Bitter Haikus

October 13th, 2009 by Dionna | 11 Comments
Posted in Just for Fun/Miscellaneous

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Dog! What good are you?!
You did not eat the cat puke,
so I stepped in it.

Don’t glare at me, cat.
Your stomach would be full if
you hadn’t puked there.


Tom has one to add:

Constantly licking;
Always laying in walkway;
Go home big black dog!

11 Responses to:
"Bitter Haikus"

  1. Dionna

    unloved visitor
    take your nastiness away
    we never liked you


  2. Dionna

    dear mother-in law
    you had your chance years ago
    please leave us alone

  3. Dionna

    small girl cuddling
    sapped all my motivation
    ReeRee's soft and warm

  4. Dionna

    House please clean thy self
    clutter abounds
    sewing is more fun

  5. Dionna

    That last one was from me. :)

  6. Dionna

    Oh dear husband
    If you're worried about affording a baby
    get rid of the Mini

  7. Dionna

    Gossip Girl, Heroes,
    Grey's Anatomy, Castle,
    Spent day with TV

  8. Dionna

    I wish I had heat
    my fingers are freezing off
    work hard space heater

  9. Dionna

    Ah Home Sweet Home
    Such a nice place
    To lay my head

  10. Dionna

    disgusting canine
    what if they never return?
    it's off to "A Farm"!

  11. Dionna

    Hey folks. Just in case a couple of you didn't know, a haiku is defined by 3 lines of poetry:
    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables

    Thought that might help. ;)

    And Dionna – thanks for sharing. This just brought on an impromptu lesson about syllables here at the Goodson Homeschool. I'm impressed with how well Jacob picked it up. He's still pre-reader but now he can count syllables! :)

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