155 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness

February 28th, 2011 by Dionna | 17 Comments
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Tomorrow starts Code Name: Mama’s March of Kindness – join me and perform one random act of kindness every day in March. Please blog about it, share it on Facebook, and keep us updated every day on your random acts of kindness.

One little act, every day.

Need ideas? We’ve got’em! Here are 31 ideas for acts of kindness for kids, 31 ideas for partners, 31 ideas for friends, 31 ideas for yourself, and 31 ideas for strangers.1

Grab the badge and encourage everyone to March for Kindness.

March of Kindness

31 Acts of Kindness for Our Children

  1. A special surprise mom-kid “date”
  2. When your child does something annoying, let it go instead of correcting or lecturing
  3. A colorful and bright “I love you” note (just like they would make for you) tucked somewhere (lunch box, etc.)
  4. Arrange time for them to dig in the dirt
  5. Put extra/colorful bubbles in their bath
  6. Do something kind for someone else together
  7. Plan an activity so that your little one can make a big mess – without your accompanying frustration at having to clean it up
  8. Have an evening of music and dancing at home
  9. Read extra books at bedtime
  10. Teach them all the different ways to kiss: butterfly, Eskimo, fihsy kisses, etc.
  11. Let them help you do something you normally want to do alone, even though it will take ten times as long
  12. Set up a special “tent” in the living room, complete with materials for a tea party, stuffed animals and books, or whatever would make your child’s eyes light up
  13. Hold a kid’s movie night (at home or out)
  14. Cook their favorite dinner
  15. Have mama-child manicures/pedicures
  16. Work with your child to create fun craft or art projects
  17. Plan special day trips (children’s museum, an out of the way park, etc.)
  18. Try “yes” instead of “no”
  19. Have cake for dinner
  20. Frame one of their drawings and hang it somewhere prominent
  21. Create something for your little one (a book, a shirt, a cape, etc.)
  22. Go on “kid time” for the day, not “adult time” (i.e., spot your preschooler as s/he walks the curb like a tightrope outside of the store, let them walk around at their own pace to examine everything, etc.)
  23. Wear dress up clothes out and about for fun
  24. Let your little one plan meals for the week
  25. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course
  26. Make a scrapbook together
  27. Bake, make cards, or make art for someone else (fire station, neighbor, etc.)
  28. Write your child a letter and put it in the mail
  29. Stop to give random cuddles throughout the day
  30. Take a day off of everything except your child (turn off the TV, computer, etc.)
  31. Have them pick out some special pictures to frame

31 Acts of Kindness for Our Partner

  1. Do one of the chores your partner usually does
  2. Make their favorite meal
  3. Coffee or breakfast in bed
  4. Let them sleep in
  5. Give them a full body massage
  6. Give them a mini massage (shoulders, feet, etc.)
  7. Send a sexy picture (use common sense – no work email, etc.)
  8. Slip a note into their lunch, briefcase, etc.
  9. Buy them something to make life nicer (a new pair of slippers,a body pillow, an audio CD, etc.)
  10. Flirt
  11. Make eye contact and smile throughout the day
  12. Read an article about something your partner is interested in, and have a fun conversation about it
  13. Take them on a date
  14. Give them extra physical contact
  15. Make a list of reasons you love your partner
  16. Plan a special family activity
  17. Work with your kids to make a special card for your partner
  18. Frame a fun picture
  19. Surprise them with a session of love-making in an unexpected location
  20. Wash their car
  21. Arrange for extra cuddle time on the couch
  22. Write a thank you card to thank your partner for all of the little things s/he does for you that you normally don’t acknowledge
  23. Clean an area of the house that your partner usually occupies
  24. Give your partner your full attention whenever s/he talks to you
  25. Mail your partner a love letter
  26. Make your partner a mixed tape
  27. Whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ear at random times
  28. Help your partner with a project s/he hasn’t had time to finish
  29. Give your partner encouragement to do something healthy for him/herself (exercise, eat healthier, etc.)
  30. Do something fun with your partner that you haven’t done in awhile (play a board game, take a walk, etc.)
  31. Pull out old pictures and reminisce

31 Acts of Kindness for Ourselves

  1. Smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful
  2. Bubble bath with candles, music, etc.
  3. Make an appointment for a professional haircut
  4. Lock the bathroom door and take a private bathroom break
  5. Get some real chocolate
  6. Plan a special family activity that you know you’ll all enjoy
  7. Do yoga or meditate
  8. Visit someplace that you enjoy (aquarium, etc.)
  9. Spend some quality time alone – read, drink tea, etc.
  10. Buy yourself a special treat (magazine subscription, new shirt, etc.)
  11. Get a manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.
  12. Make a date with a friend
  13. Rent or attend a movie by yourself
  14. Eat healthier
  15. Find some pictures that make you smile, frame them, and put them up on the walls
  16. Make a list of things you like about yourself
  17. Start that new hobby you’ve been thinking about
  18. Clean out that area of the house that’s been bothering you – and ask your family to help
  19. Look at the area of your home or work where you spend the most time. Do something to that area to make you smile (clean, add a picture, rearrange, etc.)
  20. Start a journal
  21. Finish a project you’ve been putting off
  22. Sign up for a class that interests you
  23. Pay someone to do a task you usually do (file taxes, clean the house, etc.)
  24. Organize an area of life to make your days simpler (your calendar, homeschooling room, bills, etc.)
  25. Make your favorite meal with your child or partner
  26. Connect with an old friend
  27. Forgive yourself
  28. Tour or visit a site that you’ve been curious about
  29. Try a new food
  30. Make something for yourself
  31. Take time to get extra cuddles and kisses

