Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up

June 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 83 Comments
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EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is
breast feeding her baby w no coverup
then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/18/10

Oh? You are venturing into the parenting world, Kim? Please, share with us your childless wisdom.

My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing,
there’s nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/19/10

I am so grateful that Ms. Kardashian is taking it upon herself to instruct breastfeeding mamas everywhere on the proper way to cover up their breasts whilst feeding their children.

Since we obviously need a popular socialite to dictate acceptable nursing etiquette, I will show you now exactly how much cleavage Kim thinks is acceptable to show in public by nursing mothers:

Hmmm, that’s odd. I see more cleavage in Kim’s picture than I do by the breastfeeding moms in this one:

Babies 'n' boobs

Photo credit: jakekrohn on Flickr


Ok, let’s try a different one. Here’s one that (according to Kim) models the proper amount of cleavage exposure from breastfeeding moms:

Interesting. I’m still seeing more boob than I usually do when I see a mom nurse, like this:


Well, third time’s a charm they say, let’s try one more time. This one is much more modest, it’s obviously what Ms. Kardashian was thinking about when she was advising breastfeeding moms to cover up:

See? Much better. She is really trying to draw attention away from that scandalous breasty area in this one.


But honestly Kim, if you’re going to advise breastfeeding mothers how to nourish their children, you should really start practicing what you preach. Otherwise, people might think you are hypocritical.

Here’s our suggestion – why don’t you start walking around in public like this:

Kim Kardashian wearing a blanket

What? You don’t want to put a blanket over your cleavage? But that’s a cute Grecian look you have going there!
Oh, I see – you’re only concerned about breasts as they relate to their nutritive values. Well here, this look might be more appropriate:

Oh, come on. A blanket on your head isn’t that bad. You can still breathe, right? It’s not like you are eating in the bathroom or anything. Think about it, if you become the model for breastfeeding cover-up etiquette, you could be the catalyst for some real social change. Or at least the hottest new fashion trend!

I’m not sure the whole blanket thing will catch on with babies though . . .1

Or with toddlers, for that matter . . .

Oh, and Kourtney? You have every breastfeeding mama’s permission to tell your sister to take a flying leap once your baby starts throwing the blanket off. We support your right to nurse in public with or without a cover.

  1. Thank you for the extremely helpful instructional video, Allison! Check out more of Allison’s awesomeness at her blog: Goofy Mama. Do it!

83 Responses to:
"Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up"

  1. Heather @ CSAHM   hbixler03

    Ironic – I don’t know whether to be MAD or feel sorry for the poor girl…

  2. OH, wow, Kim… did you just use the word ‘eww’ and ‘breastfeeding’ in the same sentence? Really, eww? Wow.

    Loved your take on this – good post!

  3. What, the sex tape goddess thinks NIP is gross? There really is no response fit to print…

  4. J @ Alternative Housewife   AltHousewife

    I posted about this on my blog as well, but I especially love your great illustration! That said, I have no problem with the way Kim dresses – I show plenty of cleavage myself – but at her hypocrisy and the ridiculous idea that a BABY should be uncomfortable so that an ADULT doesn’t have to make the effort of averting their eyes.

    I think perhaps the mom in question had pulled her breast UP and out of her shirt, which would show the most skin. On TV, full breasts are shown with the nipples pixelated, and I’m assuming it is the full breast ~with nipple~ that offends people. Because, you know, we don’t all have nipples.

  5. Melodie   bfmom

    You’re so cheeky Dionna. I love it!

  6. Obviously she’s very uneducated when it comes to this subject, and it’s sad that in her own life she’s not been fortunate enough to be exposed to the natural beauty of a mama nursing and nurturing her child without having to hide. I can understand because I used to have the same views as she, I was so fortunate to have some major turning points in my life that led to my love for attachment parenting and nursing.

    She obviously needs to be re educated by some loving people who can do so without putting her down for her point of view, the minute we condemn her for her opinions she naturally has to prove herself correct.

    Much love to all of you!

  7. sam

    you forgot the ‘adult tape’ that miss kardashian is a participant in where you allegedly see a lot more what you do when a baby is being bf – cover up if you feel comfortable otherwise i still maintain i show less breast than any teeny bopper you see at the beach in a bikini.

