How Do Moms Survive Sick Days? Part 2

March 16th, 2010 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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Yesterday I offered some ideas for occupying kids’ attention on sick days. Today we’ll look at some more tips to help moms (and dads) cope when illness has taken its toll on their sleep and sanity. So how can you make it easier for yourself when everyone is sick?

Making Life Easier for Mama

1. Feed the Freezer Meals: I told Tom that the deep freeze has been one of our best purchases. It has made my life so much easier. No time to cook? Grab something from the deep freeze. Too sick to cook? Make Tom grab something. Excellent special on frozen _____? Buy extra and stick them in the deep freeze. It is truly life saving, and we don’t have to resort to nasty take out food in a pinch.

woman mother stress sick2. Lower Your Expectations: I was such a perfectionist before Kieran. The house was almost always visitor-clean and clutter drove me crazy. That’s simply not realistic with a toddler. Those toys have so many pieces! Not to mention his favorite thing to play with: a play kitchen and tons of wooden food. Now our house is clean but lived in, a combination I’ve become comfortable with. On the days we are sick, though, I’ve learned to let go of the need for order. The carpet will live to see another day even if the vacuum hasn’t come out of hiding for a week. The kitchen table is still serviceable with stacks of mail and other unmentionables shoved toward the back. Besides, cleaning can be cathartic at the end of an illness.

3. Ask for Help: For those of you who are blessed to have friends or family who love to help in a pinch, don’t turn down offers of help. And if things are really bad, ask for it! I’ve gone over to friends’ houses to do dishes when mom was sick and dad was out of town. I’ve made meals for moms who weren’t feeling up to cooking. Friends will help – that is part of the blessing of friendship. And don’t worry, you can repay the favor.

4. Relax: It might seem silly to say this, but take it easy! Once you have the kids occupied, curl up with a book, browse your favorite websites, drink some hot tea, call and talk to a friend who you haven’t seen in awhile, do something that makes you feel good. Stress will only make you feel worse longer.

5. Childproof a Room: If you really need to get some rest, shut you and your littles in a room that poses no injury or breaking/spilling/staining hazards. Give the kids some quiet activities and close your eyes. Rest!


What do you do when you are worn out? Please share tips in the comments!

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2 Responses to:
"How Do Moms Survive Sick Days? Part 2"

  1. BluebirdMama   bluebirdmama

    Let everyone have pj day and don’t be ashamed to let the kids watch a movie or play games/watch clips on sesame street website. Don’t worry about the housekeeping. Lay on the couch and drape your arm down to the floor so you can “play” cars or Lego with your kiddos while resting. Do the bare minimum to make it through the day, keeping everyone safe, fed and rested and ignore everything else.

  2. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    Having recently survived sickness on both sides, I heartily agree with you. I only wish we had space for a deep freeze! I’m so jealous.

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