Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap #1

December 12th, 2009 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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In an effort to start holiday traditions for our family, I am participating in two handmade ornament swaps this season.

The first was with our friends from my local attachment parenting forum. I met this group of friends when we first moved back to Kansas City in the fall of 2007, right before we had Kieran that December. These women have seen me through every high and low of becoming a mama. When we brought Kieran home from the NICU and I was too exhausted to cook, they brought me home cooked meals. When I was frustrated and frantic because Kieran had a poor latch and was a lazy nurser, they helped me figure out how to nurse him successfully. I have called various members when Kieran fell and got his first huge goose egg, when I have been overwhelmed with life and needed an extra pair of arms to help me regain my sanity, when I have needed someone I trust to watch Kieran for an hour or two, and when I just need a listening ear. We see several of the families two Saturdays a month when we all gather for dinner – it’s our way of creating a “village” so that we and our children can have lifelong connections. These families – all of the families on this forum – have been one of my primary sources of strength in the last two years. I am so blessed.

Here are the precious ornaments we received from our parenting group friends. The time and creativity each woman put into her ornament is amazing. Starting on the left, thank you to Tonia for the puffy snowman, Jill for the gingerbread man, Christina for the beaded ornament, Tracy for the knit glass ball, Karen for the button snowman, Andrea for the longies, Jill for the stocking, Melody for the upcycled Merry Christmas CD, Allison for the Christmas tree, Liz for the personalized glass ball, Jenny for the crocheted ice skates, and Kyle for the crocheted Santa Claus hat.

kcap swap

I can’t wait to see the ornaments that our family has made – we will swap with them on December 13th. And because I am keeping the ornament we made a surprise from my family, I will wait to post pictures (and a how-to) until after the family swap.

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"Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap #1"

  1. wow those are cool!

  2. shawna

    I can’t wait to do our swap today!

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