Homemade Gingerbread Man Ornaments

December 6th, 2010 by Dionna | 5 Comments
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Cute enough to eat. Oh, wait . . .

We had so much fun making Christmas ornaments last year that we signed up for our local parenting group’s annual swap again. This year we made some fun gingerbread men; I got the pattern from elsie marley.

Theses ornaments were not quick to make, but they were relatively easy. My main complaint is with the embroidery floss. I did my ornament in a few stages – first the cutting, then the embroidery, then the sewing. After I did the embroidery (I used embroidery floss for eyes, mouth, and buttons), I laid the ornaments aside for a couple of weeks. When I came back to them, the floss on many of the ornaments had come untied.

What the heck?

So, being the novice crafter I am, I decided to put a dab of super glue on all of the floss backs to keep them from untying.

ALL of the ornaments.

Here’s a tip for novices (like myself): when you do something that is not in the recommended steps, test it out on one or two ornaments before doing it to all of your ornaments. (sigh)

A batch of gingerbread men cookie ornaments

The super glue bled through to the front of the ornaments and made all of my gingerbread men look like they’d contracted psoriasis. I saved the ones I could, but of the 40 or so gingerbread I’d finished thus far (cut the forms/eyes out, embroidered eyes/mouths/buttons on, stitched rickrack on), I could save only 16.

I was not a happy camper.

So instead of having cute little gifts to give to many of our friends and family members, I had enough for my swap group, our immediate family, and two to keep for us (one for us, one for Kieran to take someday). Such is life!

The ornaments we got from the swap this year were super cute too, the swap is quickly becoming one of my favorite holiday traditions. (Speaking of which, have you submitted a post to the December Carnival of Natural Parenting? It’s all about your family’s favorite traditions – holiday or otherwise. Submissions are due tomorrow, 12/7!)

Have you made ornaments this year? What were they?

5 Responses to:
"Homemade Gingerbread Man Ornaments"

  1. haha I was going to post that we couldn’t have food hanging from our tree as we have a dog and the tree would be knocked down fairly quickly. But of course they’re not REAL ginger bread men!! lol

    They look lovely and I’m sorry you had trouble with the glue. That must have been maddening!

  2. Lisa   yohographix

    We make ornaments every year! Last year we did simple trees from construction paper with about a ton of glitter, simple so the kids could do them too. This year, they’re a little older so we did felt trees stitched and stuffed to make them poofy, then hot glued (using low temp glue of course) glittery pompoms on them for the ornaments and in a house with two little girls, nothing’s complete unless it has a pound or two of glitter on it! I hand stitched each child’s initials in the back (not-so-great, but decent enough!) and they had a blast! I love to craft and I think handmade ornaments are such a fun tradition. I love doing them with the kids each year. My Monster even surprised me and was very cooperative, especially for a 3 year old!

  3. Ruth

    Yes I have made ornaments but I am NOT going to tell you what they are since YOU are one of the recipients…lol

  4. Lori Ann   simplyla

    Those look great… so sorry about the superglue mishap! We don’t have a tree so aren’t making ornaments but your embroidery-floss problem reminds me of a quilt I made for DD; most of my ties came undone, too. Maybe we’re unaware of some embroidery floss characteristic that makes it bad at receiving knots?!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Oh that would be SO infuriating! I am in the middle of a new project with – yes – embroidery floss. This time I’m trying fray check on the knots, since I know that doesn’t leave gunky residue on anything. Hopefully it will make the knots stay in place.

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