Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up

June 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 83 Comments
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EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is
breast feeding her baby w no coverup
then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/18/10

Oh? You are venturing into the parenting world, Kim? Please, share with us your childless wisdom.

My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing,
there’s nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/19/10

I am so grateful that Ms. Kardashian is taking it upon herself to instruct breastfeeding mamas everywhere on the proper way to cover up their breasts whilst feeding their children.

Since we obviously need a popular socialite to dictate acceptable nursing etiquette, I will show you now exactly how much cleavage Kim thinks is acceptable to show in public by nursing mothers:

Hmmm, that’s odd. I see more cleavage in Kim’s picture than I do by the breastfeeding moms in this one:

Babies 'n' boobs

Photo credit: jakekrohn on Flickr


Ok, let’s try a different one. Here’s one that (according to Kim) models the proper amount of cleavage exposure from breastfeeding moms:

Interesting. I’m still seeing more boob than I usually do when I see a mom nurse, like this:


Well, third time’s a charm they say, let’s try one more time. This one is much more modest, it’s obviously what Ms. Kardashian was thinking about when she was advising breastfeeding moms to cover up:

See? Much better. She is really trying to draw attention away from that scandalous breasty area in this one.


But honestly Kim, if you’re going to advise breastfeeding mothers how to nourish their children, you should really start practicing what you preach. Otherwise, people might think you are hypocritical.

Here’s our suggestion – why don’t you start walking around in public like this:

Kim Kardashian wearing a blanket

What? You don’t want to put a blanket over your cleavage? But that’s a cute Grecian look you have going there!
Oh, I see – you’re only concerned about breasts as they relate to their nutritive values. Well here, this look might be more appropriate:

Oh, come on. A blanket on your head isn’t that bad. You can still breathe, right? It’s not like you are eating in the bathroom or anything. Think about it, if you become the model for breastfeeding cover-up etiquette, you could be the catalyst for some real social change. Or at least the hottest new fashion trend!

I’m not sure the whole blanket thing will catch on with babies though . . .1

Or with toddlers, for that matter . . .

Oh, and Kourtney? You have every breastfeeding mama’s permission to tell your sister to take a flying leap once your baby starts throwing the blanket off. We support your right to nurse in public with or without a cover.

  1. Thank you for the extremely helpful instructional video, Allison! Check out more of Allison’s awesomeness at her blog: Goofy Mama. Do it!

83 Responses to:
"Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up"

  1. the sad thing is that this woman has bought into her own body only being viewed as an object of lust. that is clear by how she dresses and how she chooses to reveal herself, etc. she has no comprehension of what our bodies are designed to do and be used for. i mostly feel sad for her.

  2. Darcel   mahoganywaymama

    I was cracking up reading through your post. Love the pics of her with the nursing cover. Very clever.
    Then I saw the nursing etiquette video, and thought ‘Hey that’s Allison! I know her in real life’

  3. Kate, aka guavalicious   guavalicious

    So annoyed that this is still an issue. Babies need to eat. Breasts were made for baby feeding. It’s not unnatural, it’s not gross, it’s not exposing yourself. Argh!

    And note to Kim, I showed less tandem feeding my twins in public than you are showing in the above pictures.

  4. So true. Well put.

  5. Forgotten   TwinsMa

    From one breastfeeding mom to you, you are awesome! I loved this and will be sending everyone I know to read it. Thank you!

  6. Katherine   naturalparent

    LOL!! Love this post – and it’s all so true.

  7. Jen Hajer   thenextmartha

    I could never use a blanket to cover. It always fell down and my babies just pulled them off anyways. Not sure why Kim feels that her rack is better than mine. Mine totally fed a child exclusively. Hers more or less feeds the minds of penis. Wait, do they have minds?

  8. ThePeachy1   IamThePeachy1

    A million years ago I was a breastfeeding mom. No one ever said anything. However I do take issue to changing your child’s diaper on public surfaces. I perfected the change in my lap technique and would NEVER do that in the open and especially in a restaurant where people were eating.

    • T Snyder

      I actually agree about changing on public surfaces. HOWEVER there are a 2 restaurants near me that my husband & I have been regulars at for years prior to baby #1. They both claim to be “family-friendly” yet do not have a changing table.

