Babywearers Unite!

October 5th, 2010 by Dionna | 6 Comments
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We have worn Kieran since he was a newborn. In the beginning, he snuggled up safe and warm in a Moby Wrap. Here is Tom holding a 6-day-old Kieran.

Next week is International Babywearing Week, presented by Babywearing International.

Next week the Consumer Product Safety Commission may also announce a recall of certain types of baby carriers. Whether the potential recall will be limited to one brand of carrier or whether it will cover an entire class of carriers is yet to be known.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance has written a well-researched, thoughtful position paper on babywearing/kangaroo care.

From the BCIA position paper:

Using a soft baby carrier (“babywearing”) supports baby and mother’s biological need to be together. For mothers, it facilitates initiation and ease of breastfeeding as well as helps mothers form attachments to their babies, care for themselves and their babies during the newborn stage and avoid postpartum depression. In addition, babywearing is practical, comfortable and convenient for caregivers. For babies, it decreases infant crying, colic and infant acid reflux disease. It promotes healthy physical development of the spine, vestibular system, vision and other systems in babies. It optimizes the mental development of babies because worn babies have an enriched environment which, in turn, helps their brains to develop better. Babies in slings spend more time in the quiet alert state known to be optimal for learning and development. Further, it helps babies develop socially and keeps babies safe from the multitude of surrounding hazards of every day life.

Dionna snuggles a sleeping 3-month-old Kieran in the ring sling made by her birth coach.

If you are nervous about wearing your little one, Babywearing International has published a wonderful set of “rules” and guidelines for safe babywearing.

From the introduction to Babywearing Safety:

When done properly, carrying a baby in a soft baby carrier can be safer than carrying a baby in your arms. Your carrier doesn’t have muscles that get tired, and your carrier doesn’t have arms that reflexively reach out to balance you or catch you when you fall. But, as with anything concerning babies, good safety practices are of paramount importance. This brochure has many safety tips, but no set of guidelines can anticipate every circumstance. You are responsible for your child’s safety as well as your own.

Whatever carrier you choose, learn to use it properly, and always keep safety in mind.

Tom wears an 18-month-old Kieran in an ABC Carrier - it is still our favorite carrier today when carrying our now 33 lb, 33-month-old toddler.

It would be a tragedy for the CPSC to recall an entire line of baby carriers that have an exceptional safety record.1

If you support the right of parents to use carriers to safely hold their babies, please join our efforts to stop the CPSC’s recall. You can find out details by reading this announcement from Included in the announcement are a list of legislators that you can contact about the recall. Please check and see if you are represented by one of the listed legislators and call or email them – let them know that you value your right to wear your child.

If you blog, you can show your support for babywearers by sharing a story, pictures, a poem, or your thoughts about the potential recall. Link your post up on Adventures in Babywearing and the BCIA Facebook page. Not only will you be adding your voice to the thousands of proud babywearing parents across the U.S., but you will get a chance to win a new carrier!

And if you don’t blog, send your babywearing stories and photos to me – I would be proud to publish them next week in honor of International Babywearing Week.

  1. BCIA Position Paper, “Sling-style carriers have an exceptional safety record.”

6 Responses to:
"Babywearers Unite!"

  1. We raised 2 of our 3 kids with Ergo carriers which are like the last photo you shared. We bought them when we were moving to Africa to work at an orphanage. What a total lifesaver they were. So much easier to use than a stroller, and so comfy to wear–even with a heavy child.

    Slings and cloth carriers are the absolute best. The babies love them and it really does make for easier parenting. I feel for the parents who don’t know about them yet.

  2. Mama Jedi   mamajedisunra

    I started with a sling in 1996 and discovered the joys of the mei tei in 2009. Baby wearing is an essential part of natural parenting and is beneficial beyond any modern mainstream logic (or lack thereof).

    Thanks for the link to the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance website.

    Baby wearing for the win!

  3. Adventures In Babywearing   babysteph

    Awesome! And so nice of you to offer to post pics. Yay babywearing!


  4. Jem   jemjabella

    It’s worth noting that the BWI recommend wearing babies “Close Enough to Kiss” – on that basis Dionna’s positioning in that picture is not great. I recommend the UK SlingGuide website for instructions on using carriers/slings properly – :)

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