Toddler Activities Week of 2009-11-15

November 15th, 2009 by Dionna | Comments Off on Toddler Activities Week of 2009-11-15
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After our unseasonably warm weather last week, we are in for a week of chilly rain. We missed the last two activities on last week’s schedule (sidewalk chalk and kickball), because we went to the park instead.
Kieran’s favorite activity was Red Light/Green Light; we have played it every day since I introduced it. Sometimes we take turns saying “red light, green light,” but usually he says “green light” and I say “red light.” He giggles the whole time.

2009-11-11 03

Here is what we have in store for this week:

Monday: Free day at a local indoor water park – fun!

Tuesday: Egg toss – tape some open mouthed containers together into one or two rows (empty sour cream/butter container, coffee can, etc.). Set them up on the floor with the openings up. Let your toddler stand over them and drop plastic eggs or other small objects into the cups.

Wednesday: Act out stories from your toddler’s favorite books.

Thursday: Little Chefs – a cooking “class” for toddlers (one of our co-op classes)

Friday: Puzzle flashlight hunt – take the pieces from one of your toddler’s favorite puzzles and hide them in a room that you can darken. Then take a walk with your toddler and a flashlight and try to find all of the pieces of the puzzle. As you find each one, put it in the puzzle.

*We do “puzzle hide and seek” all the time without dark rooms and flashlights. It’s one of Kieran’s favorite games (I hide the puzzle pieces in one room, he finds them and puts them in the puzzle.)

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