  8. Thanks for this post. I hope you don’t mind I’ve done one and linked to here.

  9. Jay

    your ridiculous.
    stop hating on kim, so what she has an opinion different then yours?
    if you don’t like her, then stop having to look and read what she tweets.
    do something else with your life besides posting blogs or whatever despising on her. seriously.
    stop being jealous :)
    and in a restaurant it is kind of gross to be breast feeding while people are eating.
    go into a rest room or out in your car.
    thanks. :)

    • Kelley

      I AGREE 100%! and this is 32 week pregnant women talking!!! I don’t want to sit and eat ice cream while the women in front of me is breastfeeding her kid without some type of cover up…

      • Jem   jemjabella

        I don’t want to see you eat ice cream in public! It’s disgusting, and should be done in private. If you HAVE to eat ice cream when you go out, please use a cover or do it in a bathroom!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Jay (and anyone who follows with the same sentiment – all future ignorant comments will be deleted after this representative one) – thank you for visiting. If you happen to return, I’d love for you to check out the post entitled “Breastfeeding and Bathrooms Don’t Mix.”
      You are free to go to the bathroom or your car to eat your meal if a woman breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable. We’ll even let you sit back down at your table once she’s done :)
      thanks. :)

      • Kelley

        Ummm Dionna..I would like to know why my comment..which is my opinion is ignorant? So your telling me your opinion is correct and true? Why is your opinion correct and true and my opinion isn’t? BTW..why should I subject myself to seeing a breastfeeding women breastfeed in a restuarant where people eat and then proceed to change their child on the table??

      • Dionna   CodeNameMama

        Kelley – I was referring to Jay’s recommendation to nurse in a bathroom. I should have been more clear.
        No, I don’t think my opinion is any more valid than yours. I do, however, think that a baby’s right to eat takes precedence over an adult’s right to not see a woman breastfeeding.
        And this post has nothing to do with the woman changing her child on the table.

  10. Daisy   TooTooDaisy

    Oh, this is my laugh of the day! That video is hysterical (and accurate). I was a shy nurser at first — I had a premie, latching was a bitch, and my early experiences also involved my MIL with her nose inches from my breasts checking out her darling grandson. ( Finally got hubby to nip that one in the bud.) Eventually I grew into it and it was easier to nurse in public but i never even attempted to complicate matters more with various complicated covering techniques. Another question — would our prude protestant public prefer hearing a hungry and screaming baby in confined quarters or suffer the image of a quietly nursing mom? Easier to turn your head than to tune out an unhappy babe.

  11. H

    I am so tired of the word breastfeeding being used in the same sentence as “eww” or “gross” or “disgusting.” And I am really disapointed that one of my favorite people have done this. I agree the diaper changing thing is kinda gross (although I have probably done it out of desperation). But to comment as though the breastfeeding is gross is OUT OF LINE Kim. You’re still one of my favorite people as I know you have no clue what you’re talking about. But someday, you probably will.

    I posted a photo of me nursing here and you can’t even see it. You might also do well to read all the comments other mothers left about their own breastfeeding experience.



  12. Cynthia

    What a clever post! Great photoshopping, too. Who says lactivists don’t have a sense of humor?

  13. Kelley

    I am going to disagree..I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I am so sick and tired of the issue of breastfeeding shoved in my face to make me feel horrible that I choose to bottle feed my child that is issue one that I have. I have a right to choose either the breast or formula, but I continue to get unwanted and unsolicited advice in my face about information on breastfeeding! Another thing..I do not want to walk into a mall or anywhere else that is a public setting and see breastfeeding women not covered up, it is the sole action of it that I turn my head. Isn’t anything done in private anymore now adays? “IF” and thats a huge IF, i decided to breastfeed, that is my private time with my child, not to show the world, hey look, i’m breastfeeding my kid! I’m sorry, I just don’t agree!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Kelley – I am sorry that you feel bad when the issue of breastfeeding comes up, but I promise you that the vast majority of breastfeeding mothers aren’t trying to criticize those who choose formula. Yes, we want to educate mothers about the best nutrition for babies, yes we want to empower mothers to at least give breastfeeding a try (and to proudly nurse in public, with or without a cover). Yes we want to help improve infant and maternal health outcomes by increasing the percentage of babies who are breastfed.
      And you are correct – breastfeeding is not always done in private. A baby needs to eat when he is hungry – and it is common for babies to get hungry in all kinds of places – malls, grocery stores, skating rinks, baseball stadiums. Thankfully, federal and (most) state laws specifically protect a breastfeeding child’s right to eat wherever and whenever they need to, covered or uncovered. It is much easier for an adult to look away than it is for a mother with her hands full to find someplace “private” to nurse.
      Thank you for respecting a child’s right to comfort and nourishment at the best place possible – his mother’s breast.

