Kieran’s Second Year

December 11th, 2009 by Dionna | 6 Comments
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I started to suspect that my water was leaking on the morning of December 10, 2007. I met Tom for an early lunch, and we gaped at one another – astonished by the fact that the previous 37 weeks was going to culminate in a baby – over plates overflowing with Mexican food. We must have thought that a baby conceived in the green chile capital deserved to have one last spicy in utero sendoff.

My midwife confirmed that I was in labor at 3:00p.m., and I headed home to pack a bag. We also had to get power of attorney paperwork notarized so that Tom could make medical decisions in an emergency. At that point in the afternoon the midwife was unsure of whether we’d be able to birth at the Birth Center, since an ice storm was scheduled to hit the city by nightfall. (She later relented under duress – my tears might have had something to do with that.)

Because of the storm, Tom and I decided to spend the night at the Birth Center. The Center is thirty minutes away from our house on a good day, and we didn’t want to get stuck birthing in a hospital because the roads were too bad to drive.

Our midwife demanded pizza as part of her payment for staying at the Center all night. While sitting in the car and waiting for Tom to pick up dinner, I finally felt a contraction that gave me pause. I don’t remember what it felt like, but I do remember laughing nervously: “so this is what I’ve gotten myself in to.”

My birth coach stopped by for a bit to walk, laugh, and pray that I would progress. She left at 10:00p.m., and then it was just me. The midwife had gone to bed, and Tom was under the influence of cold medicine. I watched the minutes tick by, rocking with the blossoming pain and staring out the window at the ice accumulating.

The power blinked off at some point, and I felt incredibly isolated without the normal whir of heaters and appliances and the glow of the bathroom light. Due to Kieran’s posterior position, the contractions finally started to take my breath away around 2:30a.m. and I woke Tom. He held me, half asleep and fully loopy, and we rocked together in the pre-dawn darkness.

All I kept thinking as we listened to transformers blow all over the neighborhood was, “please let the power come back on soon so I can climb into the birthing tub!” Thankfully, we got power back and I was in the tub by 8:00a.m., not too long after active labor started.

After that, my memory is blurry. Although I’d been trying to stay hydrated, my midwife began to get very concerned about dehydration and exhaustion on Tuesday afternoon. She talked to us about an IV several times and suggested Stadol to help me get some rest. Out of exhaustion and fear, we decided to try it sometimes after 3:00p.m. It was a worthless gesture – the half dose of Stadol did nothing except make me groggy for about thirty minutes.

Both before and after the Stadol, my midwife had me push. In retrospect, I don’t think I was ready to push much before 6:00p.m., but my midwife was nervous and had been contemplating a hospital transfer.

The little I remember from that afternoon is summed up in this: Tom laughing because I sounded like Louis Armstrong passing a kidney stone, and Tammy laughing because the midwife asked her to do some nipple stimulation to strengthen my contractions (Tom slept on and off, otherwise I’m sure he would have jumped at the chance. Lord knows it would have been the last time he saw those babies – he and my nipples wave a friendly hello every once in awhile, but Kieran has since staked his claim).

After what seemed like a small eternity, Kieran crowned, and I got to feel his head. I was woefully unimpressed.

I finally delivered our stubborn son face up, looking right at us – it was the first of many times since that he has looked at Tom and I with an expression of “what the #(%*?”

And so began our journey as parents. We’ve practiced now for two years, and judging from the way Kieran wakes up every day and smiles at us, he seems to think we’re doing an ok job.

6 Responses to:
"Kieran’s Second Year"

  1. Mom

    What a wonderful video!!! So many marvelous memories!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love our little Bug…or how important he is in my life!!!

  2. Heather   xakana

    w00t! Happy birthday, Kieran! You’re an awesome little guy ^_^

    I don’t know why anyone still gives women Stadol–it’s worthless. Everyone I’ve ever heard talk about it and every birth story with it in it says “it was useless, it just made me tired/groggy/unable to communicate that I was still in pain”. Still, aside from that, it sounds like an awesome birth. Congratulations, mama, and happy Birth Day!

  3. shawna

    I can only hope that I am as good of a mama as you have been to that wonderful boy. I am so glad that I am home to celebrate his second birthday and I hope I get to see many many more!!!! Happy birthday Kieran!!!!

  4. Tío Darin and I just finished watching the video ‘together.’ We are so lucky to have Kieran in our lives.

    Happy Birthday, hermoso sobrino! Love you!

  5. Tonia

    Awesome video!!! Hope you guys have a great day!

  6. Amber   AmberStrocel

    Happy birthday, Kieran!

    And thank you for sharing that beautiful video. :)

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