March of Kindness – Day 20 Wrap-up Post & Giveaway

March 20th, 2011 by Dionna | 5 Comments
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We are two-thirds of the way through our March of Kindness! Your stories of kindness and compassion continue to inspire me and each other, thank you for sharing them.

Today’s wrap-up post features some of my favorite acts of kindness from the past ten days, links to blog posts from some of our participants, and another giveaway!

March of Kindness

A Review of Your RAOKs

Here are some of my favorite acts of kindness so far:

  • For oneself: I started cleaning out email inboxes, and I made it so that all of my 3 email accounts go to one place – I spend entirely too much time with email, so I’m trying to simplify life. (Yep, this one is mine!)
  • For a partner: Megan Loukota: My daughter was splashing in the bath tub, and she and my husband were having a power struggle about keeping water in the tub. I told my husband to just have a splash fight with our daughter instead of continuing the power struggle, and I would clean the mess up.
  • For a child: Marie Ann: I’m a cashier at a grocery store, and whenever I have a young child eager to help, I let them help me ring up their groceries at the register. It makes me feel good, and I always get a thank you from the parents.
  • For a friend: Mama’s Felt Cafe: I went grocery shopping for a friend who has a sick baby and husband.
  • For a family member: Ashley Kohl Scoggins Smith: I pumped for my sister’s new baby instead of my milk baby, and I bought food for her and my mom. I also helped her with the baby and reassured her that she was making what the baby needed. By the time I left she decided that the pump would stay in the closet and she would nurse the baby all night. She was so happy that I could help her. I was happy I could help her too.
  • For a stranger: Becoming Crunchy: I stopped to chat with an old man on my walk through the park today…I needed to get home but it was obvious he wanted someone just to have a friendly conversation, so I made the time for it.

Some RAOKs from Your Kids

  • Michelle Merritt shared: My son (2.1 years old) had a RAOK today. At the park he saw another little two year old boy who was upset (his mommy was telling him to just throw his fit, she didn’t care), and my little guy kept saying “crying.” So he grabbed one of his pear slices and walked over to the boy and gave him one and then hugged him. Totally unprompted by me! I told my son how nice I thought that was and that he made that other boy feel better. Made my day!
  • Emily Bartnikowski’s son recently learned to kiss and gives them out randomly and freely.
  • Cassie Woodliff: My son prompted me to wash towels and helped clean the bathroom floor (when he plugged the sink drain while washing his hands, causing gallons of water to spill from the sink.)
  • Kat’s 3 year old girl is so sweet to her baby brother. Whenever he cries she looks at Kat and says, “I think he’s hungry momma, will you feed him boobies?” If that doesn’t work she goes and gets him her favorite toys to hold and chew on. She sings him songs to help him feel better. Even when she is acting like “terrible three” to me, Kat knows it is just a phase, because her daughter is consistently gentle and loving with her “baby baby.”
  • Molly Uncensored shared: My 23-month-old wakes me up with cookies and kisses. One time she woke me up by putting a spatula down her diaper and using it to rub poop on me, but she mostly wakes me up with candy or cookies and kisses. (Daddy has a stash of junk food in a drawer by the bed and she raids it in the mornings)
  • Rachelle Martin: My grandfather (Little I’s “PeePaw”) was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He started chemo a couple weeks ago, and as a result his blood count is low and his immune system is damaged. This means that none of his grandkids or great-grandkids can come visit him or my grandma at their house because they might get him sick. This has been especially hard on my grandma (Little I’s “MeeMaw”) and she has been getting depressed. Today, my mom was taking her grocery shopping, and Little I and I decided it would be great fun to go surprise them so that “MeeMaw” could get some time with him. We all spent an hour walking around with her at Marc’s and she was so happy.

(Scroll to the end for a list of all March of Kindness blog post links)

A RAOK Giveaway!

Mamas, this giveaway is AMAZING. Teresa, author of Mom Grooves and owner of Rock Paper Tree, contacted me the day she heard about the March of Kindness. She wanted to give “a little something” to one of the people who participated this month. Imagine my surprise when she emailed to let me know that she is donating the Goddess Mama Gift Set. “A little something” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Goddess Mama Gift Set from

Included in the Goddess Mama Gift Set is:

  • A 100% pure beeswax aromatherapy travel candle in a recycled tin. The therapeutic aromatherapy blend combines only the finest essential oils with the purest beeswax. Absolutely no fragrance or synthetic scents are used. The wick is made of 100% cotton and contains no lead or metal. This candle is called “Vitality“: Lemongrass-Grapefruit is a zesty, refreshing fusion that stimulates the senses and restores the spirit.
  • Jodi Bergsma Journal: Printed on wood-free paper. The journal features pages lined on one side, unlined on reverse, with various quotes throughout. Elastic band closure.
  • Clear Quartz Wand with rainbow inclusions.
  • Z’s Remedies: Pure Joy (1/3 oz): Great for depression and low energy! Shake well and put on wrists and temples. Ingredients: lemongrass, lavender, orange, frankincense & lotion.
    (“Pure Joy” is trademarked by Z’s remedies.)
  • Sinamay Natural Organza Mesh Bags are hand made from natural fibers. These Eco-Friendly products are made by artisans in remote villages around the world – creating jobs and fair wages for hard working communities.

So what lucky mama gets this amazing giveaway? I’ve numbered all of the blog posts, tweets, FB shares, comments, etc., and I’m using to select two winners out of the 123 possibilities.

The winner of Rock Paper Tree’s Goddess Mama Gift Set is:

Zoie of TouchstoneZ!

By the way, Zoie commented on every single blog post from the Day 10 Wrap-up. Please stop by her site and give her some comment love too!

Here are links to the blog posts I’ve seen on the March of Kindness.

Please stop by one or more of these blogs – comment on a different post, consider it your own RAOK to encourage another blogger.

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"March of Kindness – Day 20 Wrap-up Post & Giveaway"

  1. Kelly   BecomingCrunchy

    Thanks for the shout out in this post – love reading the updates – and LOVE the kids ones! I have a huge grin on my face from reading those. :D

    And yay for Zoie too – she totally deserves it!

  2. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    I love hearing about people’s acts of kindness – so inspiring! Thank you for linking to my blog also!

  3. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ   TouchstoneZ

    Wow! This is awesome! Thank you so much Rock Paper Tree and Code Name: Mama!

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