Wall Racetrack

August 19th, 2010 by Dionna | 10 Comments
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The heat index has been surpassing the 100 degree mark for awhile here in Kansas City, so unless we are outside in the water, we’re not outside.To interrupt the boredom of being stuck inside for days on end, we created an indoor racetrack for Kieran.

Moving play to a different location has some nice side benefits1:

*It allows your child to think creatively;

*It invites your child to explore and interact with her playthings in novel ways;

*A change of scenery may facilitate new learning opportunities. For example, in the short time Kieran has been playing with his wall racetrack, we’ve already had a discussion about gravity, after he commented on the fact that the cars do not stay on the track unless he is holding them.

*In the case of the wall racetrack, it is a great way to utilize a small play area – you build the play space up instead of out.

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Here’s how we created our wall racetrack:

1) Get a big piece of paper: we have a roll of butcher paper that is perfect.

2) Draw your tracks: we laid wooden railroad tracks down in a fun shape that fit our paper and traced them with pencil.

3) Pretty it up: we traced over our tracks with marker, added yellow lines in the middle, drew a checked start/finish line, and added a sign that says “Welcome to Kieran’s Speedway.”

4) Attach it to the wall: we used tape.

Have you been dealing with too much time inside? How do you chase away the boredom that comes with the summer heat?

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  1. This is true even if you are simply taking toys that are normally played with indoors, out. Childhood 101 had an excellent post on this for our June Carnival of Natural Parenting.

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"Wall Racetrack"

  1. Already in our agenda for the day! That will keep Everett busy while I do some sewing. He’ll love it.

  2. the grumbles   thegrumbles

    this looks REALLY fun. even for adults. or maybe i am just lame and like to draw on stuff.

  3. Awesome idea! We will have to try this!

  4. Acrophile

    Need to get some butcher paper, obviously! Looks like fun!

    We made snow cones today. :) Big hit. I didn’t have any koolaid packs so I just used juice mixed with honey to make the syrup (of course both my LOs are over a year old). :) Probably better that way anyhow; no artificial anything. :)

  5. Sarah

    Summer heat? I wish : ) We end up with only a couple too hot days a summer around here, but I’ll def keep this idea for the winter. Esp with a new baby in the middle of it -30c will be too cold for us. Heck anything below -15c will have us inside.

    Something you could do is freeze some toys in old milk cartons and let them melt to reveal the hidden treasure. We also do this with coloured water. Freeze one colour, layer the next colour and freeze witha s many colours as you want per jug, and watch what happens when it melts. in the winter we do this by putting the jugs outside overnight and seeing what happens in the morning – then into the tub or wait until spring. Depends on how much it snows over night and if we find all the jugs : )

  6. I would never have thought of moving this kind of play from the floor to the wall!

    Now to find some wall space ….. :)

  7. Great idea, Dionna! Not only is it creative and fun, but it has the educational component of providing a hands-on gravity lesson. I love the ideas and encouragement you share for families. I gave you the Wild about Your Blog Award at http://LivingMontessoriNow.com/2010/08/20/awards-to-happily-pass-on/

  8. Melodie   bfmom

    Neat idea! Now that I’m not doing daycare anymore I don’t think of these things, but my girls did not want to give up their cars when we moved so maybe if I make one of these for them they will actually play with them again!

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