Does 106.3 FM Support Breastfeeding Mothers?

July 8th, 2010 by Dionna | 58 Comments
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We are wrapping up our first ever Carnival of Nursing in Public tomorrow over at I have loved reading every single one of the posts, and I am incredibly enthusiastic about the changes we’ll be making through our advocacy efforts. If you believe in the rights of breastfeeding mothers, please “like” on Facebook, subscribe to our RSS feed (or by email), and follow us on Twitter. You may also want to consider contributing an article about breastfeeding education/advocacy.

You can also find breastfeeding state law cards at tomorrow – I will link to them from here too. Order extra and hand them out to every breastfeeding mother you see!

Lisa Rollins of NewsRadio Word 106.3 FM is “disgusted” by breastfeeding mothers

Lisa Rollins of 106.3 FM

On a less positive note, I was troubled by a radio segment aired by NewsRadio Word 106.3 FM out of South Carolina. The station’s morning talk show host/news anchor Lisa Rollins recently had some insensitive remarks for all breastfeeding mothers. It seems Ms. Rollins is “disgusted” by breastfeeding, and she feels that all breastfeeding mothers should be more “discreet.”

What is Ms. Rollins’ definition of discreet? Would she like women to cover up? Wear nursing tanks? Nope. She doesn’t want to even have to imagine the act of breastfeeding – she wants us to stay out of every public area. Ms. Rollins would rather us nurse on a toilet (yes, she said that would be better than nursing in public). She would rather us go out to our car in 100 degree heat (yes, she said that would be better than nursing in public). She would rather us stay at home (yes, she said that would be better than nursing in public).

On the flip side, I was incredibly proud of the way her co-host, Lonzo, refuted her inanity. He answered each of her objections with solid points. Thank you, Lonzo!

If you listen to the show, her rant starts a little before the 6 minute mark and continues for quite awhile (there are several commercial breaks). If you don’t want to listen, I transcribed and posted the first ten minutes or so of Ms. Rollins’ segment below (it’s about 95% accurate without all the “um’s” and “uh’s” ).

So what can you do?

Email the radio station’s program director, Bob McLain (bmclain (at) entercom (dot) com). Email Rollins herself (lrollins (at) entercom (dot) com). Let them know that breastfeeding in public is normal, it is acceptable, and it is beautiful.

And let’s try to be more sensitive and polite than Rollins was. Yes, Ms. Rollins is entitled to her opinion, but is it responsible of 106.3 FM to broadcast her discriminatory views to the public? How many women might be discouraged from nursing in public (or breastfeeding at all) because they’re afraid to run into someone like Ms. Rollins? Let’s stand in solidarity for our breastfeeding sisters in South Carolina.

I have sent my own email to Mr. McLain, you can read it in its entirety at Feel free to copy portions of it for your own letter. You can download and personalize the customizable letter here.

Transcription of Lisa Rollins’ remarks about breastfeeding in public (July 6, 2010)

5:50ish mark on July 6, 2010:

Lisa: I know that sometimes I talk about things that are not always appealing to men, and so I’m trying to do better with that. But you know I just I’ve gotta tell you all about something. . . . I’ll just tell you. Saturday, yesterday, we went to Chic Fil A. . . . Sat down, I was waiting for my husband to pay and bring the food. My daughter and I were sitting there and looked over and it was a woman who was breastfeeding. She had just walked in, because I saw her walk in. She walked in, she passed us, she went and sat in a booth, actually not a booth they have tables there rather than enclosed booths. We were in the one at Cherrydale. She sat down and she started breastfeeding her baby. So my daughter looked over at me and she went, “mom, see that lady over there?” And I said, “you know, could she not have done this in the car? I mean, she was on the way here, couldn’t she have, you know, while they were driving there, just breastfeed the baby?” And my daughter went “I knew you’d hate that.”

