Natural Parenting Wanderings 2011-02-18

February 18th, 2011 by Dionna | 4 Comments
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I have been meaning to jump on the Sunday Surf bandwagon for months, but I cannot find the time each week to commit to sharing the fabulous posts and sites I’ve come across.1 Instead, I’m going to try to do semi-regular “natural parenting wanderings” – that way I’m not tying myself to a specific day of the week. Isn’t that sneaky? Here’s to hoping this isn’t a one-time deal!

Posts from Around the Natural Parenting Blogosphere

Pre-reading Scrabble game from Fingerpaint & Superheroes

  • Up Days and Down Days: Amy from Anktangle continues her series on balance by describing “up days” (those days you are “on” and can go out and about, doing your normal activities) and “down days” (sick days, stressed-out days, or otherwise low energy days, where you stay home in your pajamas). What do you do on your “down days”? Down days for me usually involve more screen time – but the nice part is that Kieran and I usually watch something together. On any other day when Kieran watches a video, I’m often doing something in another room. So screen time on down days is one way we connect.
  • 5 Playground Lessons I Never Knew I Was Teaching: Suchada from Mama Eve shares some parenting pitfalls that I’m sure many of us have been guilty of. I’m proud to say, however, that I’m one of those parents who allows my child to go up the slide. (Although I will ask him to be respectful of any kids coming down the slide.)
  • Let’s Get a Lactivist on Rachael Ray: Did you see Bethenny Frankel’s appearance on the Rachael Ray Show? Despite being a breastfeeding mama herself, she actually discouraged women from nursing in public. And Rachael Ray nodded along with her. Several breastfeeding supporters have blogged about the episode, and some of them – namely, MamanADroit and Hobo Mama – are trying to get a lactivist on the Rachael Ray Show to give Rachael’s viewers the facts: nursing in public is normal and legal. If you support the right to nurse in public, please check out one of the posts I linked to and write the Rachael Ray Show. MamanADroit and Hobo Mama have sample letters you can use/adapt (and you do not have to put my name in the letter, I know many incredible breastfeeding supporters who would be perfect!).

Ew. Lab meat. Read more at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

  • Growing Meat in a Lab to Solve the Global Food Crisis?!: Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess details one scientist’s quest to solve the world food shortage by growing meat in Erlenmeyer flasks. I agree with Amy’s alternative, “Let’s just stop eating so much meat!” (That’s too simple though, right?)
  • Lying: The Developmental Truth: Dedra, blogging for API Speaks, shares how she learned that lying is actually a very normal part of childhood, and not something that parents automatically need to worry about. “Understanding developmental milestones can give us the information that we need to understand our children and to continue to operate within the framework of AP.” What a great truth! And such an important thing to keep in mind as we strive toward consensual living and/or gentle discipline.
  • 22 Ways to Nurture the Nurturer: Jessica from The Leaks B@@B has compiled a great list of things parents can do to relax. What do you like to do?
  • February Carnival of Natural Parenting: Did you check out the fabulous posts Lauren and I featured in the February Carnival? Our theme was “Parenting Essentials,” and our writers shared stories about the people, gadgets, and qualities they find essential to their parenting journeys. Join us for a future CarNatPar – March’s theme asks writers to make a “Natural Parenting Top 10” list.
  • January Families, Create! Carnival: If you’re feeling creative and want to showcase your skill, take part in the Families, Create! Carnival I’m hosting with Mandy of Living Peacefully with Children. Last month our theme was “Cuddle Up,” and our participants created blankets, baby carriers, home movies, and more. February’s theme is “Heroes and Heroines” – what can your family create to celebrate heroes and heroines?
  • Becoming His Own Person: A poem and a word game, both shared in a post that makes me sniffly.

Highlights from Natural Parents Network

    Activity Bag Ideas at Natural Parents Network

  • What’s Your Philosophy of Education?: Rachael from The Variegated Life encourages all parents to envision what they hope their child’s education will look like. “Whether or not you are an educator and whether or not you see yourself as your child’s primary teacher, knowing your philosophy of education can help you to see and ensure that the day-to-day reality of your child’s education — what he or she is learning and how she is learning it — is aligned with your most heartfelt hopes for him or her.”
  • Toddler and Preschooler Activity Bag Fun!: Kristin from Intrepid Murmurings shares some fantastic ideas for cheap and easy activity bags you can use on the go with your little ones. The best part? This post inspired my local AP group to do an activity bag swap!
  • Being Mommy in the Real World: Laura from WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Front Door offers logical and effective tips to avoid uncomfortable conversations about parenting.

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  1. My inspiration, of course, comes from Hobo Mama, who somehow manages to compile incredible weekly lists and showcase awesome posts, Mamapoekie, who made a cute little widget for Sunday Surfers, and the many other bloggers who find time each week to feature our amazing blogging community.

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"Natural Parenting Wanderings 2011-02-18"

  1. Amy   anktangle

    Thanks for linking to my balance post & series! Our down days definitely have more screen time, too, but I like what you said: usually it involves screen time TOGETHER. I’d love to exchange guest posts, if you’re interested (but no pressure). Let me know!

  2. Didn’t want to self promote without permission on your facebook community but I’m doing a Hand Me Down Surprise Give Away on my blog if it’s ok for me to post let me know or if you want to repost that would be great. Girls clothes 6 months to 12 months.

    “Like” the announcement post on my facebook community to enter to win.
    Thank you!
    Katie Sparkles

  3. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    This is great, Dionna!
    I wrote my first Sunday Surf post today too and gave you, Lauren, and the Carnival of Natural Parenting a shout out at the bottom of the post:

    Happy Sunday!
    Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama

  4. Shannon R   The_ArtsyMama

    I love it Dionna! I too am often in awe of the bloggers that find time to write the Sunday Surfs. I barely find time to do my Wordless Wednesdays. I like it and look forward to more.

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