March of Kindness – Final Wrap-up Post & Giveaways

March 31st, 2011 by Dionna | 9 Comments
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March of Kindness

We made it! A full March of Kindness. Your stories of kindness and compassion were incredibly inspirational – I know they were, because I read updates and posts from people who were inspired by others who were participating. My favorite stories were the acts of kindness by our children. If the only effect of this month was to model kindness for our children, I will be fully satisfied. I do hope some of you will join me in continuing our acts of kindness, whether you concentrate on doing an act a day, or simply as the opportunity arises. We can all use a little more kindness in our lives.

Today’s wrap-up post features some of my favorite acts of kindness from the past eleven days, links to blog posts from some of our participants, and tons of giveaways!

A Review of Your RAOKs

Here are some of my favorite acts of kindness so far:

  • For oneself: Heidelinda – When I felt the heat of frustration rising, I spoke in a softer tone to my kids. I relieved myself of the pain of potential guilt from raising my voice out of frustration. And, of course, my sweet little people were much happier too! A double bonus for me! I’m learning that I must include myself in this random act of kindness, in order to be able to do more of them for others!
  • For a partner: Lauren – I wrote my husband and love letter and put it in the mail – he should get it in a few days.
  • For a child: Randa – I helped a little boy at the store. He apparently had dropped his five dollars, and he was so upset and his mom was being nasty and griping about him losing it. He looked to be about five years old, and he was crying making the mom even more upset, so I walked up to him and showed him $5 and asked him if that was his money that I “found” on the floor! His face lit up and he was so happy!
  • For a friend: Christa – I have a friend who was quite sick and having a rough time in another state, so I ordered them dinner and had it delivered to them.
  • For a family member: Marie Ann – I woke up at 6:30 am to take my sister to school and parents to work after working until 11:30 pm the night before. Having one car is difficult for three working adults.
  • For a stranger: Alicia of McCrenshaw – I helped the mom of a toddler who was having a complete meltdown (the toddler) get through it without using threats, hitting, bribery, etc. at the library today. She thanked me for showing her a different way to deal with her little guy’s bad days. I’m thrilled that she not only allowed me to help, but thanked me. She has my number and will be calling for a playdate soon. (Read the whole story at the link!)

Some RAOKs from Your Kids

  • Sandra Vince shared: Yesterday when we were leaving the post office, a postal worker was taking a dolly of packages out to the truck. It fell over and packages went everywhere. My five-year-old daughter went up to him and asked if he was ok and offered to help pick them up.
  • From Tamesin: This evening Rory asked for a bedtime lullaby. I sang a favourite and he looked like he was almost off to nod. Then he opened one eye and whispered ‘I want you to sing a song for Rose!’ (Rose is the name of his sister-to-be)
  • Teresa of Mom Grooves: My daughter made a couple of special cards for people just randomly.
  • Charise of I Thought I Knew Mama: I was the recipient of my nine month old son’s AOKs today. He would stop playing every two minutes or so and give me a giant hug. He did this over and over and over again and I don’t think anything in the world could have made me happier.
  • Tracy: My mail lady is up in age, so she gets tired out alot by the end of her route. And we are the second to last house on it. My daughter saw her and decided that she needed a big cup of cold water. So she brought her a nice cold cup of it. The mail lady was so greatfull and said it was exactly what she needed because her mouth was very dry.
  • Another from Tamesin: The zipper on my M Coat broke. I cried because #1 it was expensive #2 I was stuck in it and #3 I am horribly hormonal! My lovely son (who is only three years old) told me is was ok, tried to fix my zipper and when he realised he couldn’t, he went and got me a tissue. When he gave me the tissue he hugged me and kissed me!

(Scroll to the end for a list of all March of Kindness blog post links)

Our final RAOK Giveaways!

For our last March of Kindness giveaways, we have a TON of stuff. First of all, thank you to Zoie of Touchstone Z – she won the giveaway from our Day 20 wrap-up, and to pay it forward, she bought two $20 gift certificates to some amazing Etsy shops. Thank you Zoie!!

Also, thank you to Nicole of Natural Family Supplies – I told her I was going to buy a tub of glow-in-the-dark softdough for one of our winners, and she has pitched in the shipping cost. Awesome!!

So without further ado, let’s look at our amazing prizes, and choose FIVE winners!

Cashmere Cuddles

Cashmere Cuddles X Sling Carrier

Teri of Cashmere Cuddles is a historian, certified birth doula, childbirth and babywearing educator, and natural parenting mom to two boys. She discovered babywearing when she had her first son, and she made her first carrier when she had her second son. With a toddler in tow, she didn’t have the time or patience to tie a long wrap, and her infant was not content in the other carriers she had. she designed her x-sling carrier to give her son a comfortable leg position and her a quick solution for carrying him. Her friends liked the carrier as much as her son did. So at their urging, she made more and opened her shop.

The Cashmere Cuddles Etsy shop is stocked with products handmade by Teri, using high quality materials. The shop features children’s whimsy items such as superhero capes, velvet cloaks, organza tutus and doll carriers, as well as a variety of fashionable and functional baby carriers for moms on the go. Ter’s unique x-sling carrier design comes in a variety of fabrics from cashmere to organic cotton and can be special ordered in whatever colors and patterns suit your own sense of style. She makes traditional wrap and mei tai styles by special order as well.

Zoie of Touchstone Z is buying one lucky winner a $20 gift certificate to Cashere Cuddles.

