Make Your Own Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers – Tutorial Round-up

October 6th, 2010 by Dionna | 9 Comments
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I love giving homemade gifts for birthdays and Christmas presents. Our tradition since Kieran was born is to limit the number of gifts we give on special occasions, and the gifts we do give are handmade/meaningful.

I wish I was creative enough to do everything on this list, but here are some ideas that I came across when trying to figure out what to make Kieran this year.

Homemade doll carrier by Hobo Mama

Felt racetrackTutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3

Felt playmatJungle; Wild West; Farm; Kitchen

Superhero capeTutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3; Tutorial 4

Crayon walletTutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3

Stick horse Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2

Finger PuppetsFelt pig; Fabric bunny, pig, frog; Felt squirrel, lamb, mouse; List of free crochet patterns; Felt Yoda

ApronChef apron; Quilt block apron; Smock with pocket; Apron and chef hat; Ruffle apron

Busy books (many of these links aren’t so much tutorials as they are pictures of the types of pages each person created) – Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2 (video); Tutorial 3; Tutorial 4

Bean bagsChair; Alphabet; Felt or fleece; Cat; Counting

TutuTutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3

Shield/SwordCardboard shield; Cardboard sword; Foam sword (video part 1, part 2); Felt sword, armor, and shield; Duct tape sword

WandWizard; Harry Potter wand with light; FairytaleHarry PotterPrincess; Tulle

Tie blanketsTutorial 1 (video); Tutorial 2

Doll carrierTutorial 1; Tutorial 2

Felt mail that Kieran gets to play with!

Play foodFelt sushi tutorial; Felt brown bag lunch; Felt dinner for two (including plates and several food items); Felt tea bag; Felt ravioli; A felt food tutorial roundup (lots of links!); Eggs – both felt and wood; Wooden salt and pepper shakers

I Spy bags Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3

Play silks Tutorial 1; Tutorial 2; Tutorial 3

DollsBlack Apple Doll; Paper dolls and outfits; Wee Bunny; Many soft doll tutorials and tips; Ruby Doll; Rag doll; Waldorf doll

PuzzlesWooden puzzle for young toddlers;  Easy jigsaw puzzle (video); Photo puzzle blocks

Games Wooden Memory game; Felt tic tac toe and matching game bag; Bean bag toss game

BlocksBlocks (marked as for babies, but I wouldn’t give them to a child who will chew on them); Wooden building blocks; Soft fleece baby blocks

MiscellaneousFamily mailbox; Felt mail tutorial 1 and tutorial 2; Play kitchen; Cardboard playhouse

What kind of things have you made for your kids?

9 Responses to:
"Make Your Own Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers – Tutorial Round-up"

  1. We too have decided to give less gifts and focus on giving high quality items that will last and provide lots of room for creativity.

    I just sent my daughter this page so she and her sister can check it out. I think there are some very cool projects that they would like to make.

    Thanks for sharing such a great resource.

  2. Melodie   bfmom

    What a great idea! I am going to have so much fun going through these. It’s that time of year to start thinking about Christmas gifts if one plans to make them. Thanks for this!

  3. Holy smokes, I love all the ideas!!! Thanks so much! I love that you make all your gifts, what a meaningful tradition to pass along to Kieran!

    We do buy gifts, and I struggle with how much to limit it, for sure. I got a lot of “stuff” as a kid (I was an only child), and its hard to break with that mentality, even though I know its not great.

    Last Christmas my husband and I worked on a joint project for the girls (as a shared present to them all) and it was WONDERFUL. So fun to do it together. It was wooden people, which my husband made and I painted. Here they are:

    We definitely want to continue the tradition — not sure if we will do another shared present for all of them (I’m thinking natural wooden blocks cut from tree limbs, maybe?) or something for each individually….

  4. mamapoekie   mamapoekie

    wow woman, you went all out!! Now I’m extremely excited about trying some of them out
    although I already made an apron, a bean bag chair, tea bags, soft stacking blocks, eggs…

  5. I hope you don’t mind, I posted a link to this entry on Live Journal’s handmade_gifts community.

  6. Thanks for linking to my felt racetrack tutorial! I’m thinking about making my nephew an I Spy pillow this year — he’s at the tricky age of 4 where I never know when things are going to seem too “baby” for him. Lucky for me, nephew #2 just arrived last month, so I have a few more years of cute baby things to make :-)

  7. Mama Whimsy   mamawhimsy

    Thanks for putting this all together. We like to keep the gift giving simple here as well. I think the wooden memory game is on the must make list.

  8. GrandmaAnnie

    Thank You! I have been searching the web for ideas to make gifts for the grand kids and have been so disappointed in what I found,,,until I found your list!

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