I Voted!

November 3rd, 2010 by Dionna | 8 Comments
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We voted as a family last night after dinner. We were so late getting there that a few of the poll workers followed us out the door after we got done.

Tom and Kieran went first, because I was stuck wrangling with one of the workers over my last name, which was still in the books under my maiden name. When they got done, the worker asked Kieran if he would like to vote. Hiding his head in Tom’s shoulder, he whispered “yes,” and so he got the kid’s ballot.

Tom read off each of the choices, and Kieran selected his favorite.

“What is your favorite snack? Applesauce, carrots, or cookies?”
Mama sidenote: The kid requests cooked carrots every day before dinner, and he chooses applesauce? I don’t even remember the last time he had applesauce!

“What is your favorite pet? Pick two. Options: Dog. Cat.”
Mama sidenote: Ummm, is this a trick question?

“President: Mickey Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, or Spiderman?”
“Mickey Mouse!”

“Vice President: Thomas the Train, Barbie, or Elmo?”
Mama Sidenote: WTH?!

Kieran voted for Mickey Mouse for president and Barbie for VP. Barbie?! I am racking my brain to decide whether he’s even seen a Barbie doll.
After he got done voting he asked, “who is Barbie, mama?”

We’re going to need to work on the democratic process, kid.

8 Responses to:
"I Voted!"

  1. Haha! Work on the democratic process, indeed. Sadly, I know some adults who vote in much the same way Kieran did.

  2. Andrea

    Maybe he was just trying for some gender equity. After all, she was the only woman on the ballot.

  3. Veronica   crunchyvtmommy

    lol ive always been a fan of Barbie’s stance on the defense budget

  4. Amy   InnateWholeness

    Lovely, and what a sweetie! :)

  5. Holly

    Too cute! I love that they even had a kid’s ballot. My daughter went with us and “helped” me vote as well. She kept asking for a pen to color and wanted to get down as we vote in a school gym.

  6. Ruth

    I love it!!! Maybe we would have been better off with Mickey Mouse or Barbie….than some of the political choices we had out there!!!!

  7. Melodie   bfmom

    That is so cute! I think this would be a great idea for our government to do here in BC, Canada too.

  8. Amber   AmberStrocel

    Barbie was the only female candidate. I think I would have picked her too, for that reason alone.

    Seriously, why can’t they have a female presidential candidate? That irks me, and I’m not even American.

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