Who Knew Three Would Be So Hard?!

April 4th, 2011 by Dionna | 10 Comments
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2011-01-25 01

I have a confession to make to my fellow gentle parents. I find the “three-year-old” age much harder than the “two-year-old” age.

Holy. Night. Dear readers, I have been at my wit’s end this past week – what with the smoke damage to our house, the resulting stress from the clean-up, the hotel, the not having a kitchen (a.k.a. the crap food) for over a week now, the Carnival of Natural Parenting, other deadlines and activities that fell right in the middle of the mess, and the fact that our three-year-old son, Kieran, has been just as stressed about everything as I have been. Suffice to say that I have had several parenting moments that I would not want televised.


Want to read more about my awful parenting moments? (wink wink) I have a guest post up today at Mama Eve – I’d love for you to wander over there and read “Three” Is the New “Two.” When you’re done leaving your thoughts on my piece, stay for awhile and poke around Suchada’s site – and tell her Dionna sent you!

Some of my personal favorite posts she’s written are:

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And stay tuned, I’ll be hosting a guest post from Suchada here on Code Name: Mama this Thursday, April 7. Please stop by and say hello to her!

10 Responses to:
"Who Knew Three Would Be So Hard?!"

  1. Jen   growwithgraces

    I could not agree with you more on 3 being harder than 2. It was for both of my first two. Maybe by the time the third is 3, I’ll have figure out a way to tame the fierceness of being 3. ha!

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Hey let us all know if you figure it out Jen – you could stand to make lots of money ;)

  2. Jennifer

    First of all, LOVE the picture of Kieran! I could have snapped that same photo of my son many, many times over. And oddly, when I see sweet Kieran’s face all scrunched up in anger/frustration/hormones it actually gives me a giggle. I can’t remember being three, but I can vividly remember being a teenager, and I remember being so angry and frustrated, and that so many people just didn’t UNDERSTAND me. Can we identify and empathize better with them if we put ourselves in their shoes a bit more?

    I loved your post. My 2.75 yo son is in the same boat. His twos were actually great compared to most. I was patting myself on the back, all smug because he was so communicative, not very rebellious, so accepting of the empathy that poured out of my attachment parenting self. But then he stopped being two and started being three and nothing worked any more. He is exhibiting all those things you listed (not listening, the controlling everyone else’s behavior, changing his mind so that everyone loses, etc. And just to add to the fun, he gave up his nap.) Now I’m eating humble pie and wondering if I really want a second child…

    Thank you for sharing – it does help to know that others are going through this, too, and that “four may be the new babymoon”…

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      That is SUCH a good point, about remember to put ourselves in their shoes. I did that a lot more when he was two – I think I was just more understanding in general b/c he was still so babyish. And now that he’s more verbal/mature/etc., I expect more than should be expected, because . . . he’s only three!

      You and I sound a lot alike ;) It’s good to know there are others going through the same thing!

  3. karyn   kloppenmum

    Three is definitely harder than two. It’s because they have a sense of the word “I” which they don’t have earlier on. A three and a half year old is one of the most challenging people on the planet. It *is* hard to stay calm and composed, and maintain the boundaries they need. Good luck. :)

  4. April

    hahaha!! BTDT… and I feel the SAME WAY. (:
    Three is waaayyyy harder than two. I kept wondering what all the fuss was about with the “terrible twos” comments. But it was 3 that really challenged me.
    But, *sigh, then 4 came along. Just wait. It gets, er, … more.

  5. Jen   diplomom08

    I LOVE the picture of Kieran! Well, in some respects 3 is easier than 2, but ONLY because things may be calming down with me. I think that 2 was harder for me due to Peter spending a good portion of time in Iraq and then my health issue.

    On the other hand, I have had some unpublishable (I like that description) moments with my older daughters. We can have really great moments and then other times I just completely break down. I guess the only good thing is that I am reminded how far an apology can go…Sigh, now I probably sound like a terrible mother, but the past 9 months have just been so stressful…and I wish I could help you out, as you have given so much to me!

  6. kelly @kellynaturally   kellynaturally

    I found 2.5 – 3.5 to be the most continually challenging age bracket so far – for both of my children. I thought, when my first hit that age stage, that it was because I also had a new baby in the house. But, now that my son has just made his way through it (he’ll be 4 very soon!), without another baby in the house, it wasn’t really that. It’s the age. 3 is just hard. It’s all about the autonomy v. stillwanttobemommysbaby tug of war.

  7. Amber   AmberStrocel

    My kids are 3 1/2 years apart. This means that most of my worst parenting moments happened when my daughter was 3 years old and I was heavily pregnant. I spent A LOT of time freaking out about how I was going to handle two. Luckily, though, she mostly came out of the worst of it right around the time her little brother was born. Plus, I didn’t have the pregnancy hormones either, which probably helped.

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