Giveaway: 2 Sets of Children’s Homebirth Books $24 ARV CLOSED

September 24th, 2011 by Dionna | 32 Comments
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This is a joint giveaway with Code Name: Mama, Hobo Mama, and Natural Parents Network. You may enter at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

This is a combined giveaway of two beautiful homebirth books for children: Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born (ARV $16) and We’re Having a Homebirth!! (ARV $8). Two lucky readers will receive a copy of both books, making this giveaway’s total value $48!

From our reviewer, Dionna at Code Name: Mama:

Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born is a sweet story that will help you prepare young children for an upcoming birth in your family. The story opens with a little girl asking her mama to tell her the story of the younger brother’s birth. The mama narrates the story beginning with the day they found out they were expecting, continuing on through midwife appointments and visits from the doula, preparing for their homebirth, and ultimately having a peaceful home waterbirth.

The older sister is involved in every aspect of pregnancy and birth preparations. She is shown participating in midwife appointments (holding a stethoscope, helping the midwife measure mama’s belly), assisting with the tasks needed to ready the house for baby (folding cloth diapers), and there is a lovely picture of the sister cuddling her own baby (and perhaps even “nursing” it) while mama labors in the birth pool nearby. The father is also engaged in almost every scene – helping with laundry, setting up the birth pool, and comforting the mama during labor.

Every scene of the birth story is gentle and peaceful. It is obvious at the prenatal appointments that the family desires a low-intervention birth – the midwives are not shown using a doppler or other often standard tools. The waterbirth scene includes the mama holding the newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached. The midwives and doula are present, but the focus is on the mama and baby.

In this birth story, the sister is not present for the actual birth. The mama says, “You wanted to play with Nana for awhile. We promised to call you as soon as the baby was born so that you could meet him right away.” We are actually planning on having Kieran here with us when we have our homebirth, but we will also have someone on call in case Kieran is uncomfortable during labor or I need more preschooler-free peace and quiet.

At the close of the story, the sister arrives home to greet Max, and there are several beautiful pictures that show mama breastfeeding and the family snuggling.

Kieran has thoroughly enjoyed this book. He has been so excited to get ready for his own new sibling, and this was a very age-appropriate glimpse into another big sibling’s life. Kieran has asked me several times to read this book, and he especially loves the last several pages that show the family together after Max is born.

Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born was written by Toni Olson and illustrated by S. Marie Carlson. I would recommend this book to any parent preparing a young child for the birth of a sibling – particularly if the birth will take place at home or at a home-like birth center.

It would also be a great book to gift an older sibling with who has recently gained a new little brother or sister – it would be helpful for the child to process his or her own experiences.

From our reviewer, Lauren at Hobo Mama:

We're Having a Homebirth!! by Kelly Mochel

When Kelly Mochel found out I was planning a homebirth for our second baby this past May, she wrote and asked if Mikko, our then-three-year-old, might like to read a children’s book she wrote and illustrated: We’re Having a Homebirth!! I was not only happy to read it but eager to review it.

I had done an extensive scouting out of what our library and bookstores had to offer in the way of preparing siblings for birth. Through that inquiry, I had discovered: There’s not much out there about homebirth! Even the most attachment-friendly of birthing books tend to suggest that Mommy will go away to a birthing center.

So it was lovely to have a book aimed at children that accurately and simply describes what it’s like to have a midwife-attended homebirth, and how an older sibling might be involved in that process.

We’re Having a Homebirth!! starts off with a little introduction to the pregnancy and midwifery care by a modern-looking woman named Jenny. (I point that out only to demonstrate that, truthfully, midwives don’t wear prairie skirts and smell like patchouli … except the ones who do). The narrator is an adorable sprite with black pigtails who is very excited about getting a new little brother or sister.

We're Having a Homebirth!! by Kelly Mochel

We are quickly bopped into the birth story proper, with Jenny’s encouraging coaching and Daddy and the big sister’s support. After a natural labor, Mommy pushes out a baby boy and then the placenta. The last spread shows Mommy breastfeeding and a celebratory birthday party for the new baby brother.

We're Having a Homebirth!! by Kelly Mochel

At only 13 pages long, the story is short and sweet, but plenty adequate for the purposes of telling the whole birth story. It’s also a very appropriate length for the toddler and preschool crowd who make up the likely audience.

Mikko and I both appreciated the detail it manages to go into in those few pages. He pointed out the umbilical cord, I describe what labor looks and sounds like, and seeing the baby nurse always inspires him to have his own snack. The illustrations are explicit without being disturbing (to me, at least!). I love the touches of mentioning that the mother “stops to move her hips like a bellydancer” during labor and “makes lots of great noises” while pushing ” … kind of like an elephant!!!” Yes to both of those from Alrik’s birth!

We're Having a Homebirth!! by Kelly Mochel

While it’s clear that this book is a labor of love from a mama who’s passionate about birth, the homespun qualities of the book just make it all the more charming. The writing is clear and helpful, and the illustrations have a pleasing video-game quirkiness to them. (For what it’s worth, I love having my Sims choose home births.)

One thing I really love about this volume is the price: only $6.50 + $1.50 shipping for Canada and the U.S., $9.50 total elsewhere. You can even buy multi-packs if you want to hand them out as gifts or to midwife/doula clients. I appreciate that Kelly kept the price affordable so that pretty much anyone can buy it.

So if your family is anticipating a homebirth addition and an older sibling is wondering what to expect, I highly recommend having this book on your shelves!


You can purchase your own copy of Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born at Hardcover copies are $15.99 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. You can use the contact form on the order page to inquire about bulk or wholesale pricing.

