Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up

June 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 83 Comments
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EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is
breast feeding her baby w no coverup
then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/18/10

Oh? You are venturing into the parenting world, Kim? Please, share with us your childless wisdom.

My sister breast feeds! Its a natural beautiful thing,
there’s nothing wrong w it, but she covers herself, not w her boobs exposed

~Playboy Model Kim Kardashian via Twitter 6/19/10

I am so grateful that Ms. Kardashian is taking it upon herself to instruct breastfeeding mamas everywhere on the proper way to cover up their breasts whilst feeding their children.

Since we obviously need a popular socialite to dictate acceptable nursing etiquette, I will show you now exactly how much cleavage Kim thinks is acceptable to show in public by nursing mothers:

Hmmm, that’s odd. I see more cleavage in Kim’s picture than I do by the breastfeeding moms in this one:

Babies 'n' boobs

Photo credit: jakekrohn on Flickr


Ok, let’s try a different one. Here’s one that (according to Kim) models the proper amount of cleavage exposure from breastfeeding moms:

Interesting. I’m still seeing more boob than I usually do when I see a mom nurse, like this:


Well, third time’s a charm they say, let’s try one more time. This one is much more modest, it’s obviously what Ms. Kardashian was thinking about when she was advising breastfeeding moms to cover up:

See? Much better. She is really trying to draw attention away from that scandalous breasty area in this one.


But honestly Kim, if you’re going to advise breastfeeding mothers how to nourish their children, you should really start practicing what you preach. Otherwise, people might think you are hypocritical.

Here’s our suggestion – why don’t you start walking around in public like this:

Kim Kardashian wearing a blanket

What? You don’t want to put a blanket over your cleavage? But that’s a cute Grecian look you have going there!
Oh, I see – you’re only concerned about breasts as they relate to their nutritive values. Well here, this look might be more appropriate:

Oh, come on. A blanket on your head isn’t that bad. You can still breathe, right? It’s not like you are eating in the bathroom or anything. Think about it, if you become the model for breastfeeding cover-up etiquette, you could be the catalyst for some real social change. Or at least the hottest new fashion trend!

I’m not sure the whole blanket thing will catch on with babies though . . .1

Or with toddlers, for that matter . . .

Oh, and Kourtney? You have every breastfeeding mama’s permission to tell your sister to take a flying leap once your baby starts throwing the blanket off. We support your right to nurse in public with or without a cover.

  1. Thank you for the extremely helpful instructional video, Allison! Check out more of Allison’s awesomeness at her blog: Goofy Mama. Do it!

83 Responses to:
"Kardashian’s Call to Cover Up"

  1. Beck   beckfromfrogandtoad

    One of my aunts once suggested that my (modestly) nursing baby nurse in the bathroom during a family meal. I offered to go if she would bring her plate and join us there.
    For some reason she declined…

  2. Farmacia Pozzi   allattamento

    @genitorichannel has done an italian version of this post :-)If you are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/farmaciapozzi

  3. Alexis Franklin

    Sooo a chick who is famous for getting naked and screwing her boyfriend on video is telling women what is/isn’t appropriate?? Awesome. Keep it klassy Kim.

  4. I just mentioned this on a post I wrote about the subject. What a great way to make your point – I only wish Kim could see it!

  5. Acrophile

    OMG!!! I can’t believe her audacity! She goes around exposing her breasts as toys and she has the GALL to be grossed-out by breasts being used for their natural primary purpose? I am appalled at her. Appalled. Of all people, a Playboy model – A PLAYBOY MODEL!! – shoud be the LAST person on earth to tell ANYONE what to do with a breast!!!!!! Yeah, Kim. Let’s just make the whole world worse, and perpetuate the idea that a woman’s body is built for no better purpose than to be looked-at or touched as a bleepin’ TOY! ARGH!!!

