Calling All Writers: I Want Your Guest Posts

March 10th, 2010 by Dionna | Comments Off on Calling All Writers: I Want Your Guest Posts
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toddler drawing on wallYou may have noticed two new widgets on my sidebar about guest posts.

The first one gives you links to my recent guest posts on other sites – please click, comment, and spend a little time visiting the sites that allow me to share with different readers.

The second widget is a call for guest posts that I can publish here on Code Name: Mama. I’m going to copy and paste the details below, but you can click on the widget link anytime. Please consider submitting a guest post – I’d love to feature your writing!

Natural Parenting Guest Post Exchange

The Carnival of Natural Parenting that I co-host every month has been such a blessing. It has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with many wonderful like-minded bloggers and read great content. It has also challenged me to be a better writer.

To strengthen the bonds forged through the Carnival as well as in the many natural parenting discussions available on Twitter, Mothering, and more, I would like to introduce a Natural Parenting Guest Post Exchange.

In the Guest Post Exchange, I envision collaborating with another writer/blogger on a topic that is loosely related to natural parenting. The two posts can be as creative as our imaginations allow: they can compare/contrast two NP topics; they can be stand alone posts or two parts of a whole; they can be picture montages, videos, interviews, articles, etc. (All posts will be subject to the guest post guidelines below; let me know if you have any questions about or concerns with the guidelines.)

We will post our articles on the same day, mutually promote and comment on the posts, and follow up as needed.

I will link to your site not only on the post, but also on a permanent page on Code Name: Mama. I will also promote our collaboration on social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Please contact me if you are interested in an exchange.

Traditional Guest Posts

If you do not have your own site, or if you are simply not interested in exchanging guest posts, you are still invited (encouraged!) to submit a guest post for consideration for inclusion on Code Name: Mama (Good gawd that sentence was awkward).

To get started, please read the guidelines below. If your guest post will meet the guidelines, send me an email and let me know what topic you want to write about. If you have a sample of your writing, I would love to see it too. We will work from there to get your post published on Code Name: Mama. Remember, I reserve the right to edit (and veto) all submissions (but I will never make a substantive change without discussing it with you first).

Guest Post Guidelines

What is/isn’t accepted:

*Original Content (cannot be previous posted/published/etc anywhere)
*No product reviews
*Please include at least one image; it cannot be more than 500px in width and you must either own or have permission to use the picture
*You may link to your website in the “mini-bio” at the bottom of the entry
*No affiliate codes, “paid” blogging, or referral links
*No judgmental, condescending posts or reply comments. My philosophy: you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I will not publish posts or comments that are disparaging or judgmental (with very few exceptions that have not yet occurred – but I’d better leave that door open in case ;)).

Accepted Topics
(The following lists are not exclusive, if you have an idea that is not listed, let me know)

Natural Parenting

*Intactivism/No Circumcision
*Consensual Living
*Co-Sleeping/Family Bed
*Gentle Discipline
*Cloth Diapers
*Green/Eco-Conscious Living
*No/Delayed/Selective Vaccinations


*Toddler Activities
*Life with Toddlers
*Full-Term/Extended Breastfeeding
*Challenges of Parenting Toddlers
*Feeding Toddlers

General Topics

*Blogging Tips (especially as they related to women/mama bloggers)
*How-To Entries (including crafts, recipes, etc.)
*Family Relationships (whether you are single, in a relationship, living in a non-traditional household, etc.)


*Use shorter paragraphs (3?–?6 sentences each), your post will be easier to read
*The entry must be at least 600 characters or more
*Organize your thoughts, use headings or lists when possible, be clear, concise, and straightforward
*Proof read. Proof read twice! Now proof read a third time. I will edit, but I do not want to spend time fixing spelling and grammar mistakes that Word would easily pick up.
*Please write a short bio/”about” paragraph (about 3 sentences) that will be included at the end of the entry


*Writers are expected to visit the post to check on any comments, respond to comments, etc. If the writer has any questions or problems with a comment, please let me know as soon as possible. Again, no judgmental or condescending reply comments.

Thanks to Sarah at one starry night for having an excellent guest post policy that I modified for this page.

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