Yeah I do, I hate it. I just don’t understand why in a public place you want to – and she was covered by the baby’s head, you know her shirt was partially – I just, to me it was sorta just in such bad taste. And I know it’s just me, I guess, but is anybody out there as turned off by public breastfeeding as am I? Listen I know God gave’em  to you for that purpose and wonderful, and it’s healthy and it’s the best thing to do for your child, and I understand it’s healthy for the mother as well. I just think that there should be laws – and in South Carolina there are none, no laws about this, that women should not breastfeed in a public area, and especially in a restaurant. For goodness sakes. Listen let her go to the ladies room. Let her go, our church has a breastfeeding room.

Lonzo: Can I ask you a question? Would you have noticed her if your daughter hadn’t pointed her out?

Lisa: Yes. Oh yeah, I do notice things like that. But my daughter knew that I find that to be disgusting. I just don’t see a reason for it. If she had time to, and then I thought maybe the baby was sleeping in the car on the way here, and awoke right when they walked in, I don’t know. You know you could have sat there for five or ten or however many minutes it takes to do so in the privacy of your vehicle. And then I thought also, it is 100 dadgum degrees. There’s just something about it. . . . It just bothers me, and I know that I’m probably one of the very few, if maybe the only one, but this is something that I find to be in poor taste, and I guess maybe it was because of the way I was raised, there are just some things you don’t do in public. Why is this not indecent exposure? And I don’t mean that she had her breast out and that you could really see it, but it was just I don’t know, it sorta made me, well I was gonna say lose my appetite but I won’t go that far.

Lonzo: Was she like sitting out in the open going like “hey everybody look at me, look at what I’m doing!”

Lisa: Well of course not, Lonzo, of course not.

Lonzo: So you really had to be looking around.

Lisa: Lonzo if I were sitting here, and I had a baby, and I pulled my shirt up, and I stuck my baby’s head right here, I mean would that not be noticeable to you? Of course it would be.

Lonzo: If she did it that way, I don’t understand your complaint.

Lisa: But that’s what, that’s the way she was doing it, I just find it to be . . .

Lonzo: So nothing was exposed?

Lisa: No. Not really.

Lonzo: So what’s the big deal?

Lisa: The big deal is that it’s just not the place, and listen I’m all I know these people . . .

Lonzo: So you’d rather that baby been screaming its head off while you’re trying to eat?

Lisa: If you really wanna get me riled up, you know I think if you’ve got a nursing baby . . .

Lonzo: Then you shouldn’t go anywhere, you shouldn’t go to a restaurant, your life should be over until the kid is four?

Lisa: I think you should be discreet and stay at home . . .

Lonzo: It sounds like she was discreet if you couldn’t see anything

Lisa: Or pump and take the bottle with you or something. But I don’t want to see it. I just don’t want to see it, especially while I’m having lunch.

Lonzo: Maybe you should have went to a different restaurant.

Lisa: That has nothing to do with the restaurant I mean anyplace allows that, but I think when a mother chooses to do so in public, I just don’t think it’s always in the best of taste. And I think there should be indecency laws about that, because I don’t want to see it in a public place. You know go to the ladies room, go somewhere, go to your car, pump your breastmilk, but I don’t want to see it in public, sorry. And I know that most of, especially a lot of you nursing moms and women who are in the La Leche League or whatever are going to disagree with me, but so be it, it’s my opinion and you’re certainly entitled to yours.

Lisa: (in response to Judy) Well I mean, you say it’s not as easy as simple as I’m making it sound to be, but even when you’re not nursing, and I did not nurse my children, even when you’re not nursing and you have to prepare, you prepare your formula and your bottles and the juice, and whatever you need to take along with you. That’s just good preparation. I mean if there’s a time when you know you have to leave immediately because of an emergency, which I doubt would be the case because you had to get to a McDonald’s, I just think it’s preparation. So you just have to have some prepared, am I wrong? And I can understand and I know nursing moms, you know God bless ya, I think that’s a choice, probably the wisest choice you can make as a parent. I just don’t want to see it in public, and I don’t want to be you know rude about it, but for heaven’s sakes. I didn’t, I was thinking, it’s just bad manners as far as I’m concerned to hike your blouse up and have a baby’s head underneath, even if you’re not exposing yourself. You know you’re going to be attracting attention, whether it’s from other women or men for goodness sakes and I just don’t like to see it in public.

