The Joys of Breastfeeding a Toddler #14

June 30th, 2010 by Dionna | 8 Comments
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Today I am pleased to host a guest post by Heather. Heather (MZ), Mama of Elli (almost 5) and Sam (2 1/2), is completely enjoying motherhood. A civil rights attorney who is blessed to work a reasonable schedule, she enjoys writing, yoga, and much too much caffeine. Here is her breastfeeding guest post:

Oh my dearest Beebers,

In one week (1!), you will be two and a half.  Who said you could do that?  Hmm?  Because it was not your mama.  No way.

You are a constant surprise, the flip side of your sister’s coin.  Where she clung to me, you run off to adventure, where she cried at the drop of a hat, you patiently absorb and move on, and where she painted and quietly explored, you wreck havoc and announce your presence always.  And while she weaned, with a push from Mama at two, you stubbornly persist, pushing right back, insisting on your nursies and Mama milk, claiming your birthright in an irresistible way.  Perhaps I could guide you to weaning now.  Perhaps I am guiding you to wean now, when I hand you over to Daddy to snuggle in the middle of the night when I no longer want to meet your 3 am demands, but oh it is a bittersweet passage to think of.

You, who could be my last little nursling, rubbing my arm, playing with my hair, for a brief moment in time, fully content, a body in motion at rest, are still my baby, despite the gangliness of your longer limbs, and your ability to articulate, “No mama, not done yet, there’s still milk!”  But your demands are slowly becoming easier to put off, my desire to be present with your sister winning out more often.  You no longer ask as soon as we are reunited in the afternoon, still so happy to see me, and yet content to return to whatever activity occupied you before I walked into the room.  But as soon as I sit down in the big brown chair, your little toddler self finds me, crawling up and snuggling, your pudgy hand on my chest, “Mama nurse me, please?”

Beebers what’s your favorite color?  “All the colors Mama.”  Who’s your favorite lovey?  “Quack quack Mama.”  What’s your favorite car?  “Lightening McQueen!”  What’s your favorite drink?  “Nursies Mama, Nursies!”

Of course Beebers.  Today, I say of course.  For a little while longer, I’ll relish the moments while I can, enjoying the in-between (being in the to/not to wean) days – not quite babe, not quite a child – always and forever my love.

Happy half birthday my baby!  Two and a half, what a lovely age on you.


Breastfeeding a toddler (or a preschooler!) is full of laughter, joys, and heartbreaking tenderness. I am publishing a series of posts dedicated to the beauty of nursing toddlers in an effort to normalize this healthy and beneficial nursing relationship.

But this isn’t just about me – I want to hear YOUR joys. If you are nursing a toddler (or have in the past), please contact me and tell me about your favorite moments. I will include them in the series and credit you, your site, or post it anonymously if you so desire.

8 Responses to:
"The Joys of Breastfeeding a Toddler #14"

  1. MomAgain@40   karentoittoit

    This is a beautiful post. I’ve got a tear in my eye. It is very precious to be able to nurse a toddler!

  2. Annie

    Love this post! I’m nursing my turning-3-in-9-days little boy, and it is still so sweet (even when I’d like him to stop waking up at night to nurse!). This post made me tear up too–the love comes through so well in your words. One of my favorite contentment signals is when he rolls his eyes back in his head when he gets started. :) It’s so clear nursing is still so soothing for him right now, even as he’s turning 3.

  3. Our Sentiments   oursentiments

    My little one is not so little and turned 3 this pass April. She is still hanging on strong too, and I encourage her to nurse. There are times like last night when she rolled back and forth on the bed. I asked if she wanted to nurse, she said, “No, Mama, I go to sleep here”. It’s bitter sweet to have that feeling of there is hope, but in the same intake of breath, it holds. Babies grow up way too fast.

  4. Rebecca

    I love you heather.

  5. Tracy

    Gorgeous post. Go Heather. Go Beebers. And Elli and Daddy, too. Beautiful family.

  6. OH that made me cry. I have an almost 2 year old and I can relate so much to this post. Beautiful words.

  7. mz

    Thank you so much ladies. It is so wonderful to share my joy, so sharply focused because I know this time won’t last. It will be gone in a blink. Nursing to the toddler phase, through the toddler phase, extends the blink somewhat. Keeps the knowledge that he is a baby fresher somehow. Elli starts kindergarten this fall, and I think, but how can this be? How can this be? And I know, I know, that when they move to college, when I dance at their weddings, and when my first grandchildren are born, I will still be wondering, awestruck, how can this be? Weren’t you just the bean in my tummy? Weren’t you just born? Did I not just dance with you on my hip? These inbetween days, where I can get his constant on the go self to slow for a moment to nurse, are exactly what one of the other posters said, “the hindmilk” of the nursing experiance.

  8. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us!! What a treasure!

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