Guilty Secrets

April 20th, 2010 by Dionna | 14 Comments
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goldfishI feel like sharing some guilty secrets today, and I’m really in the mood to hear yours. Here are two of my most recent ones:

  • Yesterday I went to Costco, and I purchased Goldfish crackers. Not the healthy Annie’s Bunnies crackers (which are equally as good), but the big economy size box of artificially flavored and colored Goldfish. Why? Because I have yet to find Annie’s in a big economy size box, and the price just doesn’t compare.
  • When we were cleaning the condo a few weeks ago, I put Kieran in disposables the whole time. My child, the one who normally cries “CLOTH, mama! I want CLOTH!” when I try to put disposables on him, turned into a completely different creature. Three days into the ordeal, he was reaching into the bag of hideously branded disposables and handing it to me. “Pull-up, mama! I want pull-up undies!” (Heh. Explore THAT, Dora.) (For anyone wondering, he is back to loving cloth. Actually, he would rather be naked at this point, but that’s a post for another day.)

So let’s have it, do you have any guilty secrets that you need to unload? Feel free to unburden your soul.

I actually have another guilty secret, but it turned into a post of its own. If you share a secret (in the comments of this post or by email) I will post my last guilty secret next week along with a list of your secrets with links to your sites (if you blog). I can also post your guilty secret anonymously – just email me your secret for inclusion.

14 Responses to:
"Guilty Secrets"

  1. the Grumbles   thegrumbles

    I still eat a baloney sandwich every day for lunch. The shame, the shame.

  2. I let my 9 month old watch tv (PBS kids shows) so that I can take a shower.

    *looking frantically for brown paper to put over my head*

  3. Ditto, Nicole. I have been letting Everett watch PBS or Sprout on Demand several days a week for a little while so i can get some rest or a shower. I want so badly to be a no-tv mom!

    And I bought Everett Looney Toons fruit snacks to take to school on his birthday… yes those yucky HFCS-artificially-flavored-and-colored junky “snacks.” I was embarrassed by the time we reached check out.

    Don’t worry, Di. We’ve had to go back to disposable pull-ups at night because Ev won’t wear his diapers to bed and leaks out of the cloth TPs even with a liner when he does pee. My last confession, I’ll put him in the same disposable pull-up two nights in a row (no more!) if he didnt’ pee in it at all. Gross?? Does anyone know a good alternative?

  4. Deborah @ Pure Mothers   PureMothers

    My almost 3 year old has had more sweets in the last month due to Easter and his Name Day celebration on Sunday. But, today I took him to lunch at a child-friendly cafe and I let him have a cupcake covered in green frosting today anyway. He gave me the biggest cuddle and said he loved me “so very much”. :-)

  5. AFWife

    I took my kid to the health food store to buy gluten free food for me, and when he had a meltdown (too tired/too hungry/too bored etc) I opened a box of cookies and fed them to him one by one. On top of that, I opened a box of Annies Organics fruit bunnies (because I could eat them and dangit I can’t just go through drive through if things get desperate) and fed him a pack of those. And then, because we both were exhausted from going to five (FIVE!!!) different grocery stores to track down all the gluten free stuff, I let him take a nap with me and he slept until 6:30.

    Can you guys tell it was just a terrible day all around :P ?

    I guess on the upside I now know that I can get everything at 2 stores 20 miles apart, so partial win?

  6. Amber   AmberStrocel

    I am going to absolve your guilt (a little) and let you know that Goldfish and Cheddar Bunnies are both coloured with Annatto, which is naturally-derived and used in Latin American and Caribbean cooking. I think that the primary difference between the two is that Annie’s uses organic flour and non-GMO ingredients, so the nutritional differences between the two are not really that huge.

    As for my guilty secret? My 20-month-old has like 5 words total, and one of them is ‘jellybean’. There’s no way I would have given his big sister jellybeans at this age, but this is the life of the 2nd child. At least I got them at Trader Joe’s, so they didn’t have artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  7. Secretly I wish I could dump the boyfriend, move back into a studio apartment and go back to not eating meat.

    OUCH. Don’t tell anyone that.

  8. Horrible person

    When I was younger, very poor and convinced that I would someday soon be much more wealthy (I’m not), I longed for nice, nice sheets. Of course, I couldn’t afford them, so I went to the department store and switched the price from one package of cheap sheets to a package of $100 sheets. Actually let’s be really honest- I did it to two sets. I payed for them as if they were $25 a set and did not get caught.
    And I still have them. And I still use them. And I love them. And I’m going to he’ll for it I know.

  9. Sarah

    lol – I feed my girls French fries (frozen and baked) several times a week. It’s fast and easy and well that’s about the only thing going for them. :p We top them with many different things – sometime taco stuff, sometimes pizza,but the base is still nothing but little fried, frozen and baked pieces of potato.

  10. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves)   ALotofLoves

    I gave my kids Kraft Dinner for dinner last night. They literally squealed with glee and excitement about eating such junky food for dinner and ate every last noodle. I don’t normally feed them that for dinner but I was tired. That is my most recent guilty secret.

  11. Heather   xakana

    Both of my girls get a cookie each when we go to the grocery store, every time. As I typed that, Lilly, who is watching t.v., called out “Cookie! I want a cookie!” So she’s also apparently developed a psychic alarm for the lovely baked goods.

    My BIG guilt though? I haven’t been able to stick to any healthy eating basically since I had Naomi. Every time I get into it, I seem to fall into another depressive cycle and get tired of taking care of myself :(

  12. Despite my come to Jesus moment about how much time I spend in front of my computer, I still spend many needless hours a day with this damn thing. It’s like that bad influence friend in high school that you yearn to have the strength to get rid of, but all the negative things she gives you an excuse to do are just too much fun to actually say adios.

  13. Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes   sheryljesin

    I love this post, and the comments. I’m all about healthy eating and eating real, whole foods…but once in a while I crave a Dairy Queen sundae! I know it’s full of artificial crap but it tastes soooo good! And I let Dylan eat it too!

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