Lisa (in further response to Judy): Well actually I think that the individual should be more discreet, and that being, having good manners, that’s not up to the government to dictate. But it should be up to the individual, and if you don’t show restraint, listen, so be it – you think it’s a grand idea, I don’t see anything wrong with going into a restroom if you don’t see a specific nursing area and sitting on the toilet seat. If you gotta do it I guess you gotta do it. But to me there’s just no excuse for not being prepared enough to have nursed your baby before you left, in an emergency situation having some prepared bottles or something ready to go. I just find it objectionable.

(There was more, including Lisa’s opinion that even covering up the baby with a blanket it not “discreet” enough – she wants it to be completely out of her sight.)

58 Responses to:
"Does 106.3 FM Support Breastfeeding Mothers?"

  1. Tanashia   Mrshuffrnc

    I am so disgusted by this! Yes, it’s her opinion, but it is one of the most asinine things I have ever heard! She had the nerve to verbalize this on the radio.

    Thank you for the post. I cannot wait to send her a “nice” email from a Mother of three who chooses to nurse my baby wherever & whenever!

  2. I live in South Carolina, and thankfully, her opinion seems to be the minority, at least in my experience. I received a nasty look only once in all the time I breastfed my babies. I’m not sure from where 106.3 is broadcast, but I live in Newberry, a very small town just northwest of Columbia. It’s a very conservative town, and breastfeeding is far from prevalent, but I was never asked to go somewhere else, nor was I ever asked to cover up. And I nursed pretty much everywhere! It’s a shame that Ms. Rollins’ daughter will grow up thinking that breastfeeding is disgusting. Unfortunately, people like Ms. Rollins who know they have no legitimate reason for feeling the way they do (“I just don’t want to see it” “It’s just bad manners”) aren’t likely to change their views.

  3. Our Sentiments   oursentiments

    It looks like the edited out Lisa’s views on breastfeeding because the clips goes to about 2 minutes in length. I don’t know if this is a plus or not because I know it would have ticked me right off just hearing her say it, more than reading what she said.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      No – I just checked, that clip is over 2 HOURS in length, just start playing it, you’ll hear it!

  4. Robert

    This lady single-handedly brings down the intelligence curve. Let someone mention their objections to my wife while she is nursing in public!

  5. Brittany

    Clearly u never breast fed ur kids. It’s hard and sometimes embarrasing to do in public but does that mean I should deprive my baby and not feed him when he’s hungry? And to say that I should just stay home because I’m breastfeeding is ignorant! I’m not gonna sit at home all day everyday because people like u can’t wrap ur head around a woman feeding her child. Would u want to sit on a toilet to eat ur food? No u wouldn’t so how can u expect me to make my child do the same? Breast feeding is what the womans body is made to do so us breast feeding women r not the ones who need to change. It’s the ignorant people such as urself who need to get over it! Go complain about marti gras or something where women r flashing people for fun! I’d love to hear ur reply. Thanks.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Hi Brittany – I hope it’s apparent from the post that I am relating something that someone else said. I am a proud breastfeeding mama.
      But please, email the radio station’s program director, Bob McLain (bmclain (at) entercom (dot) com). Email Rollins herself (lrollins (at) entercom (dot) com). Let them know that breastfeeding in public is normal, it is acceptable, and it is beautiful.

  6. Acrophile

    I tried to follow the link to the email you sent, but it just directed me to the radio show site.

    I can’t believe her!!! My mom lives in SC and she has similar opinions. I’m “discreet enough” to her. But I’m not sure if anyone else would be (even if they were more covered than I). Is there something in the water down there???

