Respectful Parents Respectful Kids, Part 3 Discussion

March 6th, 2011 by Dionna | Leave a comment
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Welcome to Code Name: Mama’s second online book club! It is so exciting to be surrounded by parents who are motivated to explore ways in which we can grow and offer our children the best of ourselves. Today is our final discussion of Respectful Parents Respectful Kids by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate, just check out the previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2) for our previous questions, and head on over to the Natural Parents Network forums, to participate in the conversations. Just look for the “Online Book Discussions” folder under “Books and More.”

Respectful Parents Respectful Kids Part 3

In Part 3, the authors provide many different activities for you and your family to explore and practice the concepts we learned from the first two parts of the book. Because there isn’t a lot to summarize for the content, I’m going to leave this week’s thread open – I’d love to hear your experiences with any of the activities in Part 3. Please comment here or on the thread at the NPN forums. And remember – your comment is an automatic entry in the RPRK book giveaway!

Discussion Questions for Part 3

1) Try one of the Family Meeting activities between now and our next discussion (pages 136-151). Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, etc.

2) Try one of the Life-Enriching Practices between now and our next discussion (pages 152-173). Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, etc.

3) Try one of the Peaceful Conflict Resolution activities between now and our next discussion (pages 174-180). Write down your thoughts, feelings, observations, etc.

What other thoughts or questions did you have as you read through Part 3? Please share with us here in the comments and at the Natural Parents Network Forums.

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