Sweet Little Parenting Lies + Wordless Wednesday

May 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 7 Comments
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Did you read the awesome guest post by the Grumbles over here on Monday? It was all about lying to your kids. If you haven’t read it, please do. Then head on over to Grumbles & Grunts and read my guest post on a similar topic. And please leave me a comment! Have you ever lied to your kiddo? Tell me about it! We can all cleanse our souls together and vow to be honest from here on out.

And for your viewing pleasure (since you’re here anyway), check out what we have at our hummingbird feeders.

7 Responses to:
"Sweet Little Parenting Lies + Wordless Wednesday"

  1. debb   handpecked

    Wow, so glad Grumbles sent me over here.

    My mom gave up being a lawyer and became full time mom when she had me. It was something I could never understand growing up, why give up all the years of insane awesome schooling and work to be a stay home mom. How backwards!

    Now I love hearing about the choices women make and you are the first one I have encountered from similar career path. Between you and my mom, I can see why sometime ambition just does not equate being a mom.

    PS. good call on telling Kieran. A friend used the same music truck idea and then it backfired ten-fold when the grandparents unknowingly told the kids about ice cream truck and how the kids can pick out whatever they want and grandda will get it for them.


    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Debb – I had the same mindset as you, until I had Kieran :) My mom was always a SAHM, and growing up I wondered why she didn’t go back to school & find a career path. So I got as much school as I could! But priorities can definitely change. Now I’m wishing more lawyers saw the benefit in devoting as much time to family as they do to the law – I’d love to work part time as an attorney, but I haven’t found anyone who wants to work with me like that (yet).

  2. Marilyn   ALotofLoves

    I missed your guest post. I will check it out. Interesting to see a bird that is not a hummingbird sitting at a sugar water feeder.

  3. debb   handpecked

    I actually feel really bad for the disdain I had shown to my mom and other women upon hearing they left their field to go become a mom. I think once i got to the age and started hearing about infertility then it hit me how there’s the other side to the coin.


  4. We have them too! They’re orioles.

  5. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    Nice! I really want to set up some bird feeders to see what lovely guests we get!

  6. Ruth Ann

    Oh I Hope they are enjoying the grape jelly that you have to share with them now!!! Aren’t they gorgeous creatures? Can’t you just imagine how EXCITED Grandma would be to have Orioles visiting her house?

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