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February 26th, 2010 by Dionna | 10 Comments
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the scream Edvard MunchArwyn at Raising Boychick has been publishing a series of anonymous posts. The premise is excellent: there are certain topics that we cannot or will not write about on our own blogs/Facebook statuses/Twitter feeds/etc. Maybe they are too personal, maybe they would hurt someone who we care about, maybe they would get us fired or divorced or sued. I’ve read every one of her anonymous posts with interest – sometimes with sadness that the writer felt like it had to be anonymous, sometimes understanding the perceived need for privacy.

So in the spirit of anonymity, I am opening up my site today for anything you, dear readers, want to get off your chest. Maybe you don’t have enough sordid fodder for Arwyn’s series, but surely there is something you’d like to shout from the rooftops without repercussion.

Don’t be shy! Leave an anonymous* comment to gripe about whatever you’d like. And yes, I will comment anonymously too. You’ll just have to guess which one is mine.

Please, ladies and gentlemen: no names or identifying information (if you happen to be venting about someone).


*When commenting; if you use the email address associated with your gravatar, even if you type “Anonymous” in the “name” line, your gravatar will show up. Use a different email address if you have a gravatar!

(And I am verifying my blog for Technorati: 6WEW8BW2QT2N)

10 Responses to:
"Get it Off Your Chest"

  1. Piemamma

    My boyfriend of four years has never asked me to marry him. We have a child together and have plenty of issues we need to
    work through, but it turns our marriage isn’t something he’s looking for. However, he tells everyone were married (like his classy boss or strangers) because he thinks it’s tacky to call me his girlfriend. When I was pregnant, I came home one day and he threw me a ups box that turned out to have a very modest (and I did love love love it) ring from tiffanys w/ just a teeny diamond (I really hate diamonds, I think they look silly) but that was it. No “let’s get married,” or “I love you” just tossed me the box. Oh and he got VERY upset when I stopped wearing it, even though it’s clear it’s not an engagement ring or wedding band. And hasn’t asked me since. I guess it’s about illusion.

  2. Anonman

    With all this talk all week about circumcision, I’ve been hearing a lot of people speak up about how much they hate it. But here’s a confession: I’m a circumcised man an I am glad my mother made the choice to circumcise me. My partnbelisha anti CIO and pro cosleeping and nonvaxing…and I don’t want to tell her the truth: I hate it. I think it’s silly. I don’t see anydifference between people who were raised like me and people who were raised the way she wants to raise our kids, except the latter might have a worse marriage for lack of attention to their spouse and tons of attention smothered on the baby disguised as APing.
    And I don’t think circumcision affected me negatively, in fact, I’ve always thought my penis looks “perfect” and can’t imagine hving extra foreskin. And if we ever have a son, I might just sneak and have him circumcised because once it’s done, it’s done.

  3. That’s an awesome idea and I have nothing to vent about right now,lol.This should become meme

  4. AFWife

    I hate that people get mad if I say I am even slightly uncomfortable with a 4 year old breastfeeding. I breastfed for a year and *I’M* the bad guy because I think if a kid can walk up to you a point and say “mom can I have some milk?” they are too old to be sucking on your boob. And then I get the dirty looks because “Breast is best”. Well yes, breast is best but after a certain amount of time it’s pretty clear that it’s the parent clinging on to the emotional part of it. Also, if you are cosleeping and your marriage has gone to crap? IT’S THE CO SLEEPING! There’s no reason that a TODDLER can’t sleep in their own bed. It’s so important for parents to have their OWN time away from the baby in order to help their relationship. Maybe you should listen to your spouse and be a little bit more NORMAL! And not rip his head off for wishing you would stop clinging to your toddler for affection and instead step back a little and let your affection come from him. I would feel left out too if I were them!

  5. jen

    i came here with my own vent, but after reading the above comments i want to vent about what i have read. *sigh* but i will not use the energy, instead i will simply say my husband is annoying me. he is leaving for a vacation with his boys. i am pissed about how self centered he is. i am *trying* to get over a cold. when i saw can you watch the babe so i can nap, he suggest i wait and nap with her. whatever. his body is broken, so i have to be the heavy..but he is not to broken for 36 holes of golf 4 days in a row…grrrr. ok thanks for letting me rant.
    side rant my dog just pissed down the hall right in front of me!! is she old and falling apart (11 yrs) or just being a b*tch?!

  6. Monty

    I dont want to hide. You know what I hate, i hate when other people judge me because my son had a child at 15!!! It wasnt that I did not teach him about sex or how to use condoms, It wasnt that I told him over and over again that sex should wait till you are an adult or married, it wasnt that I told him that unprotected sex could give you STDs, it wasnt the fact of showing him movies of sex or what happens when your partner gets pregnant, it wasnt the fact of me telling him everything that I know about sex and what to do or not to do. I hate the fact the the girl pushed him into having unprotected sex cause their parents didnt give their daughter the same education that i gave my son. PEOPLE, I TAUGHT MY SON EVERYTHING I KNEW. sorry for yelling that one

  7. Jen

    I don’t have anything to say right now but this is a cool idea.

    Stopped by from SITS.

  8. Blessed

    I honestly feel very lucky. I don’t think there’s anything under the sun that I want to rant about. This post really made my day, because if I hadn’t sat here brainstorming for ten minutes about what I have to gripe about, I wouldn’t have realized that I’m pretty stinking happy. :)

  9. Blessed

    I have one! Lack of at least mildly decent punctuation, grammar, etc. on blog comments or facebook and other web mediums really bugs me. I also can’t stand an overuse of all-caps or exclamation points to get one’s point across. It just irks me to see people spout off about something without taking the time to do a spell-check or put a little pride into their comma usage. And I prefer to let my common sense and logic ‘yell’ for me rather than depend on an abundance of capitalized words.

  10. This might sound kind of silly, but it irks me that my Secret Santa gave me a “Dog of the Day” calendar when she knew full well that I don’t actually sit at my desk 4 out of the 5 days of the work week, and therefore cannot enjoy the dogs of the day. I also agree with the above statement about using proper grammar and punctuation on the internet. I also hate it when people just text message, “K”. Especially when I am driving in the car or something and take the time to be distracted. For “K”.

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