You Know You’re a Mama When . . .

July 26th, 2010 by Dionna | 27 Comments
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We rearranged our living space a few days ago by moving the desk from the back of the house (where it wasn’t used) to the front (where it may get used). While cleaning out the drawers, Kieran found some Post-it flags that I used in my previous life as a lawyer.

I loved Post-it flags. My friends at law school may remember my penchant for flagging textbooks and outlines, because I am a nerd like that.

For example, to the right is a picture of my well-loved copy of “The Bluebook.” The Bluebook tells lawyers (who care) how to cite things correctly when writing. If you remember your college English courses, it’s kind of like the MLA for attorneys.[1. I owed my lovely Bluebook flagging system to one of Washburn University School of Law’s most intelligent and beloved professors, Alex Glashausser.]

2010-07-19 03

Anyway. Kieran found my flags.

At first I asked him to leave the flags alone, because I’m just kind of protective of my flags like that, yo.

But then I thought – what the hell?

They’ve been sitting in a desk drawer unused for the last three years, why not let Kieran have some fun?

And so I did.

He immediately found their next best use (after flagging legal documents), which is flagging the different sectors of one’s own anatomy.

He was very intently preoccupied with this flagging exercise for oh, ten to fifteen minutes or so.

2010-07-19 04

And as I took pictures of my beloved flags decorating my beloved son’s legs I thought, you know you’re a mama when the contents of your desk drawers are more useful as body art than they are for their original purpose.

What about you? What wonderful things have you experienced lately that made you think “you know you’re a mama when . . .”

Leave your thoughts in the comments, and I will post them all later!

27 Responses to:
"You Know You’re a Mama When . . ."

  1. Liz

    you know you’re a mama when you throw out every item of clothing in your closet that is not breastfeeding-friendly.

    I had to do that just the other day. :)

    • Ha! I’ve thrown a couple of those shirts out (and I look forward to the day I can buy a dress without thinking – I can’t bf in that)
      However – I can wear almost anything with a nursing tank, I just use the ones from Target. So don’t throw out too much!!

  2. I got really excited about a package of diaper covers coming in the mail. Like, bouncing up and down excited.

    My husband said “here’s some money – spend it however you want!” and less than 1/16th was spent on me. The rest I spent on some nice wooden toys for my three boys.

    Maybe these are less “mama” things and more “crazy Melissa” things, though. (:

  3. This made me giggle for two reasons! 1.I have post its all over my walls as ‘signposts and switches Mummy’and 2. My blog has a similar theme today!


  4. Jennifer Milam

    You know you’re a mama when one of your kids pukes all over you in the middle of the night, and you change the bedding and their pajamas before you get to shower off. ‘Nuff said. LOL.

  5. You know you’re a mama when you use yourself as a human shield when one child is sick and you are trying to block the germs from getting on your other. (happened today)

    You know you’re a mama when you get at least two different kinds of body fluids on you a day and they are not your own.

  6. when you rock back and forth like you are holding a baby even while your alone at the grocery store :)

  7. Carrie Couch

    when you go to the store covered in some unknown substance you child has spilled on you or put on you without knowing it….

  8. Krista

    You know you’re a Mama when you go to work building fence…with a baby tied to your back. :)

    And also when your between-softball-game-ritual changes from running to grab a quick beer to sitting down to nurse your baby.

  9. This is great… I think he and my dd would be good good friends.
    MM for the excersize: you know you’re a mommy when pretend soup tastes three times better than real soup

  10. Danielle

    You know you’re a Mama when you have traded eyeliner for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long showers for hairy legs, late nights for early mornings, designer handbags for diaper bags….and wouldn’t change a thing!

    I stole that off of a friends facebook status.

    Really for me it was when my baby girl offered me some of her mashed up raisin toast and looked so sweet and innocent and I absolutely couldn’t resist taking that disgusting glob filled with slobber and spilled juice. Yuk, but oh so yummy to my heart!

  11. Amy S.

    During a diaper change, instead of letting it go everywhere, you try to block the stream of urine that inevitably happens by having your son pee in your hand.

  12. It’s so funny that I’m reading this right now. I’ve had a set of My Little Pony stickers saved in my desk (for myself) that Gracie found while I was in the bathroom. I came out to find her with them all over her face and dress.

