March of Kindness – Day 10 Wrap-up Post & Giveaway

March 10th, 2011 by Dionna | 7 Comments
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I didn’t get around to a “Week 1” wrap-up post, so we’ll do a “Day 10” wrap-up instead.

(And if you haven’t grabbed the badge and/or blogged about the March of Kindness, you still have 21 days left in the March of Kindness to do so!)

March of Kindness

A Review of Your RAOKs

The response to the March of Kindness has been phenomenal! I have said this before (are you sick of hearing it yet?), but I feel so blessed to be a part of this community – your capacity for kindness and compassion are inspirational.

Thanks to Marybeth, I have a list of everyone (I hope) who has blogged about the March of Kindness, shared the link on Facebook or Twitter, or shared their own random acts of kindness (RAOK) here or on Facebook.

There have been FORTY blog posts about your RAOKs and the March of Kindness in general. 40!! You have tweeted at least 19 times about the March of Kindness, shared on Facebook about 30 times, and there have been almost 200 comments by people sharing their own RAOKs.1 All of this in the first 10 days.

Here are some of my favorite acts of kindness so far:

  • For oneself: Sasha bought a bag of individually wrapped Andes Mints (her favorite) and tucked them into random diapers as she folded and stacked them. Sasha changes and washes diapers for FOUR children every day (plus mama cloth and family cloth), so now she can look forward to her occasional surprise of minty chocolate goodness.
  • For a partner: Stephanie read her husband the Top 10 Reasons Why Natural Parenting Dads Are So Attractive, gave him and big hug and kiss and said “THANK YOU for everything you do to make our chosen lifestyle that much easier!”
  • For a child: Amanda made a final decision to stop spanking her children and to use different gentle/respectful parenting methods to be a more peaceful parent.
  • For a friend: Mandi made a head cover for a friend who shaved her head for St. Baldrick’s Day.
  • For a family member: Charise spent two hours on the phone with her mom trying to show her how to sign up for gmail and use Skype.
  • For a stranger: Tovah found her neighbors a couch. She searched craigslist for days until she found someone who wanted $100 for a couch, and after she heard about my neighbor (who has no furniture), she gave hers for free (2 acts of kindness in one!!). Then Tovah’s husband carried the couch up a flight of stairs, and they both helped her rearrange the living room to fit it.2

(Scroll to the end for a list of all March of Kindness blog post links)

A RAOK Giveaway!

Our winners will receive liquid hand soap, but it will be just as pretty as this bar of Peacock Republic RAOK soap.

To give a little back to everyone who has been spreading kindness, I am hosting a surprise giveaway! For our first March of Kindness giveaway, Erin of Peacock Republic has generously donated two sets of their “Random Acts of Kindness” liquid hand soaps. The “RAK” soap is a blend of bergamot and orange essential oils, and it is seasonal (which is why I can’t give you a link yet – it’s not reappeared on the website).

Here’s the great thing about Peacock Republic: the company uses organic materials; it uses recycled, reused or resalvaged materials/fibers in production, biodegradable materials/fibers in their products, and recycled cardboard and packing materials in their packaging; manufactures in the USA (or “locally”); is an independently-owned business; uses local suppliers and designers; and donates a portion of all profits to those in need and utilizes a one for one donation model (for each bar or bottle of soap sold, we donate one to those in need) for all soap sales.

How awesome is Peacock Republic?! It sounds like Erin does a RAOK

SO. Let’s select our winners, shall we? I’ve numbered all of the blog posts, tweets, FB shares, comments, etc., and I’m using to select two winners out of the 255 possibilities. The lucky recipients of some lovely organic soap from an environmentally sustainable company are:

69. Dawn Deagle

80. Shannon Riley

Congratulations ladies! I will contact you via Facebook for your shipping info.

Here are links to the blog posts I’ve seen on the March of Kindness. Sorry they’re not pretty, I am rushing trying to get this post published! Please stop by one or more of these blogs – comment on a different post, consider it your own RAOK to encourage another blogger!


Thank you for sharing your RAOKs so far, I look forward to hearing more as the March of Kindness continues.

Photo credit (used for image and for badge): BeverlyLR

  1. These numbers are estimates – the way my info is compiled is not scientific – there’s no time for that! So please be happy with our rough estimates!
  2. Ok, technically, this isn’t a “stranger,” but Tovah also didn’t call the neighbor a “friend,” so I decided it fit.

7 Responses to:
"March of Kindness – Day 10 Wrap-up Post & Giveaway"

  1. Zoie   touchstonez

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this kindness practice. I’m honored to be in such good company. One of the raok, I’ll plan on doing this week is to visit each one of these blogs and leave a comment or two. With all of this goodness going on, I can’t but help think we’re creating a little wedge of peace in the world.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      What a great idea Zoie – thank you!! (I need to make sure I’ve commented on all of them myself – I tried, as I saw them come in, but I’m not 100% certain.)

      • Zoie   touchstonez

        I’m about halfway through and have seen your comments in most of the posts (of course, some may not have approval yet)

        There are some good reads out there! I hope others will do the same and check out some new blogs they may not have come across

      • Zoie   touchstonez

        Whew! I just finished commented on about 50 odd MOK posts. I tried to make them, as much as possible, specific to the post. That was fun. I was so glad to discover some great blogs. I updated my Day 10 page with all the corrected links and ordered them.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      You are AMAZING mama!!

  2. It is so inspiring to read these and see how many people are in on this as well – thank you again for this challenge! It has been such a great month so far in so many ways… :)

  3. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    Thank you so much for including me in your post, and for everything you do, Dionna! It is making such a difference in my life to be part of this natural parents network community, and I can’t believe how you are still keeping up with all of your kindnesses amidst the problems with your home right now! I’m sure it’s a rough week for you, but know that there are so any of us who really appreciate it and are thinking of you.

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