That’s Just Love Sneaking Up On You – Guest Post

September 16th, 2011 by Dionna | Leave a comment
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When we found out we were pregnant with our first son, Kieran, I started falling in love with him from the moment we saw those two lines appear. Love was easy, it was uncomplicated.

This second time around, even after 21 months spent trying to conceive, love has been much more elusive. After the typical panic attacks about how a second child will change our family, followed by the heartache of losing my breastmilk at ten weeks and fears of weaning, I haven’t been falling in love as much as I’ve been wallowing around somewhere near its outer edges.




Want to read more? I’m guest posting today over at Taking Time, a sweet blog written by Starr about gentle mothering and gentle living. I love what Starr has to say about gentle parenting in her piece about Replacing the Battles, and if you are at all interested in homeopathy, check out her post on Homeopathy in My Healing Cupboard.

For the month of September,Starr has asked several bloggers to write on the theme of “love,” and I’ll admit it here – this topic was very hard for me to write about right now. Please stop by Taking Time today to read about how Kieran has held my hand and led me gently down the path of love. And feel free to leave your own thoughts and experiences about falling in love with each of your children, even when it didn’t feel easy.

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