Nine Ideas to Meaningfully Reconnect – A Guest Post

January 28th, 2011 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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Kieran and Tia Tammy taking time to meaningfully reconnect after a long absence.

Think of a time that you have been away from your partner or friend. Days or weeks have passed, and you are anxiously awaiting the moment you will see her (or him). Something important has happened while she was away, and you want nothing more than to hug her close and share your news.

When you see your friend walk through the door, you run up excitedly, completely in the moment. But she has had a long trip, she is frazzled, she would rather just turn the radio on and tune the world out. She gives you a cursory hug, tells you to hurry up, and turns away.

And you are crushed.

Now imagine that your child is the one waiting for her friend, and you are the friend.

It happens, doesn’t it?

This week I have a guest post over at one of my favorite places – PhD in Parenting. Please stop by and read through some suggestions on how to meaningfully reconnect with your child after an absence, and leave your own thoughts in the comments. Thank you!

2 Responses to:
"Nine Ideas to Meaningfully Reconnect – A Guest Post"

  1. Rachel O

    Great post, I enjoyed reading it. My daughter loves to reconnect by nursing when she gets home from daycare.

  2. Tat   muminsearch

    What a great reminder! It does happen, doesn’t it, yet how often we don’t even notice…

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