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December 3rd, 2010 by Dionna | 54 Comments
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This is a joint giveaway with and Code Name: Mama. You may enter at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory main entry and optional bonus entries.

June 2011

Beauty of Mothering is offering our readers a giveaway of a 2011 Beauty of Mothering Calendar!

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Nicky, one of the creators of a new calendar called Beauty of Mothering. I’d like to share with you some of her breastfeeding journey, as well as tell you about the calendar.

Nicky’s Story

Nicky had a number of obstacles to overcome with breastfeeding, but she had luck (and good support!) on her side. In her words:

There were some struggles at first, especially because CJ, my son, was born with spina bifida myelomeningocele. Because we didn’t know he had spina bifida while I was pregnant with him, I was able to give birth naturally with a midwife at a birthing suite. This really ended up being the best thing for breastfeeding, because the midwives put him to the breast and got him nursing right away. After we got to the emergency room at the nearest hospital, the midwives had me nurse him again while we were waiting for the doctor. We were very lucky to get nursing started in those first few hours, otherwise it might have been a week before I was able to nurse him and he would have only have been tube and bottle fed, with no experience at the breast. We were also lucky because there were a couple of nurses who were breastfeeding moms on staff in the ER that night and they helped me get started with pumping. The doctor who was on duty didn’t know anything about breastfeeding and under his advice we almost threw out the little bit of colostrum I pumped that night! It was a nurse who came in and told us to save it. She called it “liquid gold”.

They spent at least two weeks in the hospital getting proper treatment for CJ. Nicky used the hospital electric pumps in the pump rooms, but felt sad for missing out on 30 minutes of time with CJ each time she needed to pump. Finally, after 9 days in the hospital, she was able to put him to the breast again, but even then there were complications associated with all the wiring to which CJ was connected. She had to think outside the box to find a position that was comfortable:

What ended up helping was inventing a new nursing position. I had to kind of sit CJ on my knee while supporting his head and neck. I’d get him latched on and then he would start sucking. He stopped waking up hungry, put on more weight, and eventually the tube feedings were phased out altogether. He took right to nursing and preferred it over the bottle.

Nicky was also blessed with a husband, JC, who is extremely supportive of breastfeeding. In fact he came up with the idea for the calendar and did all the photography! After seeing very little breastfeeding photography, and mostly of a low quality, they decided to do their part to normalize nursing by creating this calendar.

May 2011

Beauty of Mothering Calendar

When reviewing any product, the first thing I check is whether the item is functional or not. So, for your benefit, I flipped through this calendar and found it fully functional. It contains all 12 months (in fact, it actually features a baker’s dozen! There’s Dec 2010 in there so you can get started right away!) and all 365 days. Besides months and days, it also provides you with the lunar cycles and notifications of important Awareness months, such as Breastfeeding Awareness Month and Prematurity Awareness Month. And it includes a hole at the top for hanging (I just read a review online of a calendar that was missing this important feature!)

So, with functionality out of the way, we can move on to the cover. It’s a beautiful photo that conveys perfectly the theme: Beauty of Mothering. Each month features a mother and baby breastfeeding along with a quote. As the December 2010 page states: “This calendar is an effort to . . . show breastfeeding as natural, good, beautiful, and essentially feminine.” The photographs look professional and artistic, and the calendar is high-quality and arrived in perfect condition.

I would say that my favorite month’s image is June. The photo angle and the colors (yellow shirts on mom and baby, and yellow sunflowers on green grass) are eye-pleasing, and there’s a sweet quote from Homer, Hymn to Hermes:

“A little child born yesterday
A thing on mother’s milk and kisses fed.”

You can admire all of the images and quotes on the Beauty of Mothering website.

My main complaint (and I think Nicky agrees with me) is that there wasn’t more diversity in the women featured. She told me that she had originally planned for a variety in age and ethnicity, as well as photographs of tandem nursing mothers. However, she found that she was unable to get enough willing participants close enough for them to do a photography session. They do have plans for more calendars in the future with a variety of mothering themes, including another similar breastfeeding calendar next year.

Besides getting this calendar for your own home, I recommend buying copies as donations for local establishments that may have an impact on new mothers, like doctor’s offices and WIC offices.

I asked Nicky if she had any advice/thoughts to share with our readers, and she recommended seeing a pediatric chiropractor:

[Our Chiropractor] explained that birth is hard work for moms and babies and that even the most gentle, natural birth can still lead to a baby’s jaw being pushed out of alignment. When this happens, the baby often can’t open up her mouth all the way in order to establish a proper latch. Some babies will use a little ingenuity and move their mouths in a side-to-side “sawing” motion to trigger the milk ejection, and this has the unfortunate effect of making the mother feel as though she is nursing a piranha! A pediatric chiropractor can adjust the baby’s jaw and put it back into alignment so she can open up properly and get a good latch. Adjustments on babies are very, very gentle. It looks like a very gentle massage with fingertips or like the chiropractor is just feeling around the head and spine with her fingertips. I’ve heard so many mothers talk about how their babies just weren’t able to get the milk they needed from breastfeeding or how breastfeeding was just so painful they couldn’t do it, and I’ve wondered how many of these mothers and babies could have been helped by seeing a pediatric chiropractor. (I’ve also heard that osteopaths can adjust jaws too.) The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is a good place to look for a pediatric chiropractor or other information. Their website is .

I have to agree with Nicky and recommend chiropractic during pregnancy to prepare for birth in addition to chiropractic for all members of the family after the birth!

One thing Nicky said really summed up the calendar for me:

Breastfeeding isn’t all sunshine and roses, but there are moments when you have this sweet little baby latched on to the breast and he’s just so content and feeling so loved, that you just have to smile because it’s one of the most tender things in the world. We don’t see many images of breastfeeding, especially positive ones. We’re hoping to change that.


August 2011

You can buy one of these beautiful calendars online from Beauty of Mothering.

2011 Beauty of Mothering Breastfeeding Wall Calendars are 13 month (December 2010 through December 2011), 12×12″, and include lunar cycles and breastfeeding quotes. Each calendar is $14.99 + $4.99 shipping and handling.

The calendars are available now exclusively through Beauty of Mothering using your choice of Paypal, Amazon Checkout or Google Checkout.

For a limited time, and Code Name: Mama readers can get a 10% discount on the calendars! Click the “Buy Now” button below to get your 10% discount – you can only get it here!

Get one in time for the holidays! Most orders placed before 2:00PM Mountain Time (Monday – Friday) ship the same day. All other orders will ship the next business day. Standard shipping is via First Class mail with estimated delivery in 2 – 4 days.


For your own chance to win a 2011 Beauty of Mothering Breastfeeding Wall Calendar, enter in the comments below! Contest is open to the U.S. and Canada only. (Our apologies international readers!)

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Nikki, the reviewer of the Beauty of Mothering Breastfeeding Calendar, is’s Social Media Manager. You can read more about Nikki on our About page, or interact with her daily on’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. We think she rocks!
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