  6. Kendea

    I agree, I have 6 children (4 of whom I breastfed, the younger two are adopted so that wasn’t an option) and have no problems with people breastfeeding anywhere and don’t understand anyone who does. But the bigger issue here is the woman then changed her baby’s DIAPER on the TABLE where people EAT! That is repulsive. There are changing areas in every restroom and if you think they’re dirty, keep antibacterial wipes in your bag and wipe them down! You love your baby, but no-one else wants to see/smell what comes out of them, esp. when they are eating (or at the airport on the floor next to the gate, next to a public pool, on a bench in a mall, etc) Come on people have some sense!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Yeah, changing on a table was very questionable. Of course we don’t know what that mother was going through. I’ve been in plenty of restaurants with no changing table. And if she was in LA, she might not have had a car (and I know there were probably other options: her lap, maybe in the foyer of the restaurant, my point is just that we don’t know).

  7. Chris

    You see, if Kim was wearing a blanket over her head while eating her meal (just like she prefers babies do), she wouldn’t have even noticed the nursing session! There was a clip on The Soup of her sister waxing her other sister’s bikini area on their kitchen counter; the whole family is obviously not big on modesty or cleanliness.

  8. Danielle   mrsdeluxe

    Luckily, it’s a matter of OPINION. And we’re all allowed to have one :) And mine is that its not appropriate to fully expose your breast in public to feed your child nor is it appropriate to change your child’s dirty diaper at a restaurant table. I think Kim meant well. Why don’t we all stop harping…

  9. singlemom

    I find it sad that women choose not to breastfeed without a medical condition preventing it.
    When women choose to give artificial milk to their babies just for the heck of it, they are choosing to be selfish and put their children’s needs in the back burner.
    And Kim, I love their show and I hope she was referring to the diaper changing and not the breastfeeding.

  10. Suzanne

    When I was nursing my babies (in public) in the 1970s and ’80s things were pretty much the same. A woman sued McDonalds and won because an employee had ordered her to leave the booth in which she was discreetly nursing her baby and nurse in the bathroom. As if secreting milk were equivalent to excreting feces? Yes, Allison, women should nurse in public and have happier, quieter babies and a more balanced view of women’s bodies.

  11. Love this post, lol. SHE needs to cover up. SHE is obscene.

  12. Jane Thompson

    As a mother who nursed four babies, and now a grandmother of 7, all of them breastfeed, I have to tell you it’s one of the few “natural” activites left in our county. In other countries women breastfeed openly. What made our country believe breasts belong only to men?

  13. Sarrah

    Thank you for this post, I breast fed both of my children and it’s incredibly sad how some people think it’s OK, and natural to parade around with tons of cleavage, but for a mother to nurse in public (clearly not showing as much breast)is wrong… It’s not sexual, it’s natural… One time in a mall I sat down and nursed my son, he was like the baby in this video(he hated being covered up) I got some of the rudest looks from people. What was worst was when a WOMAN came up to me and asked why I didn’t just go do that in the restroom… I answered her by saying, “Do you want to eat your lunch sitting on the toilet?” Having said this…I agree changing a diaper on the table is a bit unsanitary, but lots of places don’t have changing tables, so… I think the best way to handle that is the chair or booth, or perhaps if there is a big enough counter in the bathroom.

  14. Nina

    I just stumbled across this and had to laugh so hard the cover up over me fell of.Oh I forgot to mention I use a cover up to surf the internet. LOL
    People are so silly! Making a normal thing like feeding your baby something to be ashamed of!

  15. Nina

    I hope every one has a happy world breastfeeding week next week ;-)

  16. mrs.williams

    I personally have no problem with a woman breastfeeding in public, but putting your child up on a table where other people eat and changing them is rather unsanitary..c’mon people get up and walk to the rest room or do it in the car.

    I do however disagree with people like I once saw breastfeeding in public who just pull their shirts completely down and have one breast exposed to the public while the other is being used for nursing, I am a breastfeeding mother myself and I was always more discreet than that the times I choose to public feed which for me and I understand a lot of other people doesn’t come as comfortable to some as it does others, so lets not bash people that do cover up or reccoment it, everyone is intitled to their opinion.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I do think that the women who expose both breasts are incredibly few and far between. I’ve personally never seen “too much” skin exposed (this coming from someone who has worn a nursing tank top every day since my child was born, in an effort to be more “discreet”).

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