    • Lindsey

      If you do not want to see a breastfeeding woman uncovered, don’t go out. IF you breastfeed your child, you will eat your words. How about every time your child needs a bottle you go into the bathroom? Do you realize how often a baby eats? If this is your second child you must. Why would you want another mother to have to basically stay home until she weans her child? or even worse, feed her child in a public restroom?

      Breast are for feeding a child, that is their ONLY purpose. If you choose to bottle feed that is your choice but, as much as you hate unsolicited advice on breastfeeding i HATE women who down on breastfeeding mothers.

    • Cynthia


      It’s too bad that you’ve been made to feel bad about your choices. I’m sorry that You’ve received unsolicited advice. For what it’s worth, I think all parents and parents-to-be go through that experience with–it happens with feeding choices, methods to calm a fussy baby, even what name you choose for you own child!

      It’s interesting that you think of a child’s eating as “private.” I assume that you don’t think eating is private for an older child or an adult. At what age does the change take place? When does eating stop being a private affair? The reality is that most women have obligations in addition to mothering. In order to lead that life, a breastfeeding mother will eventually need to nurse outside the home. I’ve chosen not to seclude myself. My baby has gotten hungry on an airplane, while my husband and I were financing our car, while I bought groceries, while I listened to an music in a park at an outdoor concert. What do I do? I feed her!

      She’s only 7-months will NOT tolerate anything covering her face, particular on a 90 degree day in a park where there are so many interesting things to observe around her.

    • T Snyder

      Not to sound bitchy, but grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

      It’s about what is best for that particular mother & child AND that they are allowed by law to eat/feed anywhere you eat or feed yourself. Are you going to throw yourself under any sort of blanket to eat? If for some reason you do, then I apologize for my comment.

  14. CurlyMonkey   curlymonkey_

    Ha ha, great post! :))))

  15. paola

    ok, if a baby must covered up when he’s eating, every time I go to the restaurant, I’ll cover my head to eat…

  16. Totally fab post!! am linking to it on my FB page…LOVE IT!!

  17. Totally fab post!! am linking to it on my FB page, I LOVE IT!

  18. I LOVE IT! great blog! NONE of my 4 children would let me put blanket over them while they nursed. (can’t say I blame them…) And back when my 14 yr old was a baby and nursing it was waaaaaay worse! I once got booted out of a California State building for breastfeeding! Thank goodness things are changing, now there are nursing rooms and places to go sit instead of the bathroom for those moms that are not into breastfeeding in public places. Although I will still whip out a boob to feed my hungry baby no matter where I am, no matter who wants to watch… ;)

  19. fantastic post, Dionna. I’m sharing it on FB right away!

  20. steve

    Does anyone care what a talentless pornstar (Kardashian) says about literally anything. I am not being misogynistic, that’s what she is.

    Breastfeeding is normal and harmless, people need to grow up or otherwise be ignored.

  21. paola

    Ah, I want to say a thing, in “defense” of this woman: nothing to say about breastfeeding in public (it’s natural), but it’s not very polite to change the diaper on the restaurant’s table…

  22. Kim has being a hypocrite covered, if not her cleavage. Love this post!

  23. Jessica - This is Worthwhile   tisworthwhile

    This is the best post I read all week about her comments. I was wishing someone would highlight her own fashion choices like you did because it’s RIDICULOUS! I mean, she makes a living off of her voluptuousness (mainly those breasts and ass of hers). It’s just laughable that she’d find a baby nursing (and possibly a nip-slip) so offensive. No one ever rails on a starlet when her nipple shows. Why is it so different when a baby is present??

  24. Jem   jemjabella

    Haha, this post is way better than mine (on the same subject). Love the blanket pics.

  25. Beck   beckfromfrogandtoad


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