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January 25th, 2010 by Dionna | 7 Comments
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I have decided to start a monthly post referring you to some sites/articles/posts that I’ve found helpful, amusing, and/or otherwise redeeming in some way. If you know of something you think might be worthy of inclusion, comment or email!


Before I start with the links please check out my guest post yesterday on Go Green Street! It is the first of several guest posts on why Tom and I chose to cloth diaper. Here is a summary of what the series will focus on:

With the comeback of cloth diapers in recent years, more parents are asking themselves which diapering system is right for them: cloth or disposables. The factors parents often consider fall into four general categories: environmental impact, health concerns, safety, and convenience.

In this series of posts I will examine each of those four categories and explain why my husband and I chose cloth. I will also share what has worked for our family, and I will link to a few of the many blogs and websites dedicated to cloth that helped me in our cloth diapering journey.


The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage is a wonderful article by Ted Olson, a “lifelong Republican [and] a veteran of the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations . . . .”  Mr. Olson is involved in a federal court case that challenges the legal validity of California’s Proposition 8 (“the voter-approved measure that overturned California’s constitutional right to marry a person of the same sex”). In this article, Mr. Olson explains why “same-sex unions promote the values conservatives prize.”
Please read this article, it is incredible.


Circumcision Information is an Australian website that presents “facts, historical perspective, reason, ethics and human rights into the debate over the routine circumcision of normal male infants and boys.” It is a great resource for any parent who is seeking information on circumcision.
In particular, i really like their Guide for Parents – it has frequently asked questions about circumcision that many people never think to ask.


Do you have a blog? Do you wish it looked snazzier? Sarah at One Starry Night often posts on style helps and cool code. In this post, she explains how she set up her comments page. In this post, she discusses why she uses and loves various WordPress plugins. Check her out and ask questions – she will respond personally!
Sarah has been an inspiration for Tom, who is furiously working on a site redesign for Code Name: Mama. I am SO excited to see what he has planned!


This post has some major adult language, so please don’t read it with the kids around. That being said, it is hysterical. We are in a major train fascination stage, and heaven help us Kieran has discovered Thomas. Oh, the licensed character horrors!


Peaceful Parenting hosted a post entitled Confessions of a Failed Babywiser. This mother explains how parents can get caught up in Ezzo’s Babywise/”Growing Kids God’s Way” philosophy with detrimental effects. I’ve never really understood how a parent could bear to stand outside of an infant’s bedroom door for nights on end as she “cried it out,” or refuse an obviously hungry newborn a breast, but this article shed some light on that for me. I still don’t agree with the philosophy at all, but I have some understanding of why parents could get sucked into its misguided teachings.
The author links to several sources that helped her break free of the Ezzo philosophy, including American Academy of Pediatrics Statement about Babywise and Examining the Evidence for Cue Feeding.


Mothering has listed its 25 most popular articles on Mothering.com. The list includes articles on a wide variety of parenting topics including pumping, car seats, chicken pox, and more. Read these articles and learn things like:

*How Breastfeeding Boosts the National Economy: “In 2001, the USDA concluded that if breastfeeding rates were increased to 75 percent at birth and 50 percent at six months, it would lead to a national government savings of a minimum of $3.6 billion. This amount was easily an underestimation since it represents savings in the treatment of only three of the dozens of illnesses proven to be decreased by breastfeeding: ear infections, gastroenteritis, and necrotizing enterocolitis.”
*Eating Unnaturally on an Unnatural Budget: “more than half of all Americans who frequently consume organic foods are living on an annual budget of $30,000 or less.” Get tips on how you can too!
*My Sugar-Free Son: Best practices for parents “to limit empty, sugar-filled calories and get their children to eat more nutritious foods . . . .”


What articles or websites have you found helpful lately?

On Code Name: Mama, I share information, resources, and my thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler. Please take a moment to subscribe to my RSS feed for free updates.

7 Responses to:
"January Link Love"

  1. Darcel   mahoganywaymama

    Yay for link love! I gotta make this quick, but wanted to let you know I have something for you over at my blog.

    I’ll BBL to say more.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I just read! You are very kind, thank you Darcel :) I am blessed to have met you (and other kind and compassionate parents); blogging has such value on so many different levels!

  2. Hi there…coming over from The Mahogany Way…congrats on your award there.
    thanks for sharing these links.

    one love.

  3. Hi Dionna:

    So glad you are joining us in the *gift of jewels* project.
    Please email me your mailing address.

    Thanks so much.

  4. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    I read that Confessions of a Failed Babywiser. Really fascinating story of how intelligent and well-meaning parents can get ensnared, despite obvious warning signs.Thanks for the One Starry Night tutorial links, too. My problem is that I have so much I want to do to my site that I just don’t find the time for! I’ve had a redesign in the works for months, among other ambitions — but something always seems more urgent. I guess I’ll have to prioritize in that direction sometime!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      How exciting! I’ll look forward to seeing it.
      Right now I’m agonizing over a header. Do I want it to always be the same? Do I want to have a picture that changes? What do I want it to represent? Ugh. I’m stuck.

  5. Thanks for the Confessions of a Babywiser link. I’m going to share this one.

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