Wordless Wednesday: Papa – Master of Sleep

December 14th, 2011 by Dionna | 6 Comments
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Mama is liking this whole “papa can get the kids to sleep thing.”

The first time Ailia slept with papa – they stayed in bed one cold Saturday morning while Kieran and I enjoyed over an hour of quality time.

Since Kieran dropped his nap (the day Ailia was born), he has been falling asleep much easier – on chairs, in cars, and apparently on papa’s back!

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6 Responses to:
"Wordless Wednesday: Papa – Master of Sleep"

  1. That picture of Keiran and Tom is awesome. We had similar results when Moira dropped her nap, although she doesn’t fall asleep in random places, she does pass out as soon as the lights are out some nights.

  2. Rachael   RachaelNevins

    So sweet!

  3. Ruth

    I love, love, love the pictures…did you use velcro to keep Kieran on Papa’s back?? And Ailia and Papa in bed is just too precious for words!!!

  4. That was such a precious shot!

  5. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    That is hilarious. Ditto on the beauty of including your partner when it comes to kids’ sleep!

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