Family Mailbox and Felt Mail

February 17th, 2010 by Dionna | 16 Comments
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I saw a cute idea not too long ago to make a “family mailbox.” I thought it would be a fun way to share notes with both Kieran and Tom. We got a cheapie mailbox and decorated it.

And then I got the brilliant idea to make felt mail. I have been working on this flipping felt mail for months. Months. I finally finished them in time for Valentine’s Day.

I used this tutorial and this tutorial for inspiration and instructions. Here is what I came up with:


The to/from address labels are Velcroed on, and I can write on them if Kieran so desires.

Post Cards

He’s visited Kansas, New Mexico, and Florida; I made Washington for a friend of ours. Here are the backs:

So there’s the craftiness that has consumed me for the past few weeks. What have you been doing? Please share – I need some new ideas!

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16 Responses to:
"Family Mailbox and Felt Mail"

  1. Amanda

    Very cute! Lexi still uses the felt mail that I made, but ours isn’t as pretty as yours!

  2. Melodie   bfmom

    You should change your name to Code Name: Crafty! That’s awesome!

  3. Mom

    So adorable!!! Does Family Mail include mail for and from Grandparents too????

  4. Super cute! I made felt food for my niece for her birthday and she won’t even let her momma play with it she likes it so much.

  5. Sarah @ OneStarryNight   onestarrynight

    Oh I LOVE that idea, I probably wouldn’t do the felt mail but I think with my oldest, it would help with his writing and how to properly send correspondence… awesome!

  6. Sarah   fthw

    Can I send some real mail to Kieran’s mailbox?

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Uh, yes! And I need you to email me your address, we have real mail for you gathering dust!

  7. Tonia

    I made a mailbox out of a quaker oats tube that I cut a slit in the side of and made a little stand for. Then covered it in fabric and stickers etc :) So the lid comes off and on easily to get the mail out of.

  8. That’s fantastic. What a great idea! If I was half as crafty I’d give this a go for my girls.

  9. katepickle   katepickle

    oh that felt mail is soooo cute! Great idea

  10. Stephanie   stephsday

    What a fun idea! I love it! Where did you buy the mailbox?

  11. I like this idea of a mailbox for the classroom. Children can write each other notes and put them in the mailbox. The next day someone can be the mailman and hand out the letters. I will pass this idea on to other teachers.

  12. Kelly Be A Fun Mum   beafunmum

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  13. Christie - Childhood 101   childhood101

    I love your gorgeous felt mail, what a fabulous idea.

  14. Marthese   romanticflair

    What a fantastic idea….love it

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