Preschool Weekly Activity Schedule (17) – Leaves and Trees

October 17th, 2011 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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The Preschool Weekly Activity Schedule is designed to help parents and caretakers of preschoolers do one easy – but enriching – activity with their children each day of the week. The activities can also be adapted to fit the needs of toddlers and older children.

Each theme features fun and educational activities; book, music, and sign language suggestions; and other ideas to help adults and children connect through learning and fun. Please check out the archives for other themes and activities.

This week we’re going to talk about leaves and trees.1 For many families, fall is here and the leaves are turning. Get out and experience the beauty of nature!

Sunday – Fun with Numbers

Nature Walk and Counting Fun: Take a walk around your neighborhood and have fun counting different things that you and your child notice about the trees and leaves. Leaves come in different shapes, how many different shaped leaves can you collect? How many points are on each leave? Can you count how many trees are on your street?

Monday – Exploring Our World

Leaf/Bark Rubbing: Get paper and crayons and go and find different shaped leaves and awesome patterns in the bark. Try to find as many different ones as you can, rubbing their impression onto the paper with the crayon.

Questions to discuss with your child: How do the different leaves feel? How does the bark feel? What do the leaves sound like in the wind? Are any bugs eating the leaves?

Tuesday – Science

Leaf Sorting: Collect many different sizes, shapes and colored leaves. Have the children sort the leaves by size, shape or color.2

Wednesday – Motor Skills

Lacing Cards: Draw a picture of a tree onto a piece of cardboard (you can use the back of a cereal box). Use a hole punch to make holes around the tree. Use wool/string with a bobby-pin or plastic needle on one end to thread through the card.3

Thursday – Messy Play

Paint Blowing:
Materials Needed
Thick paper
Paint, slightly watered down (use brown for the tree trunk and green, red, orange, yellow, and/or whatever other colors your child would like for the leaves)

Squeeze a thick line of brown paint onto the paper for the trunk; your child can blow branches into the paint.
Squeeze blobs of color near the branches for leaves; the child can blow them everywhere to cover the brown branches.

Friday – Language/Pre-Reading

Apple Tree Action Poem

Away up high in an apple tree, (Point up)
Two red apples smiled at me. (Form circles with fingers to show apples)
I shook that tree as hard as I could; (Pretend to shake a tree)
Down came those apples, (Use hands to mime the apples falling)
And mmmmmmm, were they good! (Rub tummy.)4

Saturday – Weekly Yoga Pose

Tree Pose:

Stand, feet together; find something on the floor two feet in front of you to focus on.
Extend your arms at shoulder height out to the side (wide center of gravity makes this the easiest arm position for balancing).
Lift the right foot, turning the knee out; place the right foot above or below the knee.
Imagine your toes are the roots grounding into the earth, your standing leg is the trunk strong and tall, your arms & bent leg are branches reaching outward and upward toward the sun.5

Book and Music Suggestions

*Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down (sung to the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down):
Autumn leaves are falling down
falling down
falling down.
Autumn leaves are falling down
yellow, red, and brown.

Sign Language

We’ve been teaching Kieran ASL since he was a baby. Signing is a wonderful parenting tool for babies and preverbal toddlers to increase communication and decrease tantrums. Our favorite site for learning signs is ASL Pro, which features a free video signing dictionary. To find a sign, click on that link, click on the letter of the alphabet the word starts with (under “Main Dictionary”), and then search in the “Choices” box for the word. Click on the word to watch the video. If you need clarification, try ASL University or a Basic Guide to ASL. Here are some words of the week to practice with your children:

*Leaf: use your hand, spread flat, to show a leaf falling away from the first finger of the other hand
*Tree: one arm is bent upward at the elbow, your hand out flat and waving back and forth to show the leaves blowing on a tree. The elbow is held in the palm of your opposite hand.
*Squirrel: bring hands together with all but your first two fingers curled up into fists. The first two fingers of each hand tap together like a little squirrel’s paws.

  1. Many thanks to one of my readers, Kelly, who compiled many of these great activity ideas!
  2. Activity courtesy of The Activity Idea Place.
  3. Activity courtesy of Tree Activities for Arbor Day.
  4. Poem courtesy of Gayle’s Preschool Rainbow
  5. Yoga pose description courtesy of

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"Preschool Weekly Activity Schedule (17) – Leaves and Trees"

  1. I love this weekly activity! And I especially love the Yoga “Tree pose” inclusion! That pose is a great way to connect with the earth, just as a tree does. And thanks for the autumn sign language tips, I am going to use them with my little one!

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