  7. Acrophile

    I tried to link to the email you sent to Ms. Rollins, but it just directed me to the radio show site. :confused:

  8. dohiyi mama

    wow, really? she has obviously never breastfed a child in her life. thankfully, people are entitled to their opinions, and most people don’t give a damn, especially men and children. i think that women are so uncomfortable with it because perhaps they are not comfortable with their own sexuality or something… it’s something of that nature I’m sure.

  9. the Grumbles   thegrumbles

    THIS!! THIS IS WHY WE’RE ALL CRAZY PARANOID! blah. i know she’s entitled to her opinion but it takes it to a different level when that opinion is broadcast over the radio to an unsuspecting and uneducated audience.

  10. jess

    on the positive, the male co-host was taking her to task for her opinion, and seems to be supportive of NIP.
    I’ve said it before, it’s usually other women who are haters… and she’s even trained her daughter to be a hater, at an early age.
    i hope your letter writing campaign works… but I work in radio, and I don’t know that it will make a difference.
    Find out the General Manager or Market Manager’s name, and include them on the emails. If the GM/MM thinks this might affect ad dollars and the bottom line, there is a chance your emails will make a difference.
    Also, please make sure that your emails are informative and pleasant, not mean-spirited and attacking… because that will tune a radio person out VERY quickly.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Thank you for the suggestion about the GM/MM, Jess! I emailed the Program manager and the actual host who made the comments. I’ll look for the GM/MM emails and will forward them as well. My letter is definitely positive – I don’t believe that personal attacks will do anything to change anyone’s opinion.

  11. Jenstar

    Did she actually say

    “I mean, she was on the way here, couldn’t she have, you know, while they were driving there, just breastfeed the baby?”


    • Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

      That’s what I was thinking! Hello?! I also love how she says, She could have just fed in the car; it’s 100 degrees out — as if that’s a REASON for staying in a parked car.

  12. bronwyn

    i am going to write a not so polite letter to this dusgusting thing. ugh. horrible blob creature from the swamp.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Thank you for writing! I do want to remind everyone that personal attacks in a letter will probably not do much to advance our cause. Let’s be bigger people than Rollins was in her remarks!

  13. Has she any idea how it throws off milk production to pump and have “prepared” bottles on hand?!?? That means that my kid has to either skip a meal at home, or I have to continue pumping after he is done; either of which causes my body to make more than necessary just to keep her sensitive sensibilities from going into shock. She’s an idiot. And she’s not the only one on this planet; but for her to use such a public platform to poo poo on breastfeeding, and make it sound less convenient than bottle feeding (umm, it’s not, really; not to mention all the extra crap you have to lug around with you in order to be “ready” for meal times.), and scare away women from the very idea of breastfeeding… then I dare say that it’s people like her who are to blame for America’s poor numbers in breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, and extended breastfeeding.

    I live for the day when it’s normal and accepted to feed a human baby human milk, and when bottles filled with artificial-chemically made “stuff” are scoffed and disgusted at.

    • Lorie Folk

      I support breastfeeding 100%. However, I do not breastfeed. For me it was a personal decision. I am happy with my decision but I don’t “knock” breastfeeding mothers the way you just did towards bottle feeding mothers.

      Your comment,

      “I live for the day when it’s normal and accepted to feed a human baby human milk, and when bottles filled with artificial-chemically made “stuff” are scoffed and disgusted at.”

      is the exact same attitude of the radio host towards breastfeeding! How can you be a hypocrite on a subject like this?

      Every mother is different and should be entitled to feed her child however she wants.

      Breastfeeding moms and bottle-feeding moms should be viewed one in the same. The same way people accept seeing a mother bottle feed her child in public, they should do the same for breastfeeding mothers. Wouldn’t you agree? Or do YOU have the same “disgusted” persona when you see a mother bottle feeding her child?

