Creating Adventure

June 26th, 2011 by Dionna | 3 Comments
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This post was written for the June Families, Create! blog carnival. This month our theme is Adventure. Be sure to check out our full list of upcoming themes. July will be Swashbucklers!

Kieran’s Tia Tammy and Tio Darin (my sister and our friend) visited this weekend, and we decided to see what kind of last minute adventure we could have on Sunday before they left. For absolutely no planning, we had a blast! Here’s what we did:

We started at Kansas City’s Crown Center, where kids can enjoy a run through the fountains all summer long. Kieran was hesitant at first, because the fountains can get very high. But once Tammy and I came closer to cheer him on, he was fearless.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that at 12:00p.m. daily, the fountains become a music and water show spectacular – classical music was piped in on loudspeakers, and the fountains were set to the rhythm. All of the children sat back in awe. It was a treat!

2011-06-26 03

After Kieran got dried off, we waited for the KC Max bus to take us to the Plaza. We had picnic plans at the Nelson, and we wanted to continue our adventure via public transportation. Tom was nice enough to drive the car with the cooler.

2011-06-26 04

The Max was running a little late, so Kieran and papa ran around one of the (ahem) unique sculptures that graces the grounds of Crown Center.

2011-06-26 05

Kieran has ridden the city bus once before, during a co-op class last summer, so it was still a novel experience for him. He giggled and hammed it up as the bus bounced through the streets. He wanted to take a goofy picture – here it is!

2011-06-26 06

We finally reached our picnic spot – it was in a playground across the street from the Nelson, and it was a perfect location. We had a picnic table for lunch, a playground for Kieran’s excess energy, and plenty of green space to play football.

All in all it was a wonderful adventure!

What kind of adventure did your family create this month? Blog about it on/before June 30 and submit your piece to the Families, Create! carnival – details at the link.

June’s theme for the Families Create! challenge was adventure, and our participants didn’t have to go far to find some. Check out these adventures that were found in the backyard or around town:

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  • Carrie at Love Notes Mama writes about a sensory adventures you can take in the rain without ever leaving home.
  • Hannah @ WildParenting discovered that being outdoors with your kids is bound to turn into an adventure when their family decided to try camping together.
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  • Dionna at Code Name: Mama and her family created an impromptu summer adventure complete with water play, a bus ride, and a picnic.
  • Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children built a backyard fire pit with the help of her children, which necessitated the ultimate campfire accessory – marshmallows!
  • Please join the Families Create! Make and Play Challenge in July. This month’s theme is swashbucklers!

3 Responses to:
"Creating Adventure"

  1. MomAgain@40   karentoittoit

    That’s a great adventure! We should make time for lots of it! Thanks for sharing!
    It doesn’t have to involve going to a place! We could also have an adventure at home, I’m sure! :D

  2. Oh, this makes me so nostalgic for city living; for the wonderful surprises, the arts and creative adventures always around the corner. Plus, the buses! Even a bus ride is an adventure with a child in tow.

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