The Joys of Breastfeeding: Milk Songs

March 21st, 2010 by Dionna | 20 Comments
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When Kieran was a few weeks old, he began making a little noise during nursing sessions. They sounded something like this:

oya oya oya

Sometimes he would oya in response to my cooing, eyes wide with wonder at the sound of my voice. Sometimes he would oya as his eyes drooped closed in milky slumber and his little mouth slowed to a drowsy suckle.

I thought of those sweet oya oya oya’s as Kieran’s milk song.

They were half-piglet, half-bizarre punk rock lyric. And we loved every single one. Each oya would make my husband and I shake with silent laughter or grin with impossible love.

Kieran was about six months old when I noticed that his oya’s were fewer and further between. The realization made me sad, because it was just one more way my baby was growing and changing.

Each new stage of our breastfeeding relationship, though, has left me with memories that make my heart swell. The milk songs from the first six months faded into mischievous milky smiles in the second six months.

And as Kieran learned to walk and talk in his second year, the memories of nursing my baby were joined by the joys of breastfeeding a toddler. His wordless oya oya milk songs ended, replaced by proclamations like:

“NeeNee love mama milk!”

Mama milk, dance!

“I love mama milk so much!”

His words of love are now the sweetest music to my ears.

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20 Responses to:
"The Joys of Breastfeeding: Milk Songs"

  1. Melodie   bfmom

    Beautiful Dionna! I’m so glad for you that you have posted about this and video taped it. I’ve been bad about that kind of thing when my kids were little. The other day my oldest daughter asked me a question about my breasts and referred to them as Annie which was her word for breastfeeding. It was so neat for me to hear her use that word and remember that that was what she called it for three years. Especially because her sister uses a different word. Anyway, this was very touching.

  2. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    Looove that video! What beautiful moments you captured. I love how his arm is flinging all around in one of the shots. Whenever Mikko would rhythmically thrash his legs while eating, Sam and I would joke that he was pumping the milk out.

  3. The “oya oya oya” thing cracks me up! The sweet things he says now just make me smile and go “aww”. Baby is a noisy nurser only when his teeth or tummy are bothering him-like he wants me to know he’s still grumpy even though he’s nursing, lol.

  4. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Thanks mamas :) When I was trying to find clips to make a video, I kept thinking “man – why didn’t we take more pictures/video?!” I love seeing him nurse.

  5. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    I just want you to know you just inspired me to take a video of us nursing. :) He was totally doing the whole toddler gymnastics thing, too. And lunging for the camera, of course!

  6. Pat

    Aw… It’s just now that he “utters” something when he nurses. And it’s too cute!

  7. kaila

    awwwwww! Very sweet!

  8. Monica

    How lovely! I wish my DH would take video of A nursing. What a wonderful thing to look back on. I am in tears watching that. Especially as I consider weaning (for medical reasons) I am finding more and more how much I enjoy nursing; looking down at that sweet face, the little noises, all of it. And what a neat thing for Kieran to go back and show his partner and kid(s) someday!

  9. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Lauren – it’s very rare that I can take video of Kieran without him saying “Kieran see?! Kieran see! My turn!”

    Pat – you must get video. I’m telling you, you will never regret capturing it on film :)

    Thanks Kaila!

    Monica – awww! I’ve got to tell you though, I had to twist Tom’s arm to take some of us early on. That one at 6 wks (and actually the one at 22 months) was me holding my arm up with the camera! But the ones Tom took are always superior. If your DH won’t do it, *I* will!! I can even take it with my camera if you don’t have one, and burn it to a CD. Seriously!

  10. I love it! My youngest used to do the little nursing noises – much more than my other kids ever did. I called him my gourmet nurser when he was little because it seemed he always had to “comment.” The video is priceless. I’m trying very hard to get over my aversion to having any pictures taken of me so that my children will have some to look back on.

  11. Loved, loved. loved your nursing video! Brought a tear to my eye.

  12. Claire   lactatinggirl

    That is so cute! I wish I would have gotten videos of Peanut nursing! I only took pictures. I also think that Peanut used to say “umm umm umm” as she was nursing.

  13. Elita   blacktating

    Aaaww! This was so sweet. And I am loving the milk dance! :)

  14. Heather   xakana

    That is so sweet! Naomi loved that video, she insisted on watching it again ;) I recognize those hand games, too–the flapping arm and the quacking hand at my mouth, lol.

    I have very little video of me and the girls. You’re lucky to have a husband willing to take video :) I take almost all of the pictures and video in the family, so what I have is all from my perspective. I don’t know if I have any nursing videos of Naomi, though I have a few of Lilly.

  15. Ruth Ann

    There are always little things that you remember so fondly from the nursing experience. My dearest memory of you is how you used to play with my elbow…I can still feel the gentle pinching that you would do as you nursed. And then when you got old enough to stay at Grandma Dion’s house, she commented that you pinched her elbow too as she rocked you at bedtime!!! Must have been because you loved her as much as you loved me!!! Would she adore Kieran, how I wish she could have met him!!!
    I love you!!!

  16. Allison

    This video made me cry, how special! I have a 12 week old, my second baby to breastfeeding, and I love nursing him so much. I stopped nursing my first born at 12 months b/c I wanted to get my period back so we could try for our second, but we don’t have plans for a third (at least, not soon), so I plan to nurse him past 12 months.

  17. Sheryl   sheryljesin

    What a sweet video!
    I love my 2 yr old son’s nursing proclamations, such as: I want some mommy milk… dis one empty…need some of dat one!
    A little while ago he told me that mommy’s milk tastes like ice cream. No wonder he likes it so much!

  18. Beautiful! I have hardly any pictures of Everett nursing and I am so disappointed with that. I guess it’s because I’m usually the one taking pictures. I love your video, it’s so sweet. With this next baby, I am going to make sure we have more pics and even video!

  19. Amber   unlikelymama

    So sweet. I really must get some video of Alexa before it’s too late. I used to love it when she would bat at me like she was trying to swim away :-)

  20. Dionna   CodeNameMama

    Thanks again everyone :) I really do encourage you to get nursing pictures and video – it is SO sweet to look back at that time! (Even if you’re looking at it with a wiggly toddler nursing on your lap)

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