Reducing Access to the Breast Without Night Weaning – Guest Post

August 2nd, 2011 by Dionna | Comments Off on Reducing Access to the Breast Without Night Weaning – Guest Post
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Many women understandably night wean during pregnancy to give themselves a break from daytime feeds, to get more rest, to prepare for the new baby, etc. But because Kieran only nurses at night, I knew that if I night weaned when I got pregnant, I’d likely end up weaning Kieran prematurely. On the other hand, I’ve been craving more space for myself at night – both because of my growing belly, and because of the nursing “heebie jeebies” many pregnant mothers experience.

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I’m guest posting today over at Hobo Mama about how I reduced access to the breast at night for Kieran without night weaning him. Please stop by and read, Lauren is a wonderful blogger and a good friend. She also has an adorable new baby, so she’s recently been through some of these same pregnancy/breastfeeding dilemmas herself.

If you are writing to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, be sure to link up! Natural Parents Network is hosting a linky to gather all of the posts written August 1-7 during WBW.

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