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September 15th, 2011 by Dionna | Comments Off on Mama and Baby Love
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Have you visited Mama and Baby LOVE? Stephanie, the mama behind Mama and Baby Love, created the website to connect with other women who are interested in Natural Parenting, Yoga, Real Food, DIY, and Travel.

Stephanie started the website Mama and Baby LOVE in May 2010, because she was spending a lot of time on the computer while she exclusively pumped for her daughter, Penelope. She quickly realized that her blog could be more than just a creative outlet and could help other mothers. She wanted a way to continue to help mothers like she did she when owned her yoga studio, taught childbirth classes, and attended births as Doula. She especially wanted to get the word out about her extreme breastfeeding difficulties and everything she did to finally get her daughter to be able to nurse at five months old.

At Mama and Baby Love, you can find so many resources to help you on your own mothering journey. Stephanie writes and shares information on many subjects: easy ways to cook and use organic foods, incorporating yoga into your daily routine, living mindfully, travel, and more. Making change is such a long process, and Stephanie hopes her blog is a longstanding resource for wherever mothers are on their journeys. (And don’t worry, this mama keeps it real – she is always candid about her own imperfections. We all know that sharing and commiserating can ease some of the mothering stress and anxiety to be perfect!)

If you haven’t yet visited Mama and Baby LOVE, let me point you to a few of my favorite features:

  1. In the “Real Food” section, find everything from recipes and easy freezer meal ideas to information on baby/toddler nutrition. For all you breastfeeding mamas, be sure to try her recipe for Lactation Cookies!
  2. Interested in yoga? You’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all kinds of tips and how-to’s for a great yoga practice, including 10 Ways to Add Yoga to Your Daily Life, 2 Minute Mama Yoga, all kinds of articles on baby and toddler yoga, and – wait for it – Farts and Yoga. (I told you she was being real, right?!)
  3. Stephanie was also nice enough to help me out with some yoga poses designed to help my pregnancy-related back pain – all you pregnant mamas – try them!
  4. There is a whole section of articles on natural parenting, where you can find recipes for homemade cleaners, reflections and tips for mindful parenting, resources on breastfeeding and pumping, and fun light-hearted articles that many mamas will identify with.

I asked Stephanie to share three quick pointers with Code Name: Mama readers who would like to start living more consciously. This was her response:

    1. Consider your priorities. Think about the things in your life that really make you happy and fulfilled. Then do whatever you need to do to make those things happen. Some call it Finding your Bliss. For Stephanie, travel and staying home for her daughter is really important; they have to totally shifted their life and made sacrifices in other areas to make that a priority.

    2. Take care of yourself. You cannot be a good mother or a good person if you are not taking time out of your life to take care of you. If you don’t do it, no one else will. Get a massage, go to a yoga class, take a bath, whatever it takes. For Stephanie, this also means taking care of her mental health; whenever she is feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, she gets on it. She talks to someone – a therapist or an energy healer – right away.

    3. Be mindful and conscious.
    Whereever you are at in your parenting and personal journey, start putting your full attention to whatever you are doing. Be present in the moment. The specific ways in which we decide to parent do not really matter, only that we are present in each moment and bring unconditional love into it. Stephanie is no Zen Master, but she tries to be a little bit more mindful and present in everything she does, every day.

    I am honored that Stephanie has chosen Code Name: Mama as one of her very first advertising platforms – please help me encourage her efforts by clicking over to her site and saying hello! And if you haven’t yet, please “like” her on Facebook.

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