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March 2nd, 2010 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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A representative of Intact America contacted me after I posted Researching Circumcision: What is the Foreskin? last month. After emailing back and forth a few times, I decided to profile the organization and spread the word of the good work it is accomplishing.

Intact America’s Vision and Mission

Intact America “envisions a world where children are protected from permanent bodily alteration inflicted on them without their consent, in the name of culture, religion, profit, or parental preference.” The not-for-profit organization’s mission statement is:

Intact America works to protect babies and children from circumcision and all other forms of medically unnecessary genital alteration, whether carried out for cultural conformity or profit, in medical or non-medical settings.

We seek to achieve our goals through education, advocacy, public policy reform, and the empowerment of our supporters, partners, and volunteers.

Because routine infant circumcision is a subject that many Americans simply take for granted as part of the birthing process, we need Intact America and organizations like it to draw attention to the fact that circumcision is not the only – or preferable – option (in the vast majority of cases).

Intact America’s Advocacy and Work

1. Petitioning Medical Organizations: Currently, Intact America’s primary focus is on petitioning certain organizations that can have a direct impact on the rate of routine infant circumcision. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have convened task forces to reexamine their policies on circumcision.

There is speculation that in light of studies done in sub-Saharan Africa regarding circumcision and HIV infection rates, the CDC and AAP may be considering whether to start recommending circumcision on infant boys in the United States as a routine newborn procedure. The CDC could also recommend that the federal government require states to cover circumcision through Medicaid (16 states currently do not cover the procedure under Medicaid).

2. Supporting Legislation: On March 2, the Massachusetts State Senate will consider the Male Genital Mutilation Bill, legislation that would outlaw the genital mutilation of both young girls AND boys in Massachusetts. Intact America is currently gathering testimony from people across the country who want to speak out against routine, non-therapeutic infant circumcision. By sharing the stories with the senators, Intact America will have a substantial role in the hearing.

3. Educating and Spreading the Word: perhaps one of Intact America’s most important functions is to educate others about the issues surrounding routine infant circumcision. Intact America has a presence on several social networking sites (see below for links), sends out an electronic newsletter, has information available on their website, and much more.

How You Can Help

Intact America can only be as strong as the people who support the campaign against routine, non-therapeutic infant circumcision. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1. Educate Yourself: Visit their website to learn some common myths and facts about circumcision. There are other websites that provide excellent, well-researched information on the subject. I’ve included links to many of them in my series on “researching circumcision.” (Please read them if you haven’t had a chance yet: part one, part two, and part three.)

2. Sign the Petition: Intact America has a petition on its site that you can personalize (if you so choose) and sign electronically. It will be sent to the CDC.

You can also use their form “letter to the editor” to send to a newspaper in your hometown.

And if you are feeling really inspired, you can take the tools they have provided and start petitioning on your own: the AAP, your local legislature, your pediatrician, and more.

3. Connect on Facebook and Twitter: Become a fan of Intact America on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Share their status updates and retweet information to your friends, family, and followers. The stronger their supporter base, the greater their impact.

4. Make a Donation or a Purchase: Wear your convictions by shopping at the online store. If you don’t feel like sporting intactivist gear, make a tax-deductible donation in any amount you can.

2 Responses to:
"Profile: Intact America"

  1. Good on you. I know bloggers get approached by a lot of people asking for free advertising, but this is a good cause worth publicising. Hey, if it saves one little man from having his foreskin mutilated…

  2. Heather   xakana

    I’ve been on Intact America for a while, it’s cool that they contacted you :-D You’re so freaking awesome!

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