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November 8th, 2010 by Dionna | Comments Off on Wander Over to Natural Parents Network!
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Have you checked out Natural Parents Network yet? November is our official “launch” month, and we are featuring incredibly talented authors, fun giveaways, insightful “ask the mentor” questions, and more. Take a few minutes to find out what’s going on at NPN:

  • Natural Parenting Articles: Read one of the original articles submitted to NPN on a variety of natural parenting topics. Natural parenting = attachment parenting + natural family living, so there’s something for everyone.
    *Acacia from Be Present Mama shares her wisdom and experiences in starting (and delaying) solid foods for breastfed babies;
    *Suchada from Mama Eve discusses homeopathics and the recent Hyland’s Teething Tablets recall;
    *Later this week a mama who circumcised her son explains why she would not make the same choice again.
    *For you foodies out there, we have a new Cooking Naturally editor who is going to feature a bi-weekly (at least!) recipe that will be both tasty and healthy.
  • Ask the NP Mentor: We have a fantastic group of mamas on our “Ask the Natural Parenting Mentor” panel. The first “Ask the NP Mentor” question and answers published were about toddler mealtime struggles. We have more questions and answers coming soon on topics like transitioning to gentle discipline with a nine year old (and a stepfather); how unschooling works come high school graduation, toddlers who hit and kick while nursing to sleep, and more. Please stay tuned for the wisdom and experience from our panel: Acacia of Be Present Mama, Amy Phoenix of Presence Parenting, Charlie of Home’s Cool, Darcel of Mahogany Way, Jennifer Albin of Connected Mom, Joni Rae of Tales of a Kitchen Witch, Mandy O’Brien of Living Peacefully with Children, and Seonaid of The Practical Dilettante.
  • Giveaways: We currently have almost $200 worth of giveaways featured on NPN, and there are more to come! Stop by our giveaways list page to see what’s up for grabs, and then click on the individual links to read reviews and details on the products.
  • Make a Connection: The NPN community is rapidly growing! We have over 800 parents participating in a wide variety of topics on our Facebook page, there are over 80 blogs listed on our member blogroll, and we are watching our Forums and Twitter community blossom.
  • Volunteer: There are a ton of ways to connect with like-minded parents on NPN. And if you want to get involved on another level with the natural parenting community, consider volunteering with us! We are still looking for several different volunteers to round out our team:
    1) Love giveaways? We know where to find them! We need someone to enter our giveaway links into “link-up” sites. Feel free to enter any/all of the giveaways you see on other sites!
    2) Itching to do some more NP research? Our Resources Editor would love for you to help her find quality articles/websites to add to our resource pages.
    3) Write, write, write! We want your quality original content to feature on NPN. Take your pick from one of the many natural parenting topics. Are you passionate about holistic health? Social activism? Ensuring safe sleep? Submit your article and get it noticed by the NP community.
    Our volunteers get the first pick at reviewing products for NPN giveaways, they (and their blogs) will be featured on the NPN front page in special “Featured Blogger” posts, they will connect with other natural parents, and they will have our undying love and gratitude. If you are interested in volunteering, contact me: Dionna {at} NaturalParentsNetwork {dot} com
  • Stay Tuned: There is more to come from NPN. We are working every day to bring you new content and features that will inform, empower, and inspire. Watch for new monthly features, including a “Papa’s Perspective,” a “Spirituality and Parenting” special, read about our “Featured Bloggers/Contributors,” and join in our next online book discussion – we’ll post about the book on NPN, and we’ll discuss it in our Forums.
  • What Do You Want to See on NPN?: Natural Parents Network is your resource for natural parenting resources and content. What do you want to see us do with the site? Tell us, we are listening! You can email me and Lauren: Dionna {at} NaturalParentsNetwork {dot} com and Lauren {at} NaturalParentsNetwork {dot} com

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