    • Mindy

      I can understand why you feel strongly about breast feeding, but your comment, “I live for the day when it’s normal and accepted to feed a human baby human milk, and when bottles filled with artificial-chemically made “stuff” are scoffed and disgusted at.” is awful! My best friend desperately wanted to breast feed her son! She tried everything her lactation consultant, ob/gyn, and pediatrician suggested, but for some reason she couldn’t produce milk. Her son also has milk allergies. If not for formula, he would starve. That “stuff” has helped him grow to be a strong and very active 9 month old who is crawling all over the place and will be walking any day now! Please try to remember that what works for you may not work for others…

  14. Unbelievable! I will write a letter for sure. It is apparent that many people really have no idea how nursing works… I guess it is up to us to gently explain so that perhaps minds can be changed! I am sorry that her daughter is learning the same uninformed and ignorant thought process from her mother.

  15. Meghan

    So it’s “bad manners” and indecent to breastfeed in public. But it’s okay for her to wear a deep V top in a publicity photo when she seems to be rather large chested…And it’s not “bad manners” to discriminate and judge an entire section of society….

    Right, this lady makes a lot of sense.

  16. Sonya

    Read lonzo’s comment about staying home till the kids four….seems like he is a supporter of child led weaning and extended breastfeeding! :-)

  17. Shan

    GRRRRR!!! I can’t even believe this! Why don’t you go and eat your meal on a toilet seat then, because I’m disgusted by the way you eat and I don’t want to see that! My argument is just as STUPID, ignorant and insensitive as hers. BOO on her.

  18. Talina   Talinan

    This made my blood boil and I had to blog about it as well as email her and her superiors.

    It is so sad that such ignorance is in abundance.

  19. zak

    Yikes!! I was just in SC (got home to GA last night) and nursed my 4 mo son everywhere we went. I do not pump bottles. I do not sit on toilet seats. I do not nurse in 105 degree vehicles. I nurse wherever and whenever my son needs to eat! I nursed in two different restaurants, at the beach, by the pool… everywhere! I can guarantee that NO one ever got a glimpse of my breast and no, I don’t use a cover or blanket over my baby’s head.

    Sheesh. Imagine the disservice she’s doing to women in SC and more importantly – HER OWN DAUGHTER and future grandchildren. :(

    I’ve been nursing for over 5 years (my older two sons both nursed past their 2nd birthdays) and I *am* prepared when I am in public. I have my breasts with me at all times. Thankyouverymuch. I think most people appreciate the job they do to keep my babies happy and quiet and content!! lol

  20. Dreamom

    I agree that the station and the host should be contacted, but don’t forget Lonzo. That was a MAN championing our case. That deserves notice and positive feedback.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I said something about him here and in the letter that I wrote to the program manager.
      I also know that he changed his tune on their FB page, although I’m hoping that wasn’t because people were attacking Rollins personally. No matter what she said, there’s no reason to be nasty about her as a human being – that won’t change anyone’s mind about NIP.

  21. Alison

    I always wonder about the going to a bathroom to nurse comments. Let’s say for arguement’s sake that there are 2 hungry babies needing to be fed at the same time. Both moms, in an effort to show good manners, go off and occupy the only two bathroom stalls in the restaurant for a good 20-30 minutes during the lunchtime rush. I guess that the women who need to urinate, defecate or change their pads can do that at the tables because the bathroom stalls are full?

    Yup that makes perfect sense!

  22. Wait… Did she just say that the nursing mother should’ve nursed the baby in the car ON THE WAY OVER? Um. Really? So she should flaunt the law and endanger her child rather than risk offending people like her?
    Willfully ignorant prig.

  23. Kate Hansen   katehansenart

    @Dreamom -I love Lonzo! I bet his wife breastfeeds. :)

  24. KushielsMoon

    I like that Lonzo says “Lonzo: Then you shouldn’t go anywhere, you shouldn’t go to a restaurant, your life should be over until the kid is four?”

    Yay for support for full term breastfeeding!

  25. Ignorance at it’s best. This is why we need a NIP campaign. She has every right to be offended (not that I agree NIP is offensive – I do it all the time), but she can’t expect everyone else to forgoe their rights in order to accomodate her oppressive beliefs.

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