Breastfeeding State Law Cards

July 9th, 2010 by Dionna | 8 Comments
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They are here! Paige and I have created some incredible breastfeeding state law cards for you. Check out these beautiful business size cards that you can carry with you and hand out to friends as well as every breastfeeding mother you see N.I.P.

The front of each card has both the state and federal laws.1

The back of each card has a beautiful breastfeeding picture and one of three choices of words:
1) breastfeeding rights;
2) breastfeeding benefits; or
3) breastfeeding affirmations.
The breastfeeding rights option is pictured below, you can see “benefits” and “affirmations” by visiting the site and then clicking on each card type.

You can order them two ways:

  • Laminated cards: these will resist lots of wear and tear in your wallet. Get these for yourself, your friends, baby showers, etc.
  • Non-laminated cards: made out of thick cardstock, these will hold up, but are not quite as durable as the laminated cards. You can order a large quantity for a low price so that you can carry them with you to hand out to breastfeeding mamas everywhere.

We are also in the process of creating some fun breastfeeding bling – check out our store! The proceeds of your purchase will help us pay for the cost of the website and the many, many hours and energy expended on – we are working tirelessly to educate and advocate for breastfeeding rights everywhere!

Be sure to stop by today and read the insightful posts by our writers on N.I.P. & your legal rights, as well as responses to some common anti-N.I.P. arguments.


This post is just one of many being featured as part of the Carnival of Nursing in Public. Please visit our other writers each day of the Carnival. Click on the links below to see each day’s posts – new articles will be posted on the following days:
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July 8 – Breastfeeding: International and Religious Perspectives
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  1. Please note we do not currently offer State cards for WVa, ID, or WY as these states do not have laws protecting the right to nurse in public.  However, you can purchase the Federal-only card – just choose “FEDERAL ONLY” in the State drop-down menu.

8 Responses to:
"Breastfeeding State Law Cards"

  1. Lisa   BirthMadeSimple

    LOVE THESE! Nice job. I will be getting some for sure.

  2. Rosa

    Really like these cards,and it really sums it all up!
    So how do we get some of them?

  3. Melodie   bfmom

    I think this is the best thing next to that form letter I have ever seen as a resource offered for breastfeeding moms. I am so proud to know you two! Working tirelessly is an understatement! I’d order one if I lived in the US.

  4. Sarah @ OneStarryNight   onestarrynight

    AWESOME! Thankfully (if you can see it that way heh) the only people that have EVER had issues with me NIP have been my father, mother, and my brother. I really need to order some of these cards though since I will still be nursing for another 2-3 yrs I’m sure (since DS1 weaned at 4yr, I estimate my 9month old will be around the same)!

  5. Adventures In Babywearing   babysteph

    Oh how wonderful! I only hope a nursing Mom doesn’t NEED to show those to anyone but to affirm themselves. :)


  6. Fabulous work, ladies! I’ll be ordering some to pass out. I see women NIP in a lot of places and always want to praise them. Giving them a card is a great way of showing support.

    If you ever need another artist for something in your online store, let me know!

  7. Tracy

    THANK YOU. These are fantastic. I keep kind of HOPING someone will say something to me when I’m nursing my toddler twins on the playground or wherever, but so far (like an above poster) the only people who have tried to “cover me up” outside have been my parents! (Dad’s come around, though – last time, he tried to take a picture instead.) :-)

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