Ugly Cake

January 24th, 2010 by Dionna | 13 Comments
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It may not look like much, but this cake is so disgustingly delicious it should come with a warning label. If you find yourself needing a logical reason to make it, take heart in the fact that chocolate has proven health benefits. And, well, caramel is just good.


1 box German chocolate cake mix (and necessary ingredients – I used a Betty Crocker mix that needed 3 eggs, water, and vegetable oil)
1 bag caramels
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 stick butter
1 bag chocolate chips
Nuts (optional; my mom likes to add . . . pecans? walnuts? I can’t remember. I don’t like it with nuts, so I skip them.)
13×9 baking pan


*Make cake mix according to directions, pour half of the mix in a greased 13×9 pan & bake until done
*Meanwhile, put melted caramels, sweetened condensed milk, and butter together until smooth. I use a double broiler for this.
*When bottom half of cake is done, pour caramel mixture over the top and spread evenly.
*Sprinkle chocolate chips in an even layer over the top. (I usually don’t use all of the caramel or chips.) Add nuts if you’re doing those.
*Pour the remaining half of the cake batter over the top and bake again until a toothpick comes out clean (be sure you are just sticking the toothpick in the cake, not the middle layer).
*Cool completely before eating.

I will admit, part of the reason I make this cake (once or twice a year) is to eat the leftover caramel . . . with whatever cake batter didn’t get scraped into the pan. It’s a guilty pleasure.


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13 Responses to:
"Ugly Cake"

  1. Heather   xakana

    That looks amazing. And it’s really not that ugly. ITA with you on the nuts.

  2. Tonia

    I’ve done a similar one called a german chocolate upside down cake. I am usually not a fan of chocolate cake (hubby either) and we can demolish this one :) Dang it, now I am craving one :(

  3. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Sorry ladies. But looking at the picture just made me want one too, and I accidentally saw that I have a bag of caramels in the cabinet.
    Must . . . resist . . .

  4. Tonia

    Yea, I don’t think my blood sugar would like this cake too much :( but man it sounds so dang good… Must resist for appx 5 weeks :)

  5. Darcel   mahoganywaymama

    It isn’t ugly. I’ve seen worse! I love chocolate, the health benefits are a bonus for me :)

  6. DT

    Ugly cake is probably the reason I like your family

  7. Rebecca


    Ugggggllllllllyyyyyyy Caaaaaaaakkkkkkeeeeee!

    And when making any cake mix, I nix the oil and use an even amount of applesauce, less bad for you (not that anything makes ugly cake good for you) but also way more moist!

  8. Mom

    Darin!!! I thought I was the reason you like my family!!! My heart is broken!!! And if any of you are interested, I normally use chopped pecans!!! Dionna…why didn’t you wait until Shawna and I got up there on Thursday to make that, now you will just have to do it all over again.

  9. Do you use a 14oz bag of caramels?

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I can’t recall off the top of my head how many ounces are in a wrapped bag of caramels, but the little unwrapped “caramel beads” currently hanging out in my cabinet are 11 oz. That’s what I used last time, and there was more than enough for the cake and for me to lick the pan ;)

  10. Yumm who cares what it looks like, it sounds good!

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