Natural Family Supplies

Glow in the Dark Softdough at Natural Family Supplies

Natural Family Supplies was started by a couple (Nicole and Jeremiah) who were searching for eco-friendly products for their third baby, and it has blossomed into a shop that carries natural products for the entire family. From cloth diapers to natural products for the laundry to eco-friendly goodies for mamas, Natural Family Supplies has a little something for everyone. Be sure to read all about Nicole and her WAH store, and right now Code Name: Mama readers get 15% off of everything – coupon code is at the link.

I am buying one lucky winner a tub of Glow-in-the-dark Softdough from Natural Family Supplies (I’m also getting one for Kieran – how fun!).

Peacock Republic

Our winners will receive liquid hand soap, but it will be just as pretty as this bar of Peacock Republic RAOK soap.

If you’ve been following along, you may remember that we already gave away two sets of “Random Acts of Kindness” liquid hand soaps from Peacock Republic. Well, Erin of Peacock Republic has generously donated two MORE sets! The “RAK” soap is a blend of bergamot and orange essential oils, and it is seasonal (which is why I can’t give you a link yet – it’s not reappeared on the website).

Here’s the great thing about Peacock Republic: the company uses organic materials; it uses recycled, reused or resalvaged materials/fibers in production, biodegradable materials/fibers in their products, and recycled cardboard and packing materials in their packaging; manufactures in the USA (or “locally”); is an independently-owned business; uses local suppliers and designers; and donates a portion of all profits to those in need and utilizes a one for one donation model (for each bar or bottle of soap sold, we donate one to those in need) for all soap sales.

How awesome is Peacock Republic?! It sounds like Erin does a RAOK


Syrendell inspires the creative spirit through offering natural products, arts and aromatherapy workshops, lessons, and consulting. We strive to support families who are homeschooling and those who want to incorporate more Waldorf-inspired, artistic activities for their children. Jennifer and Rick Tan are educators and artists who enjoy spinning yarn, naturally dyeing streamer sticks, writing eBooks on fiber arts and more through their Etsy shop. More information about Syrendell available at and Come follow their blog for inspiration! They are also on Facebook.

Zoie of Touchstone Z is buying one lucky winner a $20 gift certificate to Cashere Cuddles.

Our Winners!

So what lucky mamas get these amazing giveaways? I’ve numbered all of the blog posts, tweets, FB shares, comments, etc. throughout the month, and I’m using to select five winners. I’ll pull two people out of the last third of our March of Kindness (128 possibilities), and the other three people from all of the posts/etc. for the whole months (527 total possiblities). Here are the winners, along with what they’ve won:

Cashmere Cuddles $20 Gift Certificate: Tamesin Grosset
Natural Family Supplies Glow-in-the-Dark Softdough: Rachelle Martin
Peacock RAOK Soap Set #1: Randa Childers Boggs
Peacock RAOK Soap Set #2: Charise Rohm Nulsen
Syrendell $20 Gift Certificate: Alicia Crenshaw


Here are links to the blog posts I’ve seen on the March of Kindness in the last eleven days.

Please stop by one or more of these blogs – comment on a different post, consider it your own RAOK to encourage another blogger.

A Ruby Sunrise
Adventures in Mommyhood
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Becoming Crunchy
Garden Variety Mama
McCrenshaw (2)
McCrenshaw (3)
Mom Grooves
Mom Grooves (2)
Purple Dancing Dahlias
Red Leg Six
The Rockin’ Momma Blog
Touchstone Z
Yay for Home

9 Responses to:
"March of Kindness – Final Wrap-up Post & Giveaways"

  1. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    Thank you so much, Dionna and Peacock Republic! I’m so excited that I won ;-)

    Also, Dionna, thank you for hosting the March of Kindness. I really enjoyed it! I’ll be posting my March of Kindness wrapup today whenever I get some time to write.

  2. Thanks so much Dionna and Zoie from Touchstone Z!! I am very touched and so excited about spending my voucher at Cashmere Cuddles!
    Tami (aka Tamesin!)

  3. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ   TouchstoneZ

    Yay! Congratulations Tammi and Alicia! Thank you Rock Paper Tree for my gift set and to the other companies for donating gifts. Thank you Dionna for everything this month. It has been such a fun month. I’m going to finish up this month commenting on all the wrap up posts. See y’all online soon!

    My wrap up post is scheduled to go live tomorrow:

    Oh, and can you please correct the links to Syrendell? There giving the 404 error. Thanks! :)

  4. I find that through March I’ve held more doors open for people and left more blog comments, even simple ones. I know how nice it is to know that someone read our blog.

    I’m trying to take March as habit-forming and continue those things.

  5. Rachelle   MommyofLittleI

    Oh, wow! Just realized that I won! (And this is my second time reading this, haha)Thank you so much Dionna and Nicole from Natural Family Supplies!

    I am very sure that Little I will LOVE the soft dough!

    He has been a huge factor in all of my RAOK’s–He always is–so it is very fitting that this prize is more geared toward him (although I’m sure I’ll be playing with it a lot, too.)

  6. Alicia C.   amccrenshaw

    Thanks for the great mention and for this wonderful meme. I had a wonderful time and the good karma that came back to me was amazing. I’m continuing on with the RAOK’s. I met some great people, cleaned up my community, and made my family, friends, and strangers feel better.

    And a special thanks to Zoie of Touchstone Z! She has commented on every one of my March of Kindness posts and included them in a linky list on her blog – how great is that. AND I see I have won one of the Etsy gift certificates that she donated!

    (Dionna – my email address is ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com. Please let me know how to go about claiming that GC. I have the things all picked out! Streamers for my little guy and some beautiful yarn to make a scarf for my sister!)

  7. Zoie @ TouchstoneZ   TouchstoneZ

    Okay, did I comment on everyone’s blog posts? If I missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll pop on by :)

    Thanks again for creating this community, Dionna!

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