  13. Sara

    Do you have any book recommendations for finding inner peace or becoming gentler with yourself and/or spouse? I strive to be a gentle mother (my daughter is 7 months so I’m trying to “fix” myself before we get to the discipline stage) but with the way I was raised and things instilled in me I find that I can fly off the handle rather easily and I want to find ways to step back before I blow and to have a longer fuse. I find that I blow up on my husband (usually after he’s approached me with the wrong attitude, but, still not an excuse) often and I’m hoping to learn to be more gentle all around. Thanks! (P.S. I also posted this comment on one of Hobo Mama’s AP blog posts)

    • Sara – I know what you mean. My parents were yellers and although I don’t hit, I have yelled. And I hate yelling. I remember what it felt like as a kid, and it didn’t feel better on the other end either.

      Two books I have found helpful are: Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel and Scream Free Parenting by Hal Edward Runkel. Both really, really good books, I think.

      A few other thoughts: try evaluating situations based upon how you react, not how your child reacts. Also, I try to keep in mind that when my child is dealing with a problem or a big feeling, it does them a disservice to have me pile my big feelings on top of them as well. Third, let the lesson be their own behavior and not yours. That way, if they’ve done something wrong and you calmly and cooly deal with it, the situation is the learning lesson. If I spaz out, then I’m just a big meanie and a bad guy and that takes away from the power of the learning moment. I hope I’m making sense. Love & Logic has a website, seminars, and books. They’re the ones that taught me that last part.


    • Jen

      Hi Sara

      I just finished reading a book called “Momma Zen” by Karen Maezen Miller. I found it amazing. I am struggling to describe it exactly, but I found it really helped me see the daily challenges of being a Mom not as frustrations to battle and stress about, but rather as opportunities for learning, growth and, believe it or not, Fun! The book is based on her experience from new Mom through toddlerhood and since I currently have a toddler and a new baby, it was perfect. She is a Buddhist priest, which I only know a little about, but that did not matter, I think this book would touch any Mother, no-matter their faith.
      It even has a handy little quick reference section in the back so that you can quickly read specific sections for your needs that moment – like if you need some patience, read chapters….
      Can’t recommend it enough, I plan on re-reading it all several times.

      • Yes, I love Mama Zen too! She has a new book out, too, I am dying to read, but am way behind on what I already have….

        Another I have heard good things about is “Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children” by Sarah Napthali. Haven’t read it, but it gets good reviews!

  14. BabeandBreast

    You know you’re a mama when your boobs are leaking, there’s screaming nearby, dirty laundry is skyhigh, dirty dishes are overflowing the sink, you have to pee but have no time to do so, and you’ve never felt more frustrated and blessed.

  15. I always feel very mother-ish when I’m explaining to my kids why we don’t lick each other. It’s one of those, “Did I really just say that?” moments. And it happens with startling frequency.

  16. Brita J.

    You know you are not only a work-at-home professional but a work-at-home Mama when you find yourself absent-mindedly wearing a turtle puppet on your finger during a phone conference.

  17. TNmommie

    I loved it last week, while at a conference, having just met some very big named scientists in my field and feeling very grown up, I called my kids to wish them good night and blew kiss after kiss to them with a dozen or so men listening in on my end. And I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed!

  18. It is *so* fun reading everyone’s comments! I love it!

    The highlight of my weekend was Saturday night when I stayed up until 4 am….cleaning and organizing the house…

    • Oh! And I happened to think – you know you’re a mama when you finally get a chance to drive somewhere on your own, and it takes half the trip before you realize that Raffi is still playing and you can actually change the CD!

  19. LOL. I can sooo relate to getting excited about cleaning the house on your own late at night, realizing there is still a kids CD in the car (only I’m usually singing to it too before I realize what’s going on), and telling my son “we don’t lick people.”

    I have to add, I get the “you know you’re a mama” when every bit of “girliness” that I drag out… toe nail polish, necklaces, bracelets, purses and bandanas all end up on my 3YO instead of me.

  20. You know you are a mama when a giant mess to clean up later is still worth the 10 or so minutes of time you get to (fill in the blank) by yourself.

    You know you are a mama when you always know when the next snack time will be, and never go anywhere without food packed.

    You know you are a mama when a good nights sleep = 6 hours (interrupted)

    You know you are a mama when every room in your house shows the presence of children, in some way (big, or small).

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