Toddlerese 5

November 17th, 2009 by Dionna | 10 Comments
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As the parent of most any toddler can tell you, mama and papa usually have to sneak in affection. As soon as Tom and I start moving in the general direction of a hug, Kieran is right in the middle of us wanting in on the action. He used to try to wedge himself in so we could not hug, but we weren’t overly fond of that practice. Instead, we’ve started a “family hug” tradition so that no one will be left off of the love train. Now when Kieran sees us hug or kiss, he comes running over with a big grin saying “feefee huh!” It’s quite endearing.

Auntie YaYa had the best guess for last week’s word – Kieran was saying “family hug.”

Here’s your hint for this week’s word: Kieran is saying the name of something that is worn.

10 Responses to:
"Toddlerese 5"

  1. Emily

    I really have NO idea!

  2. Amy

    We do family hugs, too! Eli loves them!

  3. Or just PJs, if you’d like me to be more specific. :)

  4. DT

    I think Tammy is completely wrong. He is saying PPK, as in a Walther PPK. Kieran sneaks out to the living room at night to watch James Bond.

  5. I second PJ’s. Clear as a bell. :) I’m getting pretty fluent in Toddlerese as I happen to live with a native speaker.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I admit, it really does sound like PJ’s. Unfortunately, Kieran has some issues with language still.
      PJ’s is incorrect.

      Here’s a hint: at three syllables, it could be two words, but the brand name makes it one.

  6. Pantyhose? I hope you aren’t teaching my nephew how to say pantyhose.

  7. Heather   xakana

    Hmmm… pjs is wrong, huh? The sleeping really makes you think it’s right, lol. You know, this is why people think twins have their own special language–because they imitate each other’s mispronunciations of words, creating a special kind of two-person toddlerese.

    T-shirt? Baseball shirt? Basketball shirt? (it sounds like he’s saying beee kay to me and yes, I get some kind of shirt out of that)

  8. Mom

    I have absolutely no idea what he is saying but I like Darins guess the best!!! lol and I LOVE Kierans shirt…someone who loves him a LOT must have picked that one out for him!!!! ;-)

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