Celebrating the Nurturing Toddler

June 14th, 2010 by Dionna | 9 Comments
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2010-5-26 05

Kieran nurturing his baby cousin.

Amidst all of the chaos of the toddler and preschool years, underscoring the tantrums and the big emotions, overshadowing the tears and the whining, are the simple and sweet moments of pure love and selflessness of our children.

Our little ones get a bad rap sometimes. 1 Too often we are guilty of bemoaning the challenges of parenting two and three year olds instead of celebrating the joys of watching in wonder as our children teach us how to live, laugh, and love.

I was recently sick with a stomach bug that kept me in bed for the better part of two days. I cannot count the number of times Kieran came to me – sometimes with a little hand outstretched to pat my head or back, often with a bright-eyed smile and a story about what he’d been doing, and always with one question:

“You feel better, mama?”

His concern and caring were feverish in their intensity. He offered me “medicines,” food, water, snuggles, toys – anything that might help me feel normal. I honestly believe that his compassion helped pull me out of a nasty bug faster than I would have without him here.

He was never frustrated with me. He was exceedingly patient and kind. He was a gentle, nurturing soul.

God I love that kid.

How has your child nurtured YOU (or someone else) lately?

  1. Terrible Two’s, anyone? {shudder}

9 Responses to:
"Celebrating the Nurturing Toddler"

  1. Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes   sheryljesin

    This is a lovely post! Last wk we were having lunch with a friend and her 7 month old who started to cry. Dylan ran up to the baby and said I’m going to give the baby a kiss so he doesn’t cry anymore. It was so sweet!!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      That is so sweet! One time we were eating in a restaurant when Kieran saw a little girl fall out of her booth. She screamed and cried for several minutes, and Kieran kept saying “mama milk! She need mama milk!” He then lifted up my shirt to offer mine, since she wasn’t getting any ;)

  2. Daisy   TooTooDaisy

    Oh, I so love that you posted this. I sometimes feel alone in really believing that people, including very young people, are inherently good. An excellent book that makes this argument is The Brighter Side of Human Nature by Alfie Kohn. (I think it was one of the first major works that he wrote, so it’s very scholarly in style, not quite as accessible as his more recent writings. Still a great read.)

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      You’re not alone!! I completely agree that we are all inherently good. :) I will have to check out that book. I enjoyed Unconditional Parenting.

  3. Ruth Ann

    My daughters warm my heart and make my soul smile when I see them being such kind, loving mothers to their boys!!! Of course you want examples of children nurturing others and the best example I can think of is how you used to be with your Grandma Dion. You loved to be with her, to do things for her, and you just loved everything about her in general!!As SHE nurtured YOU….YOU nurtured her heart in more ways than you will ever know!!

  4. sara

    so sweet…
    no wonder he’s such a nurturing little guy – he’s got such a great, nurturing mama!

    xo sara

  5. Melodie   bfmom

    It sounds like that toddler of yours takes after his mama! :)

  6. MomAgain@40   karentoittoit

    Thanks for reminding us of the nurturing toddler. I also think that it is something the toddler sees the caregivers doing. The more nurturing, the more nurturing they will be.
    Because I have to make my toddler aware of compassion and sympathy towards other people.

  7. So sweet! If you do have another baby, Kieran is going to be a wonderful brother. Everett has done the same sort of things when I was sick and frets over Kellan, too, insisting on giving him mama milk when he’s upset. When we’re in the car and Kellan starts crying in his seat I can’t get to him so Everett offers him a binky, holds it in, and comforts him saying, “it’s okay, Kellan. Everett’s here.” I love it!

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