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February 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 18 Comments
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*Random enthusiastic movie recommendation:  “Zombieland” – for anyone with a strong stomach, a sense of humor, & a couple hours free time sans kids.

**Did you see his skate lace break last night? I don’t think I even saw him frown – he just tied that bad boy back up and started right back in on his routine!

Twilight has gotten quite the grip on me this week.

What’s on your to do list?

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"To Do"

  1. Mammapie   Rainbowsouffle

    Hrm…nothing quite as interesting as you. Lots of laundry, solo parenting (dh is spending the weekend at his mother’s), blogging.
    Put devouring too much cookie dough on that list too.

  2. Acacia

    Finally buy a deep freeze so we can start packing away meals. Tap into my inner pirate to start prepping the activities for Everett’s 3rd bday party. Stay on top of laundry. Master this getting out of the house on time thing that I seem to have going. Finish prepping and launch my new blog… you know us mamas, we can sure make a looong to do list! I’m trying to stay away from these things.

  3. Heather   xakana

    That list is freaking awesome. And I love how you made it, very creative. You don’t want to be as graceful as the Japanese–you have to accept that you can always just kill yourself if it doesn’t work out in that case >_< ;) j/k, of course (although they do have lines of kids who jump in front of trains)

  4. Amber   AmberStrocel

    If you do come up with a zombie survival guide, please share so that I can totally copy yours. I just have NO ideas for my own, it’s so sad. ;)

  5. DT

    There actually a book by Max Brooks called the “Zombie Survival Guide.” It’s written like a military manual, and I feel relatively prepared in the event of a zombie invasion.

  6. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Mammapie – I am so down with devouring cookie dough. Putting it on the list now.

    Acacia – you will never regret that deep freeze, I promise. We have been trying to save our pennies for Europe, so I’ve been pulling out freezer meals – omg! Tom actually said something about the grocery bills being WAY low. Ha.

    Heather – I am such a clutz, grace is a mere dream. In the past few days I have dropped/broke a glass of water, dropped half a pineapple while trying to cut it (that was kind of dangerous), and made Kieran fall in the kitchen (I didn’t know he was behind me, not so much my fault). I’m not *Raegan* clutzy, but I am not too far behind ;)

    Amber – Apparently you should buy Max Brooks’ book ;) (Thanks DT! Really, I’d heard about it before, so I knew my idea wasn’t novel.)

  7. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Also, I really wanted to use the word “bitch” instead of “bad boy” in the asterisk comment on the figure skating dude. *TOM* actually censored me. He seemed to think that the first time I pulled a cuss word out of my pocket shouldn’t be about figure skaters. Or something. Pfft.

  8. raegan

    hey! i resemble that remark…

  9. Erin

    Get ready for G’s first military ball (*sniffle*), quit smoking for the third time in, what, six weeks (3rd time’s the charm. Dammit.), and, ironically, buy some sequins. Okay, that’s stretching the truth. I’m actually buying appliques, not sequins. Because I’m a bride to be, not a figure skater. Which really isn’t a bummer for me, since I can’t ice skate so good, but I seem to have the bridezilla routine down pat. But it seemed cool to tell you I’m buying sequins.

  10. Monty

    japaneese culture would not suit most of well all of you women to well, the women are to walk behind the men at all times, this is what they showed me while i was there.
    Kenzie cant wait for the next series of books on twilight

    • Heather   xakana

      That’s an older custom that isn’t really in vogue now, but you’re quite right–there’s a lot about the Japanese culture that would definitely put off any woman used to equality. Especially in the laws.

      My Godfather and step-father were Okinawan and Japanese respectively. I grew up with a lot of the customs. Some I like and keep (no shoes in the house except soft house shoes, cosleeping until the child decides they’re done, babywearing, etc.) and some I did not (suffering in silence, group before individual at all times, subservient women, etc.).

  11. Sarah @ OneStarryNight   onestarrynight

    I just wonder why you would dare put down Twilight lol.

  12. My To Dos:

    1- wash this hair color out and HOPE it is not too orange

    2- drag the tree off the driveway- the one that fell in the blizzard and was cut up? Now the snow melted and it rolled back into the drive… isn’t this what dh is for?

    3- laundry so my kids do not go to school looking like they wore their clothes to bed… oh, they do, but I don’t want them to look like they do

    4- clean out the freezer in the garage- and by clean out I really mean- find the carrot cake that I KNOW is in there somewhere!

    5- plan my world domination/takeover… er, make the boys clean their room- MY WAY, not theirs.

    Think that is a full day. I might even make it a 2 day list, or even a 3 day to allow for unforseen disasters- you know they always happen so maybe I should plan for them too!

  13. Danielle   whosthatgirl44

    My to-do list for the weekend?!?! Throw an absolutely SMASHING Tapas Dinner Party! It would help if I would get off the computer and get cooking!!

    **visiting from SITS**

  14. Katje Sabin

    Today’s list would look like this: Stay up to 3:30 a.m. writing vax response post. Get climbed on at 8:45 a.m. by child. Drink delicious mocha and notice husband being all snuggly. Child’s Nookie Alert System goes into overdrive and he trampolines onto both of us. Plug child into video game so we can have make-up sex. Try Zestra, wonder what the hell I’ve done to my lady parts. Take long hot shower, breathe sigh of relief that lady parts seem to have cooled off. Eat a bowl of really good leftover baked polenta and sausage. Have husband paint toenails in a springy pink color. Do a bit of laundry and house-cleaning. Go to local doula club’s screening of “Laboring Under an Illusion.” Find some local bahn mi for dinner. Go to early music concert where new friend is singing. Don’t forget to get lost two or three times while driving around the city. Return to house where the boys have been feral all evening and undone the aforementioned housecleaning. Sigh deeply, count blessings, go to bed.

  15. Katje Sabin

    Oh, and I wanted to tell you that Chicago has Zombie Fit (, and Clay’s been enjoying the hell out of it. The idea is that you will need to be strong enough to outrun, outmaneuver, and fight your assailants after the Zombie Apocalypse.

    And by “socially acceptable” activity, I suppose you probably don’t mean Vampire LARPing. Too bad, you’d be an awesome vamp! How about a dinner party with a vampire costume theme? Oh, and talk to Monica… she’s got a lovely collection of nasty little vampire por^h^h^h literature.

  16. Monty

    today I went to the gym and did 1.5 mile run, 30 min in sauna, 10 mile bike ride and another 40 min in sauna.

    prepared cooker for sunday, big bbq with friends

    watching Nationwide race right now

    tommorrow will be gym at 0900 then cooking begins.

  17. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Erin – good luck!! You can do it :)

    Sarah – It wasn’t by choice!

    Dawn – I cleaned out the freezer in order to find some cookie dough earlier this week ;)

    Danielle – my sister made us tapas once, yum!!

    Katje – that class concept kicks.ass.

    Monty – did I tell you that I quit drinking (for the most part) and have lost 7-8 pounds in a month? Now if I wasn’t such a pansy and would run in the cold, maybe I’d be even healthier!

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