31 Acts of Kindness for Friends

  1. Email them to say that a song or movie (or food or whatever!) reminded you of them
  2. Offer to babysit
  3. Stop by and take care of an outside chore without being asked (shovel, sweep, rake, etc.)
  4. Send a card and tell them why you value their friendship
  5. Listen
  6. Bring them a hot meal
  7. Bring them a frozen meal for another day
  8. Offer to help them with their least favorite chore while they sit down and relax
  9. Send a card or gift to a single friend from their child
  10. Take them out for a treat (drink, pastry, etc.)
  11. Give them a gift certificate for a special treat (manicure, pedicure, etc.)
  12. For a long distance friend, call them – preferably by video
  13. Write and mail a letter
  14. Pick up their mail and bring it to the house, ask how they’re doing when you drop it off
  15. Drop a small practical gift anonymously on their door (firewood, their favorite natural soap, etc.)
  16. Plant flowers in their yard while they are away
  17. Make an extra when you are canning, jarring, baking, etc.
  18. Send a fun/funny gift to their work (balloons, flowers, singing telegram, etc.)
  19. Email them a list of all the reasons you are glad they are your friend
  20. Offer to help them with a project – spring cleaning, decluttering, etc.
  21. Go grocery shopping together – time to chat and help with kids!
  22. Give them something special that fits a hobby (knitting needles, nice yarn, etc.)
  23. Arrange an outing to revisit a place that has meaning to your friendship
  24. Make something special (scrapbook, bracelet, etc.)
  25. Sign up for a special event or class together
  26. Give them a book that has meaning to you
  27. Tell them about the qualities you admire in them
  28. Introduce them to another friend – help them develop a new friendship
  29. Send them pictures of the two of you along with stories from your friendship
  30. Make a date to “make new memories” – bring your camera
  31. Give them a hug and a compliment

31 Acts of Kindness for Strangers

  1. Pay for someone’s coffee
  2. Hold the door open
  3. Write a letter to someone you admire telling them how they have touched your life
  4. Let the person behind you in line at the grocery store go ahead of you
  5. Bake bread and deliver it to a fire station, group home, etc.
  6. Do your own spring cleaning and donate everything to charity
  7. Give cookies to your mail carrier
  8. Give old mittens, coats, and scarves to homeless
  9. Make cards with affirmation statements and pictures (have your child help) and hand them out to strangers
  10. Check out the wanted section of craigslist.org, see if you can fill any of the needs
  11. Give the extra from your garden to neighbors
  12. Smile, make conversation with, and thank store clerks
  13. Clean up a local park
  14. Shovel, sweep, or clean for a neighbor
  15. Visit a nursing home
  16. Return someone’s shopping cart
  17. Stop a parent while tell them how happy their child looks
  18. Give someone else that nice parking spot
  19. Let someone in on the highway
  20. Say something nice to a service person (police officer, security guard, construction worker, etc.)
  21. Fill someone’s car up with gas
  22. Leave an encouraging comment on someone’s blog
  23. Leave your change in a vending machine
  24. Pay the toll for the car behind you
  25. Take flowers from your garden and hand them out at a nursing home or retirement village
  26. Leave anonymous positive notes on your neighbor’s doors
  27. Leave an extra big tip for your server
  28. Mow someone’s lawn
  29. Carry breastfeeding state law cards with you – give one to every nursing mama you see
  30. Entertain a child in line (especially one who is about to have a meltdown)
  31. Make positive small talk with a stranger
  1. For even more ideas on random acts of kindness, go to the Random Acts of Kindness “browse ideas” section.

17 Responses to:
"155 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness"

  1. Kaila

    Love the lists! I love the March of Kindness Idea too!

  2. LOVE this idea! Cant wait to get started!!!

  3. Bridgett Zaidi

    I’m going to to this! I need some postitives in my life. I get so overwhelmed sometimes with life that I forget to enjoy it and my kids while they are still so young.

  4. Alicia C.   amccrenshaw

    I am SO in! Thank you!!!

  5. That is a great idea!! I was thinking of something to add, but you really thought of everything! I love that all of these acts of kindness are so simple and effortless. I mean a simple hug can go a long way!

  6. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    I had been wanting to do something for Random Acts of Kindness week and then never got the chance. SO glad to see I can now take part in this! I love the list of ideas. My sick baby is kind of all consuming right now, but I hope to get up my first RAOK post today! Thanks for organizing such a wonderful thing!

  7. Zoie   touchstonez

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to do this. I’ve been enjoying these opening days of making peace through an extra, mindfully done raok. Hoping to have time to blog about it this weekend. Where do you prefer the links?

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I’m so thankful you are joining us Zoie! As far as links . . . anywhere – this post, FB, they’ve kind of been everywhere. I need to get someone to kindly help me compile them so I can post about everyone. Heh. ;)

  8. Sarah

    What a wonderful list! :)

  9. Some gorgeous ideas in here. Great work on the March of Kindness. I have committed myself to a year of kindness and I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Its so nice to know there are many other people such as yourself out there trying to make the world a kinder place. Thankyou!

  10. Wonderful list. We should be ticking things off this everyday of our lives.

  11. Ang

    For those who are interested, I have a list of 80 acts of kindness ideas for children and families to do during December as an advent count-down to Christmas here: http://angathome.com/2014/11/20/blessing-buddies-80-acts-of-kindness-ideas-for-a-christian-elf-on-the-shelf-alternative/

    • Thank you for the list. I love the ideas to fill the local sandbox with toys and leave coins on vending machines :)

  12. I have used some of your ideas to fill an advent calendar for my class this year to inspire them to go home and do something special rather than get chocolate when they open each door. Much more in the real spirit of advent.

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