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March 22nd, 2011 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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You guys, I want to go on a shopping spree, and it’s not even the holidays. I recently discovered a little WAHM-owned business called Natural Family Supplies. It was started by a couple (Nicole and Jeremiah) who were searching for eco-friendly products for their third baby, and it has blossomed into a shop that carries natural products for the entire family. From cloth diapers to natural products for the laundry to eco-friendly goodies for mamas, Natural Family Supplies has a little something for everyone.

Nicole, the owner, is a super sweet mama, and I’m really pleased that she is Code Name: Mama’s newest sponsor. I asked Nicole a few questions about her business, read below to find out a few of my favorite products plus some things that you can’t learn on Nicole’s About page. And read to the end for a special coupon code for Code Name: Mama readers!

A Few of My Natural Family Supplies Favorite Things

Wool dryer balls - aren't they pretty?! I am a sucker for rainbow colors.

First and foremost, I am in love with this set of six rainbow colored wool dryer balls. We stopped using dryer sheets before Kieran was born, and I’ve longed for something natural that would reduce static. Wool dryer balls are supposed to do just that, but as an added bonus, they should also reduce drying time, thereby saving you money and time.

You can read more about wool dryer balls at Nicole’s blog, including the benefits for cloth diaper laundry!

Glow in the Dark Softdough - it's only $4.25!

Kieran would get a huge kick out of the Glow in the Dark Mary’s Softdough.

I think I might have a hard time getting it away from Tom, though.

Have you ever played with glow in the dark dough? What a fun experience!

Sarah's Silks Soft Swords

Last year we got Kieran a couple of foam swords. They have been used in some incredibly creative make-believe play – we’ve fought monsters, rescued princes and princesses, played pirates, gone fishing, used them as railroad crossings, and more. The other day, a chunk got gouged out of one of his swords. Kieran cried like his little heart was broken.

I would love to find soft sword replacements that were sturdier than the foam ones we currently own – these are great!

Cooking in style!

Kieran has quite a few Plan Toys – he’s enjoyed the Hammer Peg toy, the Miracle Pounding toy, and the bread set.

His wooden kitchen has consistently been one of his favorite play areas, and I know he’d get a kick out of cooking with the Plan Toys Cooking Utensils set.

What would YOU buy from Natural Family Supplies? Keep reading for a special coupon code!

Meet Nicole, WAHM and Owner of Natural Family Supplies

How do you choose which companies/products you sell through Natural Family Supplies?

Nicole: We choose products based on what we use in our own home, with our own family. For instance, we carry a lot of natural and beeswax art supplies because of our experiences in homeschooling. When we were using a Waldorf curriculum, it called for certain supplies. After using them, we learned how high quality they are, and what a difference they made for the children’s work. We decided to sell them. We also sell cloth diapers because we are a cloth diapering family, natural laundry supplies – we aren’t big fans of all the chemicals in conventional detergents, and reusable items because we try not to create much waste. Truly, the products we sell are the products we know and love!

If you had to choose only three products you could keep that you carry in your shop, which ones and why?

Nicole: I had to think about this one a lot! Okay, I would keep our wool dryer balls. They are fanatastic at cutting down on drying time, and scenting them with essential oil is so much fun! I can have tangerine scented laundry one week, lavender the next, sandalwood if I want. I really enjoy using them and carrying them, and folks seem to love them a lot!

Robot Envirosax reusable bag

Next I would choose our Envirosax. I use them everyday for groceries, the library, carring my laptop and camera and snacks. They are so easy to bring along because they roll up so tiny! Plus, they are totally gorgeous and can be easily slung over my shoulder if I’m carrying the baby, or a stack of boxes to the post office. My daughters also use them for school. They bring home their gym shoes or library books or whatever other odds and ends they pick up over the course of the day!

The third item I would choose is our SKOY cloths. We cut paper products out of our lives a few years ago, and these are an amazing alternative to paper towels. I like them for easy clean-up of any kitchen mess, or even for baby’s face. They are soft, strong and wash up perfectly. They can even be sanitized in a microwave, and I’ve also heard of mamas boiling them. I also like that SKOY cloths encourage folks with paper towel “habits” to make an easy change! It’s good for the earth and good for the pocketbook.

Is there anything not on your “About” page that you’d like my readers to know?

Nicole: Yes! I truly believe that the only constant in life is change. So, with that being said I’d like readers to know that I am a work in progress, as is our shop. I will be changing up and adding to our inventory often to keep it fresh and fun. And while I love to work from home, I also love to get out in public, so this summer we’ll be at the Breckenridge (CO) Sunday Market, and hopefully a couple of other locations and festivals as well. Our “mobile shop” has really yet to get off the ground, so in the coming months I hope to get out more and do that. I think our future is really exciting!

What is the best part about being a WAHM?

Nicole: I love the flexibility and freedom of working from home, and I love that my shop is mobile so I can travel a bit and visit friends and family. I love to be able to drop what I’m doing at any time and care for my children or play or go for a walk. I love that I can still nurse my 14 month old on demand and don’t have to worry about putting him in childcare or finding a babysitter. So many things to love! It really is great to be a Work At Home Mama!

What are your plans for Natural Family Supplies?

Nicole: I am currently working on a project to bring a wide variety of new, natural and organic products into the shop. If all goes well, our inventory will grow quite a bit. I am also planning to add my husband’s natural furniture into the shop. For years, he has built beautiful, artistic furniture from reclaimed lumber. We haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but we hope to carry some in-stock pieces, as well as ideas for custom orders. Natural Family Supplies hopes to get out a lot more in the coming months too – so, if you live in Colorado, or plan to visit the high country, look for us at markets and festivals.

Coupon Code

I am super excited that Nicole has agreed to advertise with Code Name: Mama. Her values and products align with those of many of my readers, I hope you all stop by and check them out. And for a limited time, Code Name: Mama readers get 15% off of their total orders by entering code cnmama when checking out.

Connect with Natural Family Supplies

You can find Natural Family Supplies online, on their Facebook fan page, and on Nicole’s blog (Mountaintop Tribe).


Disclosure: Code Name: Mama and Natural Family Supplies are in an advertising relationship. As with reviews and giveaways, I try to seek out companies that I think you would find relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent. If I don’t like a product or company, I won’t be recommending it to you.

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  1. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    This sounds like such a wonderful business! I can’t wait to do some online shopping and connect with them. Thank you for sharing.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Nicole has been excellent to work with, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Natural Family Supplies from readers!

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