You can purchase your own copy of We’re Having a Homebirth!! at A single copy is $6.50 + $1.50 shipping for Canada and the U.S., $9.50 total elsewhere. Discounted multi-packs start at $32.50 for U.S./Canada for 5 books, or $60 for 10 books.


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Information About Our Reviewers:

Dionna is a lawyer turned work at home mama of her amazing son, Kieran, and she is due with baby number two in late November 2011. You can normally find Dionna over at Code Name: Mama where she shares information, resources, and her thoughts on natural parenting and life with a toddler/preschooler.

Lauren of Hobo Mama & FamilyLauren works and writes at home with her husband and their preschool son, Mikko, and newborn son, Alrik. At Hobo Mama, Lauren blogs about natural and attachment parenting, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, green living, and more. Lauren offers reviews and giveaways of natural parenting products at Hobo Mama Reviews and gives a behind-the scenes look at blogging and writing at Lauren co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting and is the cofounder of Natural Parents Network.

32 Responses to:
"Giveaway: 2 Sets of Children’s Homebirth Books $24 ARV CLOSED"

  1. Milagros   urbanmamasita

    I will be having my 2nd homebirth this winter and would love to have these books for my children! Lovely books!

  2. Michelle Merritt

    I would love to win these books because I am having my first UC in December and have a (nursing) 2.5 year old who will be right there with us the whole time. I would love to read these books to him because he is at the most perfect age for understanding through words and images. What beautiful books!

  3. Michelle Merritt

    While visiting the website I learned that this book is geared towards preparing young children for an upcoming homebirth of a sibling. The book shows the normalcy of homebirth with midwives and a gentle environment.

  4. Michelle Merritt

    While visiting Homebirth Children’s Book’s site I learned that the images are absolutely beautiful and normal! I love the depiction of natural/normal childbirth.

  5. These books are both on my list to get my daughter before our upcoming HBAC in November. :)

  6. Rose   rosepeck

    I am due with baby #2 in January. My 2.5-year-old is excited to be a big sister but we haven’t done much to prepare her for the birth itself yet. We are planning a homebirth again. My daughter may be here or may be with her Nana (same as in the first book!). I would love to win these books!

  7. Katy Savolskis

    I would LOVE a copy of these books!!! Our little boy Max was born in a wonderful home birth on August 28th, 2010. Of course, I am very partial to the book that tells about when Max was born! I can’t wait to read it to my little boy so we can have conversations about his birth and someday talk about how his future siblings will arrive!!

  8. Tiffany M in MS

    we are due to have baby #6 in March. We have a 2yrs and a 5yrs that would benefit greatly from books about baby’s being born at home as that is where we plan on having this child just like the other 5.This is an awesome giveaway…would love to win!!

  9. Kelly

    I would love to win these books for our midwife’s library. She has supported so many families through their births, including our family’s two beautiful home births.

  10. shellie drysdale

    my third son was born a bit early and i did not have time to prepare my other children adequately. the birth was very quick and only my first son was with me for most of it (my midwives arrived right at the end) i think this book would be very healing incase the birth was a bit unsettling for him.

  11. Claire   lactatinggirl

    I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second and would love some books that depict homebirth to show Peanut. I’ve also had trouble finding any at the library and we don’t really have money to buy books.

  12. Claire   lactatinggirl

    I visited the website and found out that one of the authors had her first child as an accidental homebirth like me! :-P

  13. Claire   lactatinggirl

    I visited the We’re Having a Homebirth webpage and found out that that book seems awesome. I love the “sucks milk from mommy’s boobies” line. My daughter calls hers boobies, but mine “milk”.

  14. Erica

    My best friend, who is a doula, just found out she is pregnet with baby number 4, yay! These books would be such a great gift for her older children. She will be having home birth number two. She was such an amazing support for me with my vbac and such an amazing friend who dedicates her life to natural child birth education and being a low cost doula, I would just love to give her and her children this gift

  15. Rachel Ramey

    I have three home-born babies! (‘Though, actually, all of our births have been “unassisted.”)

  16. Brooke   whimsyvalentine

    When the time comes, I know my little Libra would love to read books about both her birth (at home, in water!) and whatever sibling might come along!

  17. Cady

    This is fantastic to hear about, and I will certainly earmark these books as something to read soon. It would be great to win them! I would read them and then pass them along; I have a few friends interested in learning more as well.

    I’m interested in a homebirth for our (eventual) second child. Every complication my son and I had was due to my being induced (which was not medically necessary), so my husband and I feel strongly that avoiding a hospital setting would help us avoid complications. However, we agree we need to learn a lot before we’re sure homebirth is for us.

  18. My sister in law had a home birth and she might do it again

  19. Sheramy

    I would love these books to read to my children!

  20. I am just 6 weeks pregnant and I have a 25 month old daughter who was a homebirth herself and her new sibling will be as well. I was just thinking about researching books to buy to start preparing her for our new baby’s arrival in May. These books look perfect!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Jenna

    We have a son(3yrs) and a daughter(16mos), and are expecting in February. We are planning a home birth and would love to introduce the topic gently. They still attend all of my midwife visits but truly they are too young to understand what is happening/will happen. This would be wonderful!

  22. Jenna

    Toni has a birth tub rental business!

  23. Jenna

    She is married to a Kiwi guy!

  24. Yumiko

    I’m trying for second one and i think i just got pregnant! I would like to home birth second baby and i want my so not be there and I would like to use this book and prepare him for it. I would like to win but if i don’t i would buy it!!

  25. Whitney   Ramblesahm

    We are having our 2nd homebirth at the end of Jan. so these would be perfect for our 3yr. old!!

    Ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

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