Let’s Normalize Nursing in Kansas City

December 31st, 2009 by Dionna | 54 Comments
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While perusing blogs last night (Tom and Kieran were asleep in bed. Without me! I celebrated with a glass of wine.), I came across this post by a fantastic lactivist. She found two YouTube videos by campaigns aimed at normalizing nursing in public.

Normalizing breastfeeding is something near and dear to my heart, and I would love to put together a video of women in and around Kansas City nursing in public.

That is where I need your help, dear friends and family. I know many of you have your own pictures of nursing in public, we can start with those. But in the coming weeks, try to remember to grab the camera when you go out – let’s get some good shots.

I’m thinking . . .

nursing at a Chiefs game

nursing at Crown Center

tandem nursing in a local bookstore

a toddler nursing during a local concert

nursing by a Plaza fountain

Let your imaginations run wild, but let’s try to have most of the pictures be identifiable as NIP in KC.

You can email your pictures directly to me: codenamemama @ gmail.com (minus the spaces, of course). I reserve the right to edit, make changes, etc.

Please forward this to every breastfeeding mama you know in the area – let’s get a video made within the next several months.

(By the way, I’m also researching how to change the breastfeeding laws in Kansas and Missouri to make them more breastfeeding-friendly. Maybe this is just what we need to kick start such a movement!)

Here are the videos from other city campaigns:

54 Responses to:
"Let’s Normalize Nursing in Kansas City"

  1. CodeNamePapa   CodeNamePapa

    Oh, and by the way everyone, Dionna is discreet when nursing… just like every other AP mom I’m around.


  2. Mike

    Aw shucks; I need to kill some time before my continuing marathon preparations run, and good ole Monty seems to be taking a good beating.

    I have to give mad props to the man for stepping into the heart of like-minded folks and standing up for a counter position. Top shelf courage, Cuz! Seriously; I’m not sure I would be as interested in typing gobs upon gobs of messages to try and make any headway.

    Likewise, I think it’s pretty cool that Dionna and her posse feel so strongly about something so passionate. There are always strength in numbers, akin to a bundle of sticks (ala fascia, symbolic parts of so many monuments).

    Enter me, the “middle” guy. My internal reactions are probably pit-for-pat along with Monty’s. BUT, I’m probably not going to invoke the Angel of Death to correct my perceptions. Studies and statistics can reinforce either side of the debate until voila; stalemate. Especially when you rule out *.orgs as sources.

    Monty, there’s nothing wrong with you feeling anything other than what you are. It’s your culture, and if those who ascribe to the whole “tolerance and diversity” mantra don’t accept and/or tolerate your culture, then they’re not as advanced as they claim to be.

    Dionna (and crew), there’s nothing wrong with your message or even your practice in the slightest. However, you have a mountain to climb in convincing the masses. 4.5 years in a psychology program verify that a “Hell no, we won’t go” approach is the worst one to convince another. Full-blown wars have been fought over such an approach. Convincing takes a lot longer if done with a better approach. Patience and compassion for ALL will get your cultural change benchmarked vs. what a radical shift provides.

    Just sayin’! :)

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