Being Fully Present

October 7th, 2010 by Dionna | 7 Comments
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2010-09-23 10
When I allow myself to be fully present, the joy of being a mama is almost overwhelming.

Today for example, I took time to curl up with Kieran during his nap.

I laid there trying to memorize the smooth skin of his face, the rhythm of his breathing, the way his hair blows in the fan’s breeze.

And tomorrow, if I am blessed enough to do it again, it will still be as beautiful.

What blessings have you experienced lately by allowing yourself to be fully present?

What memories do you have tucked away?

7 Responses to:
"Being Fully Present"

  1. shannon   freespiritknits

    I recently wrote about being fully present on my blog, too. Being a mother can give us that wonderful opportunity to stop, to slow down, to smell the top of your child’s hair, to deeply look into their eyes, to put the phone away and to BE there, in that moment. It is such a gift.

    Today is my due date. I am practicing being fully present. Not wanting anything more than this moment.

    Happy day to you.

  2. Sheryl @ Little Snowflakes   sheryljesin

    When I am present with my son Dylan, each moment is precious and we have so much fun. When I try to do other things at the same time, I end up stressed. Just this morning we sat and had breakfast with each other and talked. I wasn’t cleaning up, or preparing for the day or anything else at the same time. We had a great conversation, and laughed a lot. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

  3. The real LA love story   artemisclover

    i take showers with my babes. he is five months old and i place him on a little seat in the shower while i wash myself and he loves the steam and sound of running water. sigh.

  4. Yesterday, walking home, we stopped under an elm tree and let its yellow leaves fall down on us. My toddler’s eyes were so wide with wonderment and joy. When we finally carried on, it felt like we were stepping outside a fairytale back into the real world.

  5. Amber   AmberStrocel

    Watching my 5-year-old make her art – so amazing. And listening to my 2-year-old attempt to tell jokes, which are totally unintelligible and make no sense, but are 15 kinds of awesome anyways.

  6. Our two year old co-sleeps with us. When I wake up early in the quiet of the morning I’ll look over and just watch him. So still so peaceful. I wonder what things await him in life?

  7. Tanya

    Taking a walk after dinner to collect leaves in the green space behind our house and remembering to bring a bag to collect the leaves. Holding hands with my girls always pulls me back to reality and out of my head.

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