      After I had my son almost 14 months ago we went into both of them within the 1st month…at which point I realized there wasn’t a changing table. I mentioned it to both of the managers on duty and was told by both of them that they were getting them “any day now.” Well, over a year later and they still don’t have them.

      I don’t change my son at the table with food but I will take him to an out of the way table without other diners around and place a large receiving blanket & then his changing pad down. I also have continuously said something to the managers and now they just ignore the request all together.

      It’s crap. Would either of them sit on the floor or touch the floor. Yeah, right.

  9. Monica

    you. rock.

    DD (9) was also confused how someone with so much chest showing could possibly object to nursing without a coverup. lol-when even the children get it…… :p


  10. Annie @ PhD in Parenting   phdinparenting

    This is great!

  11. Judy @ MommyNewsBlog   MommyNews

    Love it!! Great post!!

  12. Michele

    I wonder whether her comments were more aobut the lady changing the’ diaper ‘ on the table. I don;t mind seeing women breastfeeding but changing ‘diapers’ on tables is disgusting

  13. BethanyBob   bethanybob

    Man, and I was just saying how the breastfeeding sister blew away my misconceptions of their family. Scratch that. I stand by my original assessment, which is not fit to print.

  14. It confuses the issue that the woman then changed her baby’s diaper on a restaurant table, which is ACTUALLY inappropriate.

    My 5 y.o. dd and I were laughing out loud at your post – what clever illustrations of her immodesty versus breastfeeding. And the cover-up is too clever!

    Thanks for this – it’s perfect!

    • spacestarfish

      thank you tiffany, someone needed to address the issue of changing the diaper. NOT COOL. When it comes to breast feeding in public, I am all for it..

      • Ahmie

        Actually, my HUSBAND is the one more likely to plop our baby on a table & change him in public – it’s a sign of protest when he does it because it means the establishment doesn’t have a changing table in the men’s room. I’m physically disabled with mobility issues, I breastfeed in public almost anytime I’m in public right now (6wk old baby, our 3rd, first two breastfed in public until they got to around 20lbs & were on solids, then I’d distract them until I could get somewhere with good arm support to breastfeed them – they both pretty much weaned when they were about 2.5yrs old, now 6 and 3 years old).

        Establishments are getting better about having changing tables in women’s bathrooms but many don’t also put them in the men’s. That’s sexism that pisses my sons’ father off ;) I handle input, he handles output!

      • Shauna

        Ahmie, I’ve lived in Europe for the past 4 or 5 years and have regularly seen men walk straight into the Women’s restrooms to change a babies diaper. Not one person (male or female) is phased by it.

  15. Love this, especially the video of mommy struggling with baby and SIGNING. I love to see a mom so in tune with her baby that even at this age they can communicate so well. Keep it up. In the meantime, does anyone actually go to the Kardashians as a model for how to live???

  16. Sharni   Sharnanigans

    Love it. I shared this on my facebook page. Well said.


  17. Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes   sheryljesin

    This is hilarious! Great job! I love how it’s acceptable in her mind to be a playboy model but not to nurse a baby in a restaurant. What’s wrong with our world?

  18. Carrie   mrshart03

    Oh, yeah, you are so right on with this post. :) I bf in public all the time and usually cover up, but only because I am just a super-ultra-modest person and would never want to make any of my husband’s friends feel awkward, but that doesn’t mean that I think everyone else should cover up. And it is getting more difficult now that my dd is almost 6 months old & using her hands a lot! I love the comparison with the pictures – why are those kinds of pictures acceptable in a newsstand but we’re all up in arms about breastfeeding in public???

  19. Amber   AmberStrocel

    I love this post. Rock on, Dionna!

  20. Now, that is hilarious!

  21. Summer   summerminor

    I was so close to making the same blog post, but yours is too perfect to top. Not even with a blanket. ;)

  22. Meg   kiwimeg

    Loved this post! I’ve never understood this whole ‘thing’ about having to cover up when feeding bubs – and to have it come from someone who makes a living by flaunting her breasts makes it all the more ridiculous!

  23. raegan

    LOVE THIS, Dionna! (I’m the one in the red shirt nursing my then-6-month-old.)

  24. Thanks for checking out my blog and for plugging the video. Your blog is awesome, BTW!

  25. Krystal

    LAUGHING OUT LOUD! This post cracks me up!

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