a cute little “scar” on the doll’s side); the doll’s features are made of felt. I fuse and then hand-embroider the eyes and mouth on. Dolls are approximately 7 inches tall, and each one is unique.

You may consider laundering your Teensy Meansy Doll in a lingerie bag and washing it on a more delicate cycle before letting it air dry. Each recycled t-shirt is pre-washed, checked for holes/stains/tears, and ships to you from our cat/fish friendly and smoke-free home.


Interested in being my first customer? Hmmmmm? :)

If you give me a better name than “Teensy Meansy” I’ll give you a 10% discount. For life! ;)


7 Responses to:
"Monsters, Inc."

  1. Tammy

    I love these! I remember seeing Kieran in his for the first time last Easter, and he looked super cute. I actually have to miss a baby shower for the Department's secretary, so maybe I can have you ship a set to her (I will definitely pay the shipping). We'll talk via email. xo

  2. Erin

    Hello Dionna! I am a friend of your mom's from xanga, and I love hearing her stories about Kieran. What a cutie he is!

    I also love your little Teensy Meansy clothes/dolls. I wish I could make stuff that cute :-) I like the name, but I suppose you could also just call them "Little Monsters" (but in a cute font or something, of course ;-)

    I don't have any kiddos of my own, but I'm sure that someday when I do, I'll get ahold of your mama and have her put me in touch with you. Yes – they're that cute. Congrats!

  3. darintuck

    I think having Kieran for a model might be the best business plan you can think of. Of course he might start wanting a cut of the profits though :)

  4. Dionna

    Tammy – that would be awesome, of course you'd have to get her something for the future (or maybe I could make you one that had a face small enough to fit on a smaller onesie . . . hmmm).

    Erin – thank you for stopping by!

    Darin – I'm sure he'll get all of the benefits of any profits ;)

  5. Tammy

    Maybe you could put smaller ones on a bib and a newborn onesie, and then I could do the onesie and doll as a future gift? Like themed gifts just temporally spaced out. That could be really fun! What do you think? (Be honest!)

  6. Dionna

    That might work Tammy, as long as your friend is the type of person who likes off the wall things!

  7. KansasMom

    Start making one now for your new nephew/niece, and it will be a